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Disposable laundry

Hygienic disposable laundry offers your guests a high level of comfort during their stay - ideal for wellness areas, massage, sauna, cosmetics or swimming pool. The range includes disposable briefs, shorts, kimonos, shower caps, hair bands, guest bibs and laundry bags.

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Laundry bag "Classic"
Der Wäschebeutel CLASSIC wird aus einer ca. 30my starken, umweltfreundlichen Polyethylen-Folie hergestellt. Der weiße Wäschebeutel ist mit einem blauen Aufdruck versehen. Zudem ist er verschließbar durch ein eingearbeitetes Zugband aus Kunststoff. Der Wäschebeutel CLASSIC ist der ideale Wäschebeutel für trockene und feuchte Schmutzwäsche.
Laundry bags Care | PVA
Laundry bag Care, PVA from Hygostar The Care water-soluble laundry bag makes handling contaminated or infectious laundry much more hygienic and quicker. The laundry stays in the bag and it is washed directly in the machine. During the washing process, the laundry bag dissolves completely from 45 °C because it is made of a special, water-soluble thermoplastic based on polyvinyl alcohol (PVA). This saves you the inconvenience and unhygienic task of decanting or touching the dirty laundry. The water-soluble laundry bag is ideal for critical laundry in hospitals and nursing homes. But it also prevents cross-contamination in rescue services, fire brigades, epidemic control and asbestos removal and protects your employees from the risk of infection. Instructions for an optimal wash cycle: Place dirty laundry in the laundry bag and close tightly with the integrated strap. Important: Wrap damp laundry or damp spots inside so that the bag does not dissolve prematurely. This way the contaminated laundry is ideally prepared for the wash cycle. Thanks to the closure tape, the contaminated laundry is reliably packed and can be transported safely. The closure tape is also water-soluble and disappears without leaving any residue during washing. Put the sealed laundry bags directly into the washing machine and wash as usual. The bags dissolve completely after a washing time of at least 30 minutes at 45 - 90 °C. Features of the Care water-soluble laundry bag at a glance: made of water-soluble film: thermoplastic based on polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) for hygienic handling of dirty and infectious laundry dissolves completely during the wash cycle water-soluble from 45 °C, wash for at least 30 minutes at 45 to 90 °C no need to transfer and handle contaminated laundry protects against the spread of contamination with sealing tape: contaminated laundry securely packaged saves time, put laundry bag directly into the machine completely biodegradable two sizes available: 60 l and 100 l eye-catching red colour to distinguish from other laundry bags
water soluble
Disposable bib for Guests "Elegant"
Das Gästelätzchen ELEGANT wird aus einem weißen Polypropylen-Vlies hergestellt und ist zweifarbig bedruckt. Dieses Gästelätzchen ist vielseitig verwendbar. Zur Befestigung wird ein Band um den Hals gelegt und verknotet. Das Gästelätzchen ELEGANT gewährleistet optimalen Schutz für die darunterliegende Kleidung.
Laundry bag "Royal"
Der Wäschebeutel Royal wird aus einer ca. 30my starken, umweltfreundlichen Polyethylen-Folie hergestellt. Der weiße Wäschebeutel ist mit einem goldenen Aufdruck bedruckt. Zudem ist er verschließbar durch ein eingearbeitetes Zugband aus Baumwolle. Der ROYAL ist der ideale Wäschebeutel für trockene und feuchte Schmutzwäsche.
Disposable briefs Man | PP
Disposable briefs Man made of PP by Hygostar These disposable briefs are made of soft PP fleece. The elastic bands on the sides ensure a good fit. The briefs are available in one size. Disposable underwear like the briefs Man by Hygostar are especially hygienic for massage applications and therefore ideal for wellness, cosmetics, hotels.  Features of the disposable briefs Man at a glance: single packs, hygienic for your guests air-permeable, soft PP fleece comfortable to wear stretch elastics on the sides universal size ideal for massage, cosmetics, spa
Disposable shorts Unisex | SMS
Disposable shorts Unisex made of SMS by Hygostar The disposable unisex boxer shorts style pants are made of skin-friendly SMS material. They are opaque, soft and very comfortable to wear. SMS is a 3-layer material made of PP and meltblown. It is water-repellent and higher quality than conventional PP nonwoven. The disposable shorts are available in one size and are versatile. The shorts are unisex and ideal for guests and patients in hotels, hospitals and care facilities. Features of the disposable shorts Unisex at a glance: soft, air-permeable and very comfortable opaque and skin-friendly water-repellent SMS (PP, meltblown, PP) comfortable boxer shorts cut elastic waistband and variable fit
Disposable briefs Lady | PP
Disposable briefs Lady made of PP by Hygostar These disposable briefs are ideal for massages, cosmetics or spa. They are individually packaged. So every guest receives a hygienically perfect briefs. The briefs are made of very soft, air-permeable PP fleece and are comfortable to wear at all times.  Features of the disposable briefs Lady at a glance: disposable underwear for massage applications PP fleece, light and air-permeable comfortable to wear hygienic single packs stretch elastics on the sides for a good fit
Laundry bag "Soft"
Wäschesack - toller Service für Hotelgäste: Dieser Wäschesack besteht aus PP-Vlies (Polypropylen) und ist daher leicht und luftdurchlässig. Das hochwertige Material ist stoffähnlich und damit eine gute Alternative zu einem Stoffbeutel. Eine hygienische und praktische Lösung für Ihre Gäste. idealer Beutel für feuchte Schmutzwäsche sehr hygienisch vermindert Keim- und Geruchsbildung dank atmungsaktivem Material besonders feste Qualität, reißfest und belastbar mehrfach verwendbar edler, goldener Aufdruck mit Zugbändern aus Baumwolle ideal für Hotels  
Disposable pants Unisex | PP
Disposable pants Unisex made of PP by Hygostar The disposable pants are made of soft PP nonwoven. PP disposable underwear is air-permeable, lightweight and therefore comfortable to wear. The pants are ideal for guests or patients in hotel, hospital and care facilities. They are individually packed. So every patient receives a hygienically perfect product.   Features of the disposable pants Unisex at a glance: very hygienic single packs air-permeable, comfortable fleece made of PP soft and comfortable elastic waistband, good fit one size, unisex
Kimono | PP
Kimono made of PP by Hygostar The PP kimono is particularly tightly woven and almost opaque thanks to the dark colour. It is made of air-permeable, soft PP fleece and therefore very light and comfortable to wear. The PP fleece kimono is ideal for hotel, wellness and beauty areas. It makes hairdressing and beauty treatments more hygienic and pleasant: no stains, no make-up or moisture on the collar of your clothes. Also guests in swimming pool or sauna wear the kimono as a hygienic disposable bathrobe. The PP kimono has a belt and a small practical pocket on the sleeve. Features of the kimono at a glance: dense, textile quality, almost opaque practical sleeve pocket with belt around the waist for closing soft PP fleece, air-permeable and comfortable individually packed for hygienic storage and distribution to your guests excellent for swimming pool, spa, cosmetic and beauty areas
nearly opaque

Disposable underwear for cosmetics, massage and wellness

Offer your guests the best possible comfort during their stay. For the use of the wellness area with massage, sauna, cosmetics or swimming pool disposable kimonos, briefs, pants or shorts are suitable. Especially for the hair there are shower caps and hair bands.

Disposable underwear is a special type of underwear designed for single use. These disposable products are made of lightweight, air-permeable materials and are particularly hygienic. This is because each user receives a fresh product that is disposed of after use.


Versatile applications for disposable laundry

Disposable underwear is used in various situations and industries. In hospitals, clinics and care facilities, patients often wear disposable underwear, for example after operations, to ensure hygiene and comfort. Guests in spas, hotels and saunas are also often given disposable underwear to dress comfortably before and after treatments such as massages. In emergency situations, such as natural disasters or humanitarian crises, disposable underwear can be distributed to people in need to meet their basic hygiene needs.

Disposable underwear is available in different styles, including disposable briefs, disposable boxers and disposable underpants. There are unisex variants and also special disposable underwear for women or men. At Franz Mensch, we take great care to ensure that our lingerie products are made of soft and elastic materials. Soft PP fleece is hygienic and pleasant on the skin. A good fit and high wearing comfort are also important. Since they are discarded after use, disposable underwear has the advantage of being hygienic and eliminating the need for time-consuming washing. This makes them particularly practical in situations where cleaning clothes is not possible or the focus is on hygiene.


Hygienic linen for the well-being of your guests

Disposable linen and underwear are extremely hygienic and at the same time extremely comfortable. They are specially designed to make guests feel comfortable against their skin while meeting the highest hygiene requirements. These disposable products are designed for single use and are simply disposed of after each guest. This ensures that no germs or bacteria are transferred from one person to the next, which is especially important to protect the health of your guests.


A wide range for your needs

The range of disposable underwear is diverse and includes a wide range of products. These include disposable briefs and shorts that are perfect for massages or spa treatments and offer a high level of discretion. Disposable kimonos are ideal for dressing in style before and after a sauna or a relaxing bath. Above you can also find shower caps and hair bands here in the store.


4 good reasons why disposable laundry is a good choice

  • Hygiene: Disposable linens prevent germs or bacteria from being transferred from one guest to the next, contributing to the health and safety of your guests.
  • Comfort: The disposable products are soft, comfortable and provide a pleasant feeling for your guests.
  • Time and labor saving: because the disposable linen is disposed after use, you save the effort of washing and ironing, saving time and labor costs.
  • Customer loyalty: By providing high-quality disposable linens, you can earn your guests' trust and encourage them to visit your facility again.


Also in the range: laundry bags and bibs

For your laundry service: Hygienic laundry bags from Franz Mensch are made of PP or PE. They are suitable for dry as well as wet dirty laundry and are very resilient. The laundry bags can be easily closed with the help of drawstrings. Laundry bags are printable and can act as an advertising medium. Ask for the cheap printing service: verkauf@franz-mensch.de.

To protect the clothes of your guests, Franz Mensch recommends disposable bibs for children and adults. They protect, avoid stains and can be perfectly designed with your imprint.