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Avian influenza protective equipment

 Avian influenza is a contagious viral disease that affects birds and poultry and can also be transmitted to humans. The protective equipment from Franz Mensch offers you optimum protection against avian flu - for carefree working.

How is avian influenza transmitted?

Avian influenza is transmitted in the same way as other influenza viruses. As a rule, it is spread by droplet infection as soon as infected droplets enter the inhaled air. The viruses attach themselves to the cells of the respiratory tract. Since faecal particles can be deposited on work clothing, there is an increased risk of infection in animals.

The following facilities and workplaces are particularly at risk:

  • Agriculture

  • Veterinary Medicine

  • Healthcare

  • Transport companies

  • Feed production

  • Disposal company

How to protect yourself from avian influenza

People who are in regular contact with animals must place special emphasis on adequate protection. This is especially true for those who work in poultry farming, meat processing or veterinary medicine. In order to minimise the high risk of infection, wearing the right protective clothing is of utmost importance in addition to strict hygiene measures.

That is why Franz Mensch and the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health recommend, among other things, the following protective equipment:

Our products for optimal protection

Coveralls ChemicalStar Type 3B+4B+5B+6B | SMS/PE
Coveralls ChemicalStar Type 3B+4B+5B+6B made of SMS/PE ChemicalStar coveralls are made of very high-quality SMS material and protect the wearer from biological and chemical hazards. The coveralls are liquid-repellent thanks to their PE coating and meet standards type 3B, 4B, 5B and 6B. This means that the ChemicalStar coveralls protect against liquid chemicals (spray-proof) and solid particles. Particularly practical in everyday work are the thumb loops and the elastic bands on the arms and legs. Thus, the coveralls fit very well, without slipping, and reliably cover all parts of the body. The coveralls are an ideal body protection for food areas, cleaning work, laboratory, medicine, pharmacy and hygiene areas. Features of the coveralls ChemicalStar Type 3B+4B+5B+6B at a glance: meet the standards type 3B+4B+5B+6B can be used for biological and chemical hazards soft SMS, comfortable to wear liquid-repellent full PE coating with hood for maximum protection from head to toe arm and leg cuffs with elastic for a tight fit thumb loop prevents slipping
Coveralls Type 4B+5B+6B | Microporous
Coveralls Type 4B+5B+6B made of Microporous by Hygostar These coveralls are particularly high-quality and provide reliable protection against biological and chemical hazards. The coveralls meet the standards type 4B+5B+6B. Your advantage: The coveralls are spray-tight and protect against liquid chemicals as well as solid particles. They are made of so-called microporous material - a microporous fleece with a special functional membrane. The material ensures that the coveralls are liquid-repellent and breathable at the same time. The coveralls are a high-quality protective clothing for food areas, cleaning work, laboratory, medicine, pharmacy and many other hygiene areas. Features of the coveralls 4B+5B+6B made of Microporous at a glance:  with special functional membrane: breathable and liquid repellent as self-protection for the wearer very tight, taped seams with hood, so that head and shoulders are protected elastic bands on arm and leg cuffs latex-free 
Chemical protection gloves Professional | nitrile
Chemical protection gloves Professional made of nitrile by Hygostar The nitrile glove Professional is a full chemical protection glove that offers its wearer a particularly high level of protection against biological dangers and chemicals. A cotton flocking on the inside of the glove ensures that it is quicker and easier to slip on, making it easier to put on. However, the protective glove not only impresses with its high wearing comfort, but its textured surface also provides a secure grip and a good sense of touch. Thanks to the extended cuff, the nitrile protective glove provides additional protection against liquid splashes, for example. Due to its durable property, it is suitable for medium risks in mechanical and industrial work and is therefore the ideal protective glove to be used in industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry or in the laboratory. Our tip: Make sure you also have soft cotton gloves to wear underneath. They reduce sweating and offer even more wearing comfort. The features of the chemical protection gloves Professional at a glance: made of nitrile, durable and abrasion-resistant high wearing comfort due to its cotton flocking inside very secure grip thanks to structured surface protect against biological dangers and chemicals extended cuff for extended protection free of latex-allergy causing proteins
Respirators FFP3 NR with valve, horizontally foldable | PP
Respirators FFP3 NR with valve, horizontally foldable made of PP by Hygostar The respirators FFP3 NR with valve provide a high level of protection. FFP3 masks protect against toxic and harmful dusts, smoke and aerosols. Thanks to the incorporated breathing valve, the masks are very comfortable to wear for a long time. The valve reduces breathing resistance and noticeably facilitates inhalation and exhalation. The FFP3 NR respirators with valve are ideal for personnel in industry, food production and other hygiene-sensitive areas. They are horizontally folded and therefore favourable and space-saving.  Features of the respirators FFP3 NR with valve, horizontally foldable at a glance: high-quality PP fleece, soft on the skin folded horizontally breathing valve for easier breathing head band, no pressure behind the ears malleable noseband for improved fit
Hand disinfection | alcoholic
Alcoholic hand disinfection by Hygoclean The alcoholic hand disinfectant is a fully virucidal hand disinfection and therefore highyl effective. It can be perfectly used for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection in hospitals and the food industry and is highly effective against bacteria, fungi, enveloped and non-enveloped viruses, incl.MRSA, TB, HBV / HCV / HIV, Rota, Noro, Corona and many more. Apply to dry hands before, after or between different work steps, especially when dealing with organic substances or food. It is important that a sufficient amount is applied so that the hands are completely wetted. Features of the alcoholic hand disinfection at a glance: RKI-listed / VAH-assessed virucidal according to EN 14476 bactericidal and fungicidal according to EN 1500

360° protection: Complete protection set against bird flu

Thanks to the Super High Risk protection set, you are comprehensively protected from infection with the avian influenca virus from head to toe - without any tedious searching.

1x Coverall - art. 27824

1x Respirators FFP3 - art. 29359

1 Pair of overboots - art. 2841

1x Safety goggles - art. 8510

2 Pair of chemical protection gloves - art. 26616

1x Garbage bags - art. 32991

3 steps to prevent avian influenza

Protection against avian influenza requires a combination of different measures to minimise the spread of the virus.