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Detectable work equipment

Detectable work equipment is recognised by the detector machine if it ever gets into production. Order all the important detectable work equipment here: from detectable document and card holders, detectable key rings and cable ties to detectable brushes, brooms, scrapers and earplugs.

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Cable ties | detectable
Mit einem Kabelbinder lassen sich ganz schnell verschiedenste Behälter verschließen bzw. Dinge befestigen. Kabelbinder funktionieren kinderleicht und halten besonders zuverlässig.Für den Einsatz in der Lebensmittelindustrie gibt es spezielle detektierbare Kabelbinder. Sie können von Metalldetektoren aufgespürt werden, falls sie in der Produktion verloren gehen.Die detektierbaren Kabelbinder bestehen aus einem Kunststoff, der zu 1% detektierbar ist.verschiedene Größen und Längen erhältlichinnen verzahntbesonders zugfestHACCP-konformperfekt zum schnellen Verschließen von Sa?cken und Transportbeha?lternideal bei der Installation von Kabeln und Leitungen
Glove clips | plastic, detectable
Glove clips plastic, detectable from Hygostar These glove clips hold your gloves when you don't need them at the moment. At the same time, the gloves are immediately at hand again. No searching or messy discarding: With a glove clip, you always have your gloves with you. The flexible center piece increases wearing comfort and supports easy handling. The glove clips are fully detectable. They are made of special plastic that is recognized by the detector machine if the clip should ever get into production. The glove clips are simply clipped to the waistband, belt loop or any other part of the work clothing. The glove clips are specially approved for use in the food industry and similar sensitive industrial areas.  Tip: Test a sample of the glove holders at your site with your detectors to ensure detectability.  Features of the detectable glove clips at a glance: Gloves securely fixed and always with you made of detectable plastic thanks to blue colour also optically recognizable, stands out well from foodstuffs with flexible center piece
Bag closures | plastic, detectable
Detectable bag closures made of plastic from Hygostar These bag closures are ideal for large food production operations to meet quality and safety requirements. The closures are made entirely of detectable plastic. This means they can be detected by the detector machine should they ever get into production. With detectable bag closures, you prevent contamination of your products and protect your machines from damage caused by foreign bodies. The bag closures are of high-quality and can be used several times - also suitable for cold temperatures (down to -50 °C).  Features of the detectable bag closures at a glance: completely detectable high-quality, robust plastic closes bags quickly and securely blue colour visually recognizable, stands out from food products easy to open and close, reusable suitable for BRC food safety system 
Lid for bucket | PP, detectable
Lid for bucket, detectable This lid is made of detectable, high-quality PP and is very durable. It is heat-resistant up to 120 ° C, can be sterilized and autoclaved. The lid is ideal for hygienic disposal in hygiene-sensitive areas. The lid fits the 85587 and 85585 buckets. Properties of the detectable lid: detectable heat resistant up to 120 ° C sterilizable and autoclavable robust and high quality ideal for hygiene-sensitive areas
Bucket | PP, detectable
Bucket made of PP, detectable by Hygoclean The detectable bucket is made of a durable, high-quality PP and has a practical carrying handle and a spout to allow the contents to be emptied cleanly. In addition to its detectability, the bucket is also particularly hygienic and can be perfectly disinfected, sterilized and autoclaved. Furthermore, the surface of the bucket is closed-pored and thus offers no room for germ formation. The bucket is therefore particularly suitable for hygiene-sensitive areas.  Tip: You can also purchase a matching lid for this bucket (Art.85586 and Art.85588)!  Features of the bucket made of PP at a glance: made of a detectable PP heat resistant up to 120 °C closed pores of the PP do not allow any germ formation with carrying handle and spout for easy emptying of the contents matching lids available
Flash cable ties | detectable
Flash cable ties, detectable from Hygostar Similar to a cable tie, these detectable flash cable ties seal various containers or bags. The big advantage: the flash cable ties can be reused several times. In addition, they are made of a detectable plastic that is recognized by metal detectors - for maximum safety and product quality in the food industry. Features of the flash cable ties at a glance: Special double closure with round profile suspension loop possible tensile strength, highest strength and closure safety ideal for closing bags and transport containers also suitable for the installation of cables and lines
Spectacle band | detectable
Spectacle band, detectable from Hygostar The spectacle band is made of a silicone rubber, which has detectable properties. The material is suitable for environments that have to comply with the HACCP requirements and measures 65 cm in total. The features of the spectacle band, detectable detectable silicone rubber suitable for HACCP-compliant working environments 65cm long
Lanyard | detectable
Schlüsselbänder müssen HACCP-konform sein, wenn sie in der Lebensmittelindustrie eingesetzt werden. Die Empfehlung von Hygiene-Experten: Verwenden Sie detektierbare Schlüsselbänder.Nur ein detektierbares Schlüsselband kann von Metalldetektoren erkannt werden und erfüllt damit die strengen Hygiene- und Sicherheitsanforderungen. Das detektierbare Schlüsselband von Franz Mensch ist aus einem speziellem detektierbaren Silikongummi gefertigt. Es ist ideal zum Befestigen von Kugelschreibern, Kartenhaltern oder Schlüsseln. detektierbarer, blauer Silikongummi Länge 5 cm Breite 1 cm hochwertiger Karabinerhaken und Ring aus Metall HACCP-konform
Bag closures Fish | plastic, detectable
Detectable bag closures Fish made of plastic from Hygostar These bag closures are fully detectable. They are made of fully detectable plastic. The plastic is very high-quality and durable. Your feature: the Fish detectable bag closures are also suitable for extreme temperatures from -50 to +120 ⁰C. Detectable bag closures are ideal for sensitive production areas in the food and pharmaceutical industries. They help prevent contamination of food products by foreign bodies. The closures are detectable by both metal and X-ray detectors. The fish shape is particularly suitable for closing bags and is easy to reopen. It is best to test your sample yourself on site in your production. Features of the detectable bag closures Fish at a glance: perfect for closing bags completely made of detectable plastic thanks to blue colour optically very well to recognize high-quality and reusable suitable for BRC food safety system
Shovel | PP, detectable
Shovel made of PP, detectable from Hygoclean Made of polypropylene, the shovel has detectable properties and easily withstands heat up to 120°C. The shovel is ideal for use in areas where hygiene is of the utmost importance, as it is excellently disinfectable and has closed pores which prevents the development of germs. It is also made of very robust material and has a long service life. The long shaft and the handle attached to it ensure a particularly ergonomic fit. The features of the shovel made of PP, detectable retains its shape even at hot temperatures up to 120 °C suitable for work in hygiene-focused areas disinfectable & closed porous robust & resistant material ergonomic shape
Spatula | PP, detectable
Spatula made of PP, detectable from Hygostar The disinfectable and hygienic spatula is made of closed-pore PP, which gives germs no chance. It is heat-resistant up to 120 °C and also made of high-quality material to ensure a long service life. The spatula is topped off with a practical hanger on the handle. The features of the spatula made of PP, detectable disinfectable PP resists heat up to 120 °C long-lived quality hanger on handle
Flour broom | PPN, detectable
Flour broom made of PPN, detectable The body of the flour broom is made of durable PPN and is completed with its detectable PBT bristles. Both components are heat-resistant up to 134°C and can therefore be easily cleaned and sterilized at high temperatures. The flour broom is characterized by its fine, 60 mm high bristles, which catch every grain of dust. It is rounded off with a practical hanging option. The features of the flour broom made of PPN, detectable robust PPN body fine, 60 mm high PBT bristles heat resistant removes even fine dust possibility to hang up
Washing brush | PPN, detectable
Washing brush made of PPN, detectable from Hygoclean The detectable washing brush is made of high-quality and resistant PPN. The bristles are made of the detectable material PBT, have a height of 40 mm and together with the body are heat resistant up to 134 °C. Therefore the washing brush can be efficiently cleaned at high temperatures until sterility. The practical washing brush can be used for many different applications, e.g. to remove dirt residues from surfaces and objects. The features of the washing brush made of PPN, detectable strong PPN 40 mm high bristles made of PBT resistant to heat up to 134 °C various fields of application
Hand scoop | PP, detectable
Hand scoop PP detectable by Hygoclean The hand shovel is made of 100% detective PP, is closed-pore so there is no room for germ formation. The hand shovel is sterilizable, autoclavable and heat-resistant up to approx. 120 ° C. The scoop is ideal for hygiene-conscious areas such as the food industry. Overview of the properties of the hand shovel detectable PP heat-resistant, sterilizable and autoclavable ergonomic shape very robust
Hand brush | PPN, detectable
Hand brush made of PPN, detectable from Hygoclean The hard-wearing hand brush consists of a stable PPN frame with 60 mm long, fine bristles made of PBT. The entire hand brush is resistant to heat up to 134 °C and can therefore be subjected to hot washing- and cleaning-cycles and sterilized. It is perfect for sweeping up small dirt particles. The features of the hand brush made of PPN, detectable robust frame made of PPN with detectable PBT bristles heat resistant at up to 134 °C ideal to remove small dirt particles