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Your hands are your most important tool and deserve a good glove. Whether you are looking for strong protective gloves against injuries or a hygienic disposable glove for food areas and medicine: Franz Mensch has YOUR glove! Another plus: you buy here at favourable manufacturer prices - even large quantities are available.

Our Topseller in the range of gloves

Bio PLA gloves
Bio gloves made of PLA by NatureStar The sustainable alternative for hygiene areas and food processing: organic disposable gloves made from renewable raw materials that can be composted after use. The organic gloves are made of corn starch and are equal to ordinary standard PE gloves in terms of hygiene and comfort. The organic disposable gloves are food safe and therefore suitable for use in food areas. Until now, plastic was often the only material used for gloves and clothing in food areas for hygienic reasons. Now Franz Mensch is setting new standards and has developed an environmentally friendly alternative under the NatureStar brand: the gloves are made of a compostable bio-plastic. The material is called PLA and is a 100% biodegradable copolymer - following EN 13432 for industrial compostability. In terms of their properties, the PLA organic gloves are very similar to conventional PE gloves. They can therefore very well replace the petroleum-based standard gloves and are ideal as hygiene gloves, product protection and to prevent contamination in sensitive areas. The organic disposable gloves made of PLA are odorless, tasteless, water repellent and have a loose fit. They are soft and comfortable to wear. Organic disposable gloves are ideal for those who need disposable gloves due to hygiene regulations, but still value sustainability. Tip: As a perfect complement, you can also purchase a sustainable alternative to ordinary PE aprons from Franz Mensch - the organic disposable aprons made of PLA! The properties of the bio gloves made of PLA at a glance: made from renewable, plant based raw materials compostable in accordance with EN 13432 environmentally friendly PLA, obtained from corn starch food safe tasteless and odorless wearable on both sides water-repellent hygienic product protection non-sterile, comfortable to wear Interesting facts: How the sustainable gloves are made The organic gloves are made from so-called PLA (polylactide). PLA is a bio-plastic that is obtained solely from plants. The starting material is starch from corn plants. For NatureStar's disposable clothing, only industrial corn is used and no food plants. Fermentation produces lactic acids, which are first processed into granules and later into film. The sustainable disposable gloves are made from this film. Since only renewable raw materials are used, the PLA glove is 100% compostable and sustainable. Another plus: During production, up to 60% less CO2 is emitted than with conventional plastic. The gloves made from PLA can either be industrially composted, fermented or recycled. In industrial composting, the material decomposes into CO2 and water. Fermentation produces recyclable bio-gas. In a sorted recycling, the used PLA can be collected again as raw material corn starch, so in the next step new products can be made from bio-plastic. In any case, the CO2 and other material cycles remain closed.
CPE gloves Allfood
CPE gloves Allfood by Hygostar The CPE glove Allfood shows an especially embossed surface and thus guarantees more comfort for the user. The glove has a good fit and is also odorless and tasteless. The CPE glove is suitable for contact with all foods, which is why it can be used especially for food processing and gastronomy. Especially for short-term work, the Allfood is the ideal protection. The features of the CPE gloves Allfood at a glance: specially embossed CPE for more wearing comfort leaves no odor or taste good fit, with rolled cuff suitable for contact with all foodstuffs protects ideal for short-term work
Examination gloves Ideal Virus | vinyl
Examination gloves Ideal Virus made of vinyl by Hygonorm The powder-free examination glove Ideal Virus is made of light vinyl material and is free from latex allergy-causing proteins. It is tested against viruses, bacteria as well as fungi, which is why it is excellent for use in medical areas, nursing and laboratories. Also when working with non-fatty food, oils or partially oily foodstuffs, the vinyl glove convinces in food processing, gastronomy as well as industry. The Ideal Virus has a rolled cuff and can be worn on both sides. Features of the examination glove Ideal Virus at a glance: tested against viruses, bacteria and fungi made of light vinyl with a rolled cuff without latex allergy-causing proteins powder-free, non-sterile and ambidextrous fit
Examination gloves Safe Virus | nitrile
Examination gloves Safe Virus made of nitrile from Hygostar The powder-free examination glove Safe Virus is made of a light and at the same time very resistant nitrile. It is virus-proof and therefore proven to protect against viruses, chemicals as well as solvents. Compared to latex and vinyl, the Safe Virus thus ensures greater protection. The textured surface provides grip when worn. Due to its very good fit, the examination glove always offers the wearer a very good tactile sensation. In addition, the nitrile glove is resistant to oil and grease. The Safe Virus examination glove is also ideal for food and medical purposes. The features of the examination gloves Safe Virus at a glance: light nitrile, non-sterile, resistant proven protection against viruses, chemicals and solvents great tactile sensitivity thanks to very good fit textured surface for grip resistant to oil and grease with rolled cuff, fits ambidextrous
HDPE gloves Polyclassic Strong
HDPE gloves Polyclassic Strong by Hygonorm The HDPE glove Polyclassic Strong is made of a light HDPE and has a embossed surface. It is therefore very comfortable to wear and at the same time provides ideal protection for short-term work. It is also suitable for use with food and is odorless and tasteless. Thanks to these properties, the Polyclassic Strong can be optimally used in the food industry, for kitchens, but also as a diesel glove at petrol stations or in medical areas. The HDPE glove is available in a bag or in a practical dispenser box. The features of the HDPE gloves Polyclassic Strong at a glance: light HDPE with embossed surface ideal for short-term work comfortable to wear leaves neither taste nor smell fits ambidextrously
Hygienic gloves mitten | Coex
Hygienic gloves mitten made of Coex by Hygostar The hygienic gloves mitten are disposable gloves made of coex, which can be worn ambidextrous. They are very safe to grip and durable in use and have no inherent taste or odour. The disposable gloves are quick and easy to put on and take off and are free of latex allergenic proteins. They can be combined with the CleanHands and Quick&Clean systems and are used to handle food between checkout procedures. Thus, the hygienic gloves are particularly suitable for use in bakeries, butcher shops and counters with food. The features of the hygienic gloves mitten at a glance: hygienic coex glove as mitten neutral in taste and smell secure grip and robust can be worn with both hands compatible with CleanHands and Quick&Clean system hygienic touching of food between checkout processes possible
Hygienic gloves mitten | LDPE
Hygienic gloves mitten made of LDPE by Hygostar The hygiene gloves mitten are made of a particularly strong LDPE. Due to the soft material, the disposable gloves are comfortable to wear and are also characterized by their durability and grip safety. The gloves are odourless, tasteless and free of latex allergenic proteins. In addition, they can be worn ambidextrously and can be put on and taken off quickly. This makes the disposable gloves ideal for handling food hygienically between checkout procedures. The hygienic gloves are especially popular in bakeries and butcher shops as well as counters with food. The features of the hygienic gloves mitten at a glance: made of very strong LDPE with mitten shape comfortable to wear thanks to the soft material durable and safe to grip leaves no taste or smell suitable for CleanHands and Quick&Clean system ideal for hygienic food handling
Hygienic gloves three finger shape | Coex
Hygienic gloves three finger shape made of Coex by Hygostar The hygienic gloves 3-finger form are disposable gloves made of Coex. The 3-finger shape allows both a particularly secure grip handling and a high durability. In addition, the hygiene gloves are odourless and tasteless and free of latex allergenic proteins. They can be put on and taken off quickly and are ambidextrous. The gloves are ideal for hygienic handling between food and checkout operations, making them ideal for use in bakeries, butcher shops and counters with food. The hygienic gloves 3-finger shape are compatible with the CleanHands and Quick&Clean systems. The features of the hygienic gloves three finger shape at a glance: disposable gloves made of coex thanks to the 3-finger shape high grip safety leaves neither taste nor odours fast and easy put on and take off suitable for CleanHands and Quick&Clean system for hygienic touching of food between payment processes
Latex finger cots | powder-free
Latex finger cots, powder-free by Hygostar The powder-free latex finger cot covers only one finger of the wearer at a time and is therefore ideal for work where the hand does not need to be fully protected. It is made of a light latex and is grippy thanks to the textured fingertips. By covering only the fingers, it also allows maximum mobility. The latex fingerling is very elastic and at the same time offers a excellent tactile sensitivity. The finger cot can also be put on quickly and easily thanks to the rolled ends. The features of the latex finger cots at a glance: light latex, rolled ends cover one finger at a time for activities where not the whole hand needs protection  grippy due to textured fingertips flexible, elastic very good sense of touch
Latex gloves Allfood Skin | powdered
Latex gloves Allfood Skin, powdered by Hygostar The disposable glove Allfood Skin is made of a strong latex and shows elasticity. The great fit of the glove gives the wearer a great tactile sensitivity. It is powdered, making it easier to put on even with wet hands. In addition, it is suitable for all types of food and can therefore be ideally used in the gastronomy and food processing. The Allfood Skin can be worn on both hands and has a rolled cuff. The features of the latex gloves Allfood Skin at a glance: strong, elastic latex, non-sterile easier to put on thanks to powder  good sensitivity due to good fit can be worn on both hands suitable for all kinds of foodstuff

Size charts

To make things easy for you, at Franz Mensch you will find not only the real glove sizes but also the international sizes (XS to XXL.) Your hand circumference determines your glove size. Especially with disposable gloves, it is important that the size is correct and that the glove fits closely to the hand - like a second skin. This is the only way to ensure full freedom of movement and sensitivity.

Bild-TextIn addition, all Franz Mensch glove boxes are marked with these color dots. So you can quickly find the right size.

The right glove plan for your industry

Discover in our store gloves specially certified for food industry, industry, catering and medical fields.
Our glove advisor will help you find the right glove for your industry.

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Glove Lexicon


For easy on / off. Ideal for work, which require frequent change of gloves.


Ideal for work where protection of the product from contamination is important. Good alternative for people for whom powder causes skin irritation.

Can be worn on both sides

Gloves that can be worn on the right and left hand for a better price / performance ratio.

Rolled edge
Increased protection against liquids
Gloves by color system
Use colors selectively to visually separate different hygiene areas and avoid cross combinations. At Franz Mensch you will find disposable gloves in many colors, e.g. blue=production, red=kitchen, green=visitors.
blue disposable gloves
In the food industry, disposable gloves are always blue. The reason: the blue color stands out particularly well against all foodstuffs. There are no blue foods that we know of. Therefore, blue gloves are easily recognized if they ever get into production.
Trend color black
Ideal for industry, workshop and kitchen, especially tear-resistant and grippy, stand out better from light surfaces and working materials. Contrasts more pleasing to the eye and easier to see, more comfort and performance in fine work.
Gloves in different lengths
Sometimes you just need more protection. That's why at Franz Mensch you'll find extra-long gloves for protection beyond the wrist. Disposable gloves up to 30cm in length protect the forearm from splashes. Ideal for work in laboratories, geriatric care, dental or veterinary areas.
Chlorination makes gloves easier to put on and take off. without the need for greater material thickness and without the use of powder. It reduces the risk of allergies with natural latex.
Cotton-based textile fibers inside the glove ensure easier donning / doