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Patient care

Important consumables around patient care: Order soft wash gloves, innovative beak cups with disposable beak lids as well as swabs, mouth spatulas and patient napkins for medical practices here. 

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Washing gloves Soft | spunlace
Washing gloves Soft from Spunlace from Hygostar The Soft wash gloves have been impressing nursing staff and patients for many years. The particularly soft, fluffy surface feels very pleasant when in direct contact with the skin. In addition, you clean thoroughly and efficiently with these disposable washcloths. Thanks to the honeycomb structure on the outside, soiling is quickly absorbed and remains in the washcloth. Disposable non-woven washing gloves are especially recommended for use in medical areas. They are very hygienic, as each patient always receives a fresh wash mitt and the spread of germs is prevented. Soft wash gloves are made of a high-quality, soft spunlace nonwoven. Spunlace is a textile-like material consisting of highly absorbent viscose fibers. It is particularly resistant to wetness, rubbing and therefore ideal for use as washing gloves, which you can of course use together with water and skin care products of your choice. The Soft washcloths from Franz Mensch are very affordable, machine-made and ultrasonically welded. They do not require any additional adhesives and are therefore particularly kind to the skin. Disposable washcloths are versatile for patient care in hospitals, in nursing homes or also for care services in the field of outpatient or home care. But disposable washcloths are popular for baby care in infant wards, in hotels, in wellness and cosmetic areas, when traveling and for hygienic cleaning on the go. Features of the washing gloves at a glance: soft and extra soft skin feeling very pleasant for patients high quality spunlace fleece absorbent, rub-resistant and wet-strengthened with honeycomb structure for best cleaning results Extremely hygienic, as it is for disposable use very skin-friendly: free of perfume and adhesives welded with ultrasound, machine made 50 pieces in hygienic PE bag Can also be used with disposable gloves What is Spunlace? Spunlace is a fabric-like material made of absorbent viscose fibers. It is very strong and robust, but at the same time soft. Viscose has excellent absorption properties, which is why Spunlace material also absorbs moisture and dirt very well. Spunlace is wet-strength and hard-wearing, which is why it is suitable as a material for high-quality disposable clothing such as surgical gowns. But highly absorbent cleaning cloths, soft washing gloves or hygienic patient blankets are also made from spunlace.
top seller
Washing gloves Light | spunlace
Washing gloves Light made of spunlace from Hygonorm The washing gloves Light are made of air-permeable spunlace fleece. They are sparingly made of a light material and are therefore a more favourable variant to the extra fluffy washcloths Soft (art. 5340). The disposable flannels are ideal for body care in nursing homes, hospitals or even in cosmetic areas and hotels. The bottom opening has an offset so that the flannels can be put on very quickly. This saves time in everyday life and makes the application very pleasant. Advantages of the washing gloves Light at a glance: light material, favourable price made of soft spunlace fleece disposable flannels for hospital, nursing and cosmetic use to apply lotions, creams or disinfectants over a wide area surface with honeycomb structure seams ultrasonically welded offset opening for easier donning
Washing gloves Light | molton
Washing gloves Light made of molton from Hygonorm When it comes to washcloths, go for a soft quality. The washing gloves Light from Hygonorm are made of soft polyester-molton fleece and are particularly pleasant on the skin. The offset opening at the bottom is particularly practical and allows you to slip into the flannel quickly. The washcloths are particularly hygienic and have been developed for single use in patient care, baby care or cosmetics. The rectangular shape of our washcloths fits perfectly to your hand and enables thorough cleaning of all parts of the body. The soft wash gloves are ideal for the care of sensitive skin areas and ensure an even distribution of soaps or care products. Advantages of the molton washing gloves Light at a glance: soft washing gloves made of molton / polyester fleece favourable price, because of light quality offset opening for quicker putting on and taking off very high quality and gentle to the skin stable and absorbent rectangular shape
Feeding cups | cardboard
Feeding cups made of cardboard from Hygostar This disposable sippy cup is a real problem solver and was developed together with a Munich hospital to improve everyday life in nursing homes and hospitals. With the beak cup made of hard paper and the matching beak lid made of plastic, the result is a hygienic, economical and low-cost drinking aid for seniors and patients. Especially in the medical field, where multi-resistant pathogens such as MRSA can occur, the paper beak cup offers many advantages. On the one hand, you avoid dangerous cross-contamination and increase the quality of care in your hospital. Because every patient is guaranteed to always receive a hygienically fresh cup. Secondly, the disposable sippy cup is made of double-walled, sturdy hard paper and is therefore significantly cheaper than conventional plastic sippy cups. In addition, this paper cup does not need to be rinsed, but can simply be disposed of or recycled after use. In everyday care, this means an enormous time saving, because annoying steps such as rinsing or re-drying after the dishwasher are no longer necessary. This is what the management of the hospital in Dahme says about the beak cups:"Plastic beakers are not really an alternative for us. The cups often come out of the dishwasher still wet and our employees need one cloth per cup to dry them. That's unhygienic and absolutely not economical." Tip: Find here the matching lid for the beak cup (art.