Baking papers & wrapping papers

Baking papers and wrapping papers from Franz Mensch are developed for professionals. The baking release paper is double-sided and reusable, grease- and water-repellent. Order your baking paper here as finished blanks or on a roll. Box lining paper and greaseproof wrapping paper for meat and sausage are also available here in the shop. 

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Baking paper roll | Paper
Backing paper on roll by Hygostar Hygostar's two-sided non-stick coated baking paper is for gastronomy professionals. The double-sided anti-stick silicone coating ensures that baked goods on this baking paper neither cling nor caking. Very convenient: The baking paper is on roll so you can customize the size The baking paper is double-sided and reusable (7-8 times) it is heat resistant up to 220 ° C and food safe as well as grease and water repellent
Cooking parchments, sheet | silicone coating
Cooking parchments, sheets with silicone coating These paper sheets are extremely hygienic, practical and noticeably facilitate work in the kitchen. The cooking parchments are made of high quality paper, which is coated with silicone on both sides. The silicone coating ensures that even sticky foods such as gratins or salted pretzels can be easily removed. Another advantage: those who work with cooking parchments reduce food waste. The food is completely removed from the container - without residues and unnecessary food waste. Thanks to the paper sheet, the food has no direct contact with the container. This incidentally saves a lot of work when washing up. Less washing up, less scrubbing and scraping out of residues: This is how you protect your baking pans, save electricity, water and the time of your employees when using the dishwasher. Cooking parchments are truly multi-talented and versatile - ideal for kitchens, food preparation, food outlets or takeaways. Can be used as hygienic snack packaging, as an insert for gastronorm containers and boxes, for serving, for food storage even in refrigerator and freezer. Cooking parchment facilitate the preparation of gratins and casseroles, vegetables, meat and fish dishes, bakery products, puff pastry and breaded. Advantages of the cooking parchment with silicone coating at a glance: greaseproof, steam and cooking resistant  suitable for all types of food silicone coating on both sides prevents sticking suitable for freezing, microwave, frying pans and oven very durable: can be used in refrigerators (4°C) for up to 2 months, in freezers (0°C to -30°C) for up to 12 months can be used for contact grills for a short time, approx. 10 minutes at 300°C
Baking paper roll "Premium" | Paper
The baking paper "Premium" is heat-resistant up to 220 ° C and also suitable for pretzel pastry. It can be used several times (about 7-8 times), is siliconized on both sides and with an anti-stick Coating. The premium roll paper has a width of 57 cm and a total length of 200 m. It is also available as blanks.
Wrapping paper greaseproof | Cellulose, coated
Wrapping paper greaseproof made of Cellulose, coated from Hygostar The wrapping paper is made of cellulose and has been sealed with a layer of polyethylene to completely repell against grease. The thickness of the wrapping paper is approximately 35 grams per m² and is perfect for wrapping fatty foods such as sausage or cheese. The wrapping paper can be purchased in different sizes and is also easy to dispose, as the PE foil can be easily removed from the paper. The features of the wrapping paper greaseproof made of cellulose, coated PE-coated cellulose grease resistant 35gr/m² grammage different sizes available easy separation of paper and PE film, for uncomplicated disposal