Our partner Vermop: High-quality cleaning equipment and systems  - innovative, proven in practice and durable.

Highlight products of the brand Vermop

Vermop Sprint Plus, holder
Holder Sprint Plus from Vermop The holder Sprint Plus from Vermop shows a high quality mop holder, which is made of plastic. Thanks to a step button he can be used without touching, making it particularly hygienic. So that the holder can achieve a high level of cleanliness, it is equipped with a double joint on the side, which makes it extremely mobile. Thus, the holder Sprint Plus from Vermop is best suited for heavy dirt accumulation in schools, offices and industrial objects. The features of the Sprint Plus holder at a glance: high quality plastic mop holder touchless application due to kick button very hygienic especially mobile thanks to double joint on the side for heavy soiling
Vermop Scandic-Mono, holder
Holder Scandic-Mono from Vermop The holder Scandic-Mono from Vermop is characterized by its velcro mop concept, which makes it uncomplicated. Through this Velcro principle, the mop can be easily removed and changed. Also, ergonomic work is possible due to its low holder weight. Thanks to the double joint attached to the side, mop holder grants strong mobility. Especially for wet, damp and dry cleaning, the holder Scandic-Mono achieves optimal cleaning results. The features of the holder Scandic-Mono at a glance: uncomplicated thanks to velcro principle easy mounting and changing of the mops ergonomic work possible due to light holder very mobile thanks to lateral double joint
Vermop Scandic Mono Ceran, mop
Mop Scandic Mono Ceran from Vermop The Scandic Mono Ceran is a mop consisting of microfiber with a high dirt holding capacity. Due to the electrostatic charge of the fiber, cleaning takes place without dust whirling up. Thanks to the velcro principle, the user can easily put on or change the mop. Ideally, the Scandic Mono Ceran is already pre-washed and thus ready for immediate use. This mop is particularly suitable for dry cleaning and for interval or preliminary cleaning. Tip: Wash the mop at 95°C. For more information, use Vermop's washing recommendation to achieve the best cleaning results. The features of the mop Scandic Mono Ceran at a glance: made of microfiber velcro concept for easy mounting and changing no dust whirling up thanks to electrostatic charge high dirt absorption since pre-washed, immediately ready for use
Vermop Sprint Tronic Light, mop
Mop Sprint Tronic light from Vermop The Mop Sprint Tronic light is ideal for damp and wet cleaning, as it has a high water absorption capacity. Consisting of a polyester-cotton blend combined with microfiber, the mop absorbs hair very well thanks to its structure. For optimal dirt loosening, it is tufted with loops. So that the Sprint Tronic light can be used immediately by its user, it is already pre-washed. Tip: The mop is washable at 95°C. For more information, use Vermop's washing recommendation to achieve the best cleaning result. The features of the mop Sprint Tronic light at a glance: polyester-cotton blend combined with microfiber structure for very good absorption of hair already ready for use, because pre-washed tufted loops for optimal dirt removal high water absorption
Vermop Sprint Tronic, mop
Mop Sprint Tronic from Vermop The mop Sprint Tronic shows a high-end mop made of high quality materials. For optimal dirt dissolution are the materials cotton and polyester combined with microfiber. Since it has an optimal water absorption, is ideal for wet and damp cleaning. In addition, the mop absorbs hair very well in the process. The Sprint Tronic is also ready for immediate use, as it is already pre-washed. It proves itself as an all-rounder for various areas of use. Tip: Wash the Sprint Tronic at 95°C. For more information, use Vermop's washing recommendation to achieve the best cleaning results. The features of the mop Sprint Tronic at a glance: made of cotton, polyester combined with microfiber optimal dirt dissolving and water absorption very good absorption of hair since pre-washed, immediate use possible
Vermop Sprint Progressive, mop
Mop Sprint Progressive from Vermop The mop Sprint Progressive is made of a polyester microfiber plush. It is characterized by high dirt retention, which makes it ideal for daily wet and damp cleaning of floors. After cleaning tasks, the mop washes out well. The Sprint Progressive is available in different colours. Thus, it offers the possibility to separate different cleaning areas and avoid cross-contamination. Tip: Wash the Sprint Progressive mop at 95°C, even for coarse soiling. For more information, use Vermop's washing recommendation to achieve best cleaning results. The features of the mop Sprint Progressive at a glance: made of polyester microfiber plush binds dirt very well can be washed out well wash at 95°C, even with coarse dirt separation of colours to avoid cross-contamination
Vermop Textronic, microfibre high-performance cloth
Microfibre high-performance cloth Textronic from Vermop The microfibre high-performance cloth Textronic from Vermop shows a high-performance cloth made of microfibre with optimal cleaning effect. It is particularly suitable for spray cleaning of homogeneous surfaces. The cloth leaves a streak-free shine on mirrors and chrome. The Textronic convinces both with its very good cleaning performance and with its very good gliding behavior. This cleaning efficiency has also been tested according to SPC classes by the Fraunhofer IPA Institute. The features of the microfibre high-performance cloth Textronic at a glance: made of microfiber very good cleaning performance and gliding behavior shine for mirrors and chrome without stripes optimal cleaning effect tested by Fraunhofer IPA Institute
Vermop Progressive microfibre cloth
Microfibre cloth Progressive from Vermop The cleaning-active microfibre cloth Progressive is ideally suited for dry and wet cleaning. It has a pleasant grip and can be easily washed off due to the low loops. In addition, the cloth is easy to maintain and disinfect. The Progressive, Microfibre cloth is available in different colours so that cross-contamination can be avoided by separating the cleaning areas. The features of the microfibre cloth Progressive at a glance: cleaning active due to microfiber pleasant grip easy to wash off thanks to low loops easy to clean and disinfect can be washed at 95°C
Vermop sweeping set complete
Sweeping set complete from Vermop The Vermop sweeping set complete is made of polypropylene and aluminum handle. The broom is equipped with a movable handle joint to allow ergonomic work for the user. The dirt can be hygienically stored in the closed container of the shovel. In addition, the sweeping set has an adjustable hook for attachment to a cleaning trolley. This makes the Vermop sweeping set completete ideal for floor cleaning and floor care in indoor and protected outdoor areas. The features of the sweeping set complete at a glance: made of PP with aluminum handle ergonomic work possible thanks to movable handle joint on the broom with adjustable hook for attachment to cleaning trolley dirt hygienically stored
Vermop TopLock, window cleaning set
Window cleaning set TopLock from Vermop The Vermop window cleaning set TopLock contains eight practical helpers for dry and wet cleaning of windows, glass panes and smooth surfaces. It guarantees professional cleaning without leaving streaks or residues. With the telescopic pole it is possible to work quickly and thus fatigue-free. The set also includes a safety scraper to remove stickers or paint residue. The features of the window cleaning set TopLock at a glance: set with 8 components cleaning without residues or streaks safety scraper removes stickers and paint residues thanks to the telescopic pole, work can be done quickly without getting tired

Our partner Vermop

Who is Vermop?

For over 90 years Vermop has been developing high quality cleaning products growing into an international company. Through constant development they became known worldwide for their leading, technological cleaning systems. Their products are characterized by a long life and service span.

The wide range of cleaning equipment, systems and accessories is developed and produced in Germany. In addition the company sources most of its raw materials from suppliers in Europe to ensure the best quality. In doing so, the company constantly acts in the most sustainable, efficient and resource-saving way possible.

Scandic X System

The Scandic X system from Vermop is the solution for all types of cleaning applications. The telescopic stick makes it possible to perform all work with one handle.

The individual height adjustability offers a gentle application for back and joints. In addition not only floors and surfaces, but also ceilings can be reached without any problems. The Scandic coupling system allows an easy combination of all Vermop cleaning devices as well as with many devices from other manufacturers.


Vermop only uses green energy for the running production facilities. For example the evaporative cooling systems are powered by rainwater. In addition special focus is placed on the efficient and economical use of raw materials.

The company is also concerned with the reuse of raw materials and for example uses scrap parts and sprues to grind granulate from them so that it can be immediately returned to the production process. In some cases, the regranulate is also used to rebuild new production parts. Packaging materials are also fed back into the material cycle after recycling. Reuse reduces the amount of raw materials consumed and avoids unnecessary energy loss.