-no. 40063) Features of hard paper beak cup at a glance: significantly cheaper than conventional plastic sippy cups extremely hygienic, since disposable made of hard paper, very stable Double-walled with insulating cavity: keeps food warm for longer and the outside cool for better cup handling very light, easy to grip - also for seniors odorless and tasteless dimensionally stable even with hot drinks water-repellent, food-safe PE film for more tightness individually printable with your logo, already from 50.000 pieces - just ask for it Double wall technology: Super insulated and warm longer Double-walled paper cups have very good insulating properties. This means that the contents or the drink is kept warm longer and at the same time the outside does not overheat, so you can easily hold the cup with your hands. The secret lies in the hollow space between the two layers of paper. The air serves as an insulating layer and allows the heat to penetrate noticeably slower than with plastic cups or single-walled paper cups. The product test clearly shows: The temperature of the disposable sippy cup remains very constant over a test period of 10 minutes. The disposable paper cup insulates better than the reusable plastic sippy cup. The contents cool down only very slowly and are thus still pleasantly warm after 10 minutes.
extremely hygienic
Washing gloves Eco | molton
Eco washing gloves made of molton from Hygonorm Hygienic, economical and ideal for very high consumption: The Eco wash gloves are made of polyester-molton and are a very economical alternative to cotton wash gloves. The Eco washing gloves have been developed for single use and are therefore particularly hygienic. The offset edge at the opening is particularly practical because you can slip into the disposable flannel especially quickly. They are versatile for cleaning and caring for the skin and ideal for patient care, baby care or cosmetics.   Advantages of the Eco washcloths made of molleton at a glance: inexpensive disposable flannels made of molton (polyester) offset opening for quicker donning and doffing  economical and ideal for high demand rectangular shape
Mouth spatula | Birch wood
BIO Mouth spatula by Naturestar The wooden mouth spatulas are made in splinter-free quality. They also have a smooth surface and are rounded at the edges. The Mundspatel are made of sturdy, splinter-free birch wood and therefore particularly environmentally friendly. Characteristics of the wooden mouth spatula: made of birchwood rounded ends stable, smooth and shatterproof Environmentally friendly food safe
Mouth spatula in a dispenser | Birch wood
Wooden mouth spatula in dispenser by Naturestar These wooden mouth spatulas are made of environmentally friendly birch wood. The wood has a smooth surface and rounded edges for a pleasant application. The material is very stable and shatterproof. The mouth spatula is fully compostable and comes in a handy dispenser. Features of the wooden mouth spatula in the dispenser: made of sturdy birch wood smooth surface 100% biodegradable food safe shatterproof & rounded edges
Washing gloves | molton
Washing gloves made of molton from HygostarThe disposable washing gloves are characterised by their high quality. They are particularly tear-resistant and dimensionally stable, so that they can also withstand rubbing very well. The flannels are made of polyester-molton and have a thorough cleaning power. The washcloths are equipped with an offset opening so that you can slip in more easily with your hand. This saves a lot of time in the hectic working day. The molton washing gloves are ideal for personal hygiene for patients in hospitals and care facilities. They are also popular in hotels or wellness areas for cosmetic treatments.Advantages of the washing gloves made of molton at a glance:high quality polyester molton materialfirm and dimensionally stable, smooth surfaceoffset opening makes it easier to put on
Washing gloves | spunlace
Washing gloves made of Spunlace from Hygostar The wash gloves are particularly comfortable to put on thanks to their round shape and are also very practical in everyday work. They are made of soft spunlace material and are very light. The disposable flannels are often used for patient care in nursing homes or in ambulatory care. But also in cosmetic areas in hotels and wellness facilities, the washcloths ensure gentle body cleansing thanks to the soft surface. Lotions or disinfectants can also be applied evenly and pleasantly with the washcloths. The washing gloves are designed for single use and are therefore suitable for sensitive hygiene areas. Advantages of the disposable washing gloves made of spunlace at a glance: rounded disposable washing gloves made of soft spunlace material, very light and gentle for patient care and personal hygiene comfortable to put on and use elastic, ultrasonically welded seams
Cellulose swabs - on roll
Cell pads - ready to use. Especially practical: The swabs are pre-punched and on a roll. So they can be torn off quickly and easily. 12 layers of cellulose pre-punched, 500 pieces on a roll dimensionally stable and abrasion resistant very absorbent also suitable for cosmetics
Patient napkin
Patientenserviette von HygostarDie Patientenserviette ist aus 2 Lagen Zellstoffvlies und einer Polyethylen-Folie hergestellt. Das Material gewährleistet einen zuverlässigen Schutz für die Kleidung des Patienten. Das Zellstoffvlies mit seiner speziellen Prägung sorgt dafür, dass Flüssigkeiten aufgesaugt werden. Die Polyethylen-Folie verhindert das Durchsickern von Flüssigkeiten auf die Kleidung des Patienten. Durch diese Eigenschaften ist die Patientenserviette besonders für Krankenhäuser und Zahnarztpraxen geeignet.
Washing gloves | airlaid, PE coating
Washing gloves made of airlaid with PE coating from Hygostar The disposable flannels are made of air-permeable airlaid material. The inside of the gloves is fully coated with PE. This means that in case of moisture, the hand remains dry on the inside. In addition, the washing gloves are equipped with an offset at the opening. This makes them much quicker to put on and take off. The textured exterior ensures thorough yet gentle body cleansing. The disposable washing gloves are ideal for patient care in hospitals and nursing homes. But the washing gloves are also used in hotels and spas for cosmetic treatments. Advantages of the washing gloves with PE coating at a glance: flannels for hygienic single use made of airlaid, dimensionally stable water-repellent inside with PE coating the hand remains dry on the inside offset opening facilitates putting on and taking off textured surface
Hartmann SicSac® sickness bags
Hartmann SicSac® sickness bags by Hartmann The robust SicSac sickness bag is a reliable companion for situations where hygiene and cleanliness are top priorities. Thanks to the wide mouthpiece, everything can be collected easily and safely. In addition, the notches allow easy hooking of the bag and a secure closure against leaks and bad smells. The flexibility of the SicSac bag makes it versatile and offers a good alternative to traditional collection trays. It holds up to one liter of liquid and is the ideal companion for sickness and vomiting. Features of the sickness bag dispenser at a glance: Sturdy, tear-resistant bag with wide mouthpiece With 4 notches to hook the bag for secure closure Thanks to the flexibility also suitable for use in beds Ideal collection bag for nausea and vomiting Up to 1 liter capacity
Feeding lids for feeding cups | PP
Feeding lids made of PP from Hygostar Do you still work with plastic sippy cups in your daily care routine? Then you know the problem: the beakers are expensive and have to be cleaned thoroughly every time to prevent dangerous cross-contamination. In addition, the beakers always come out of the dishwasher wet and have to be dried manually with a fresh cloth. Franz Mensch realised that this way of working costs too much time and is unnecessarily expensive in the hectic daily routine. Together with a Munich hospital, the company developed a new and extremely hygienic disposable beak cup. This beaker is an innovative drinking aid for seniors and patients that does not require rinsing or manual drying. At the same time, it is inexpensive, hygienic and absolutely drip-free for independent, clean drinking. The hygienic disposable lid is made of high-quality PP plastic and has a specially shaped mouth opening. The opening is anatomically adapted for drip-free intake of food and liquids. As a disposable lid, it is simply disposed of after use or recycled. This guarantees that every patient receives a fresh and hygienically perfect beaker. Especially in the medical field, where multi-resistant germs (MRSA) are a major problem, hygiene and the prevention of cross-contamination are essential. In addition to the hygiene advantage, you save a lot of money with the disposable beak lid. It is the cost-effective alternative to conventional plastic feeding cups. In addition, this sippy-cup lid eliminates many time-consuming steps that unnecessarily hold up nursing practice. No rinsing, no putting in and taking out of the dishwasher and above all no annoying drying of the plastic cups, which always come out of the machine wet. Find out more about the disposable beak lid in our flyer. This is what the management of the clinic in Dahme says: "Beak cups made of plastic are not really an alternative for us. The cups often come out of the dishwasher still wet and our staff need one cloth per cup to dry them. That is unhygienic and absolutely not economical." Tip: Here you can find the matching beak cup for our lid (art.-no. 400591) Properties of the beak lid made of PS at a glance: made of PP plastic smooth surface for a pleasant mouth feel extremely hygienic a fresh, clean spout for every patient independent, easier drinking for patients no annoying and environmentally harmful rinsing is necessary no drying after the dishwasher anatomically shaped mouth for drip-free intake of liquids and foods Increased quality of care large opening, also suitable for viscous foods, porridge, soups and drinks
extremely hygienic
Dispenser for cellulose swabs | plastic
Hygostar dispenser for swabs on a roll made of plastic This dispenser keeps your swabs handy and protected from dirt. The cellophane box is made of solid acrylic plastic and has four non-slip knobs on the bottom for a particularly firm stand. You can easily remove the swabs via a slot on the front. Thanks to the transparent lid, the filling quantity is visible at all times and refilling is also quickly done via the removable lid. The cello box is ideal for swabs or cello on a roll. Suitable rolls are available here. Advantages of the plastic cello box at a glance: made of high quality acrylic for hygienic storage of swabs can also be used for cell pads in cosmetic areas firm stand thanks to anti-slip studs transparent lid, filling quantity visible at all times protects swabs from dirt and contamination dimensions: 23.5 x 12.5 x 20 cm matching swabs on a roll are available here
Hartmann SicSac® sickness bags dispenser
Hartmann SicSac® sickness bags dispenser by Hartmann The SicSac® sickness bag dispenser is optimal for hygienic and safe handling in various application areas. Especially in situations where nausea or vomiting may appear, it allows easy and quick removal of the bags. Safe storage in the dispenser protects against cross-contamination and contamination. The sickness bag dispenser can be easily integrated into various premises, medical facilities or vehicles. As a result, the bags are always at hand when they are needed. Features of the sickness bags dispenser at a glance: Hygienic, safe handling Easy and quick removal of the bags Protects against cross-contamination or pollution Can be integrated in various areas Sickness bags are ready to hand at all times

Hygienic patient care in nursing homes and hospital


At Franz Mensch you will find a special care assortment with all important disposables for patient care - of course in first-class quality. So your staff can work efficiently and hygienically and your patients feel comfortable.


The range of disposables for patient care at a glance:

  • Patient pads: High-quality incontinence pads for patient beds in various designs and thicknesses.
  • Disposable bedding: disposable pillow, comforter cover and pillow case made of soft PP nonwoven, skin-friendly and very hygienic.
  • Mattress protector: hygienic stretch covers with elastic band, protect the mattress from dirt and moisture, different materials available from CPE, SMS or PP non-woven fabric
  • Bed covers: reliable protection for ready-made beds in nursing homes, hospitals or ambulances, made of transparent, waterproof PE
  • Patient wash: bib with collection pocket and disposable wash (colonoscopy pants)
  • Washing gloves: very soft materials, rub-resistant and lint-free, for pleasant and hygienic washing of patients in elderly care and in hospitals


PP nonwoven, SMS and viscose - the softies among disposable materials

Since particularly skin-friendly and soft materials are in demand in the field of patient care, disposables are often made of PP nonwoven, SMS or viscose.

Polypropylene, PP for short, is a synthetic fiber that can be bonded into a soft nonwoven similar to fabric. The material has the appearance of being woven. The fibers are breathable, skin-friendly and provide light protection against liquids.

The higher quality alternative to PP is SMS. SMS has a 3-layer structure. It consists of two layers of PP nonwoven and a layer of meltblown in between. This gives SMS a real textile character and makes it more robust than the single-layer PP fleece. In addition, SMS material is very breathable and liquid repellent. Products made of SMS are comfortable even for longer wearing times and provide reliable hygiene protection.

Disposable products made of viscose are particularly breathable and temperature-regulating. Viscose is used, for example, to make washcloths in the field of patient care. Viscose is made from regenerated cellulose and is therefore particularly natural. The material is very light and can absorb and transport liquids to a high degree. As a gown or apron, for example, viscose creates a pleasant body climate without heat or moisture buildup.