Bio wooden skewers

Our organic wooden skewers are versatile and can be used as shish kebab skewers, roulade skewers or barbecue skewers. The wooden skewers from NatureStar are made from high-quality raw materials and are very stable. Wood is a natural, renewable material and therefore very sustainable. Discover the range of wooden skewers here.

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Organic wooden skewers
Organic wooden skewers from Naturestar The wooden shish kebabs with the professional long tip are high quality, sturdy and versatile for making food. They are ideal as meat skewers, barbecue skewers, shashlik skewer, vegetable skewers, fruit skewers, chocolate fruit and much more. The skewers are made of splinter-free and unbreakable birch wood. Birch wood is particularly stable and has a smooth surface. For an even more pleasant mouthfeel, the wooden skewers from NatureStar have an extra polished surface. The wooden skewers are equipped with a long tip on one side so that meat and other foods can be skewered perfectly. Wood is a sustainable and renewable raw material. Shish kebabs made of wood are biodegradable and a very hygienic alternative to skewers made of metal, which require extensive cleaning after use. The skewers are available in 5 sizes. Buy your wooden skewers here in 15 cm, 20 cm, 25 cm, 30 cm or 40 cm lengths. Properties of the organic wooden skewers at a glance: pure natural product made of wood made from renewable raw materials biodegradable sturdy birch wood with polished, smooth surface splinter-free, stable and unbreakable neutral in taste long tip on one side for easy impaling food-safe Wholesale pack for professionals, 10 x 1000 pieces Saving tip: Not bundled, in packs of 1000 and cheaper than wood are shashlik skewers made of bamboo (art.-no. 38914) Wooden skewers with a short tip or special skewers for machine processing are available on request. Send us your requirements by e-mail to Why wood is ideal for meat skewers? Wood is a very cheap, renewable raw material and completely biodegradable after use. It is the ideal material for anyone who values sustainability and hygiene. Wood can be used unbleached and is therefore a particularly natural, neutral in taste and, above all, food-safe material. Franz Mensch explicitly refrains from using wood from rainforest clearances. The wood and paper products are from ecological forestry and many are available as FSC®-certified variants. Birch wood is ideal for use with food because it is stable, even and splinter-free. The smooth surface ensures a pleasant mouth feel and the perfect enjoyment of your food. Wood products from NatureStar have a particularly high quality. A special drying process reduces the moisture content in the wood. This protects the wooden skewers from mould and ensures a long shelf life.
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Flag picks | birch wood
Flag picks made of birch wood Naturestar The food safe and tasteless party pickers from Naturestar give your food a special look and can be used everywhere in gastronomy, catering and party service. The party pickers are made of birchwood and paper, which makes them environmentally friendly and compostable. Depending on the occasion, you have the choice between the decorative pickers with German flag Germany, the Bavarian flag Bavaria or as a mix with flags of various countrys.  Advantages of the Flag picks  Birch wood toothpick Paper flag, printed with flag 100% compostable tasteless and food safe Fields of application: Party service, catering, butchery and kitchen

Organic wooden skewers by NatureStar - 100% compostable

In our NatureStar wooden skewers range you will find:

  • Wooden skewers with long tip (15, 20, 25, 30 or 40cm)
  • Wooden rolling stock
  • Rollmop skewers made of wood

Of course, all products are food safe, tasteless and 100% biodegradable


TIP: Wooden skewers for grilling

Our wooden skewers with long tip are ideal grilled skewers! They are available in different lengths, made of splinter-free wood and provided on one side with a long tip. The long tip facilitates the skewering and loading of the skewers. This is how you work quickly and efficiently. The wooden spears are tested quality, have a polished surface and are very shatterproof.
The wooden skewers with profiled tip are ideal for the gastronomy and all professionals who value high quality.