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Detectable safety knives

Play it safe and equip your employees with detectable, injury-proof safety knives. The safety knives are specially approved for food areas and sensitive hygiene areas. Order your detectable safety knives here.

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Safty knife "Uni Plus" | detectable
Dieses Sicherheitsmesser ist vollständig detektierbar und ist damit ideal für Lebensmittelproduktionen. Es besteht aus einer Metallklinge und einer blauen, detektierbaren Kunststoff-Einfassung.Die Klinge ist so in den Kunststoff eingearbeitet, dass das Messer absolut verletzungssicher ist.Besonders praktisch: Der lange, ergonomisch geformte Griff. So liegt das Sicherheitsmesser jederzeit gut und sicher in der Hand – auch in kalten Arbeitsumgebungen oder mit rutschigen, nassen Händen.detektierbarer Kunststoff, blau16,5 cm langverletzungssicher eingespritztKlinge nicht austauschbarentspricht der HACCP-Richtlinieideal zum Schneiden von Netzen, Kartons, Klebeba?ndern, PP- Ba?ndern, Sa?cken
Safty knife "Small" Disposal | detectable
Sicherheit und Hygiene haben in der Lebensmittelindustrie oberste Priorität. Statten Sie daher Ihre Mitarbeiter mit detektierbaren, verletzungssicheren Messern aus.Das Sicherheitsmesser ist vollständig detektierbar, da es aus einem speziellen Kunststoff und einer Metallklinge besteht. Die Einfassung der Klinge mit Kunststoff macht das Messer besonders sicher während der Arbeit.Keine offene Klinge, keine Verletzungen. Das Messer liegt gut und griffig in der Hand – auch bei kalten Temperaturen und rutschigen oder nassen Händen.detektierbarer, blauer Kunststoff8 cm langverletzungssicher eingespitztKlinge nicht austauschbarHACCP-konformideal zum Schneiden von Folien, Kartons, Netzen, zum Briefo?ffnen
Safty knife "Detect" with grip hole | detectable
Detektierbares Sicherheitsmesser mit GrifflochDas Griffloch bei diesem Sicherheitsmesser ermöglicht ein leichtes Schneiden von z.B. Folie, Karton, Tischdecken, Netzen oder Briefen. Die Klinge aus Metall ist verletzungssicher eingespitzt. Das Sicherheitsmesser ist zudem aus detektierbarem Kunststoff gefertig, was das Auffinden bei Verlust erleichtert.

Detectable safety knives: Order at favourable prices from Franz Mensch

Discover a selection of detectable safety knives specially designed for use in sensitive areas such as the food industry, trade and industry here in the Franz Mensch online shop. Safety knives are small and quickly to hand. These special cutting tools are designed to minimise the risk of injury. They differ from conventional knives due to various safety features.

  • The most important feature is the retracted blade: safety knives have a blade that is either built in or can retract as soon as the cut is complete. On some models, the blade is designed so that it only exposes a minimal part to allow cutting, but reduces the risk of cuts.
  • Safety knives have an ergonomic design that makes handling safer and more comfortable. This in turn reduces the risk of accidents caused by slipping or uncontrolled movements.
  • Safety knives made of detectable materials are used in the food industry in particular. They can be recognised by metal detectors to prevent contamination of the food if a part of the knife accidentally gets into the product.

Safety knives are frequently used in various industries, especially where cutting work is regularly carried out, such as in the storage and packaging industry, in retail and in food processing. They are an essential part of occupational safety and help to reduce accidents at work.


Optimum safety for employees and production

Detectable safety knives are designed to offer maximum protection against injury and can also be used in sensitive production environments such as the food industry and in the industrial sector. The knives are manufactured in such a way that they can be detected and recognised as foreign objects by detectors in the event of an emergency. Detectable safety knives are therefore, like all other detectable work equipment, an additional level of safety in the quality assurance of your products.


High-quality materials for durability and efficiency

The safety knives from Franz Mensch are made of robust, detectable materials that ensure a long service life. This not only ensures the safety of your employees,


Safety knives: simply ordered and delivered quickly

In our online shop, you can easily and conveniently select and order the right detectable safety knives for your needs. Benefit from our fast delivery and equip your team with the best tools available to maximise safety and hygiene in your business.