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Hand cleaning

Order high-quality products for hand cleansing and hand care here. The selection includes mild hand soaps, hand washing pastes, hand care creams and skin protection creams to be applied before glove use. The right care supports your hands to stay healthy even with frequent washing and wearing of gloves.  

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Liquid soap "Soft Neutral"
SOFT NEUTRAL, Flüssigseife für die Handreinigung - während der Arbeit: sehr angenehm und mild geruchsneutral und sehr verträglich ohne Duft- oder Farbstoffe und daher ideal für den medizinischen Bereich und die Lebensmittelindustrie gründliche und hygienische Reinigung hohe Reinigungskraft schon mit geringer Menge - spart Kosten
Revitalizing hand care cream
Handpflege Creme, Nachhaltig pflegen - Hautpflege nach der Arbeit: revitalisierende Pflegecremeberuhigt beanspruchte Hautsehr mild und verträglich (Derma-Test "sehr gut")zieht sehr schnell ein - spart Zeit und kann auch zwischen Arbeitsgängen aufgetragen werdensehr ergiebig und sparsam im Verbrauch - kleinste Mengen reichen aus, einfach auf der gereinigten Haut einreiben
Handwash Paste
Handwash Paste from Hygoclean This hand washing paste contains fine particles of wood flour. These ensure a very gentle and yet extremely efficient cleaning of the hands. The hand washing paste is dermatologically tested and is also suitable for sensitive skin. The features of the handwash paste: contains fine particles of wood flour Hand cleaning gentle and effective Dermatological test efficient suitable for sensitive skin
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Hartmann Baktolan® protect, skin cream
Hartmann Baktolan® protect, skin cream Baktolan protect has been specially developed for prophylactic protection against occupational skin damage and is used before contact with water-soluble substances such as solvents, alkalis or acids as a supplement to protective gloves, as well as before starting work, after breaks and as intensive after-work care. Baktolan protect provides long-lasting moisture to dry skin and makes the skin noticeably more supple. The natural ingredient urea has been proven to provide noticeable skin moisturisatio Properties of Hartmann Baktolan® protect, skin protection cream at a glance: reinforces the natural protective function of healthy skin provides long-lasting protection against water-soluble harmful substances effective prophylaxis against cracked and chapped skin Targeted skin protection with urea and beeswax free of silicone and preservatives long-lasting protection without parabens
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Hartmann Baktolin® pure, wash lotion
Hartmann Baktolin® pure, wash lotion Baktolin pure has a skin-neutral pH value which, together with the skin-mild surfactants, ensures gentle cleansing and preservation of the skin's natural protective acid mantle.   As a fragrance- and colourant-free washing lotion, Baktolin pure is also suitable for use on sensitive skin. Due to its fragrance-free formula, Baktolin pure is also suitable for use in food processing areas. Properties of Hartmann Baktolin® pure, wash lotion at a glance: Cleanses with a mild formula Skin-neutral pH value Contains skin-mild surfactants Also suitable for sensitive skin Soap-free Fragrance and dye free
Hand Protection & Barrier Cream
Handschutz F, fettende Schutz- und Barriercreme - vor und während der Arbeit: fettende und silikonfreie Handschutz- und Barrierecremeideal, wenn Sie häufig mit Einweg-Handschuhen arbeitenbildet Schutzfilm auf der Haut und verringert Hitzestau und Aufweichen der Haut während des Handschuh-Tragenseinfach vor dem Anziehen des Handschuhs auftragen - besonders zwischen den Fingernmit pflegenden Substanzen, die das Verschließen kleiner Wunden fördern (Derma-Test "sehr gut")einfach direkt auf die offenen gewaschenen Hände auftragenEinsatz: vor der Arbeit in Nassbereichen oder vor der Benutzung von Handschuhensehr ergiebig - sparsam im Verbrauch und kostengünstig
Foam soap | SiCC cartridge
Foam soap in SiCC cartridge The foam soap is used for hand cleaning and can thus be used especially in washrooms in public areas. Thanks to the SiCC cartridge, it is more economical in consumption and shows much higher yield. Of course, matching dispensers for the foam soap in the SiCC cartridge are available in the range. The features of the foam soap in SiCC cartidge at a glance: much higher yield due to economical consumption for cleaning hands in SiCC cartridge suitable for the foam soap dispensers "Simply Eco": art.-no. 888392 art.-no. 888372
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Kleen Purgatis Copelia Gastro, Soap Cream
Soap Cream Copelia Gastro by Kleen Purgatis The soap cream Copelia Gastro is excellent for hand and body cleaning and can be used in hotels and restaurants, industrial companies, office buildings and washrooms for all refillable Euro dispensers. It cleans deep into the pores and is both odorless and pH-neutral. The Creme maintains the skin's natural moisture and protects the skin, which is why this washing cream is hand mild and skin friendly. Of course the mild soap cream Copelia Gastro is available in two different sizes. Overview of the Soap Cream Copelia Gastro: is mild to the hand and skin friendly maintains the skin's natural moisture pore-deep cleaning odorless and pH-neutral suitable for all refillable pressure dispensers

Hand cleaning guide - the key to optimal hygiene in your business.

Hand cleaning is one of the central pillars of hygiene, especially in a commercial environment. And for good reason: hands are the main carriers of germs of all kinds. After all, our hands are the primary tools we use to interact with our surroundings. Whether it's opening doors, operating machinery or touching products, hands are constantly coming into contact with different surfaces. Each of these contacts can mean the transmission of germs.

In addition, people often unconsciously touch their faces, noses, mouths or eyes. These mucous membranes are entry points for many pathogens. If the hands are contaminated, this significantly increases the risk of infection. In businesses and companies, especially in the food industry, medicine or gastronomy, unclean hands have a direct impact on products, customers or patients. Here, contamination can have serious health or economic consequences and must be avoided at all costs.

In commercial areas, it is therefore crucial to implement and comply with strict hand hygiene measures. Hand cleaning here serves to protect employees as well as the safety of customers, patients and products. Because hands are so central in the transmission of germs, their regular and thorough cleaning is one of the most effective preventative measures.


Professional hand cleaning from Franz Mensch - for the highest hygiene standards

Franz Mensch's selection of hand cleaning products includes mild hand soaps, hand washing pastes, hand care creams and skin protection creams. This means that you have everything you need for thorough hand hygiene from a single source.

  • Foaming soap and liquid soap in various fragrances: cleans mildly and thoroughly, high cleaning power even with small quantities, very economical and economical
  • Hand washing paste: effective for heavily soiled hands, cleans thoroughly and effectively
  • Hand protection cream/barrier cream: ideal when disposable gloves are worn frequently, protects the skin while gloves are worn, reduces sweating and softening
  • Hand care cream: regenerates and cares for stressed skin


Advantages of professional hand cleaning products:

  • Highly effective: All our hand cleaning products go through strict quality controls and are designed to remove even the most stubborn stains.
  • Gentle on the skin: Despite their powerful action, our products are gentle on the skin. They clean thoroughly without drying out or irritating the skin.
  • Versatile: Whether in hospitals, the food industry or in the hospitality sector - our hand cleaners are suitable for diverse areas of application.


Tips for hygienically clean hands:

  • Water and soap: This is still the most effective method for hand cleaning. Use warm water and enough soap to thoroughly clean all areas of the hands.
  • Proper soaping: Rub your hands together for at least 20 seconds. Don't forget the back of your hands, between your fingers and under your nails.
  • Rinse thoroughly: Remove all soap residue by rinsing your hands thoroughly under running water.
  • Hand sanitizer: If you do not have access to soap and water, use a hand sanitizer.
  • Dry your hands thoroughly: Use a clean cloth or hygienic paper towels. Wet hands can transfer germs more easily than dry hands.
  • Avoid hand contact: Do not touch your face and avoid contact with your eyes, nose and mouth to prevent transmission of germs.
  • Keep nails short and clean: Long nails can accumulate dirt and microorganisms. Keep them short and clean.
  • Use disposable gloves: You work particularly hygienically with disposable gloves. They form a reliable barrier and prevent contamination. At the same time, they protect the user himself from health hazards, e.g. when handling chemicals or sick people.
  • Regular hand care: Clean hands not only mean removing germs, but also caring for the skin to prevent cracks and dry. Use hand cream regularly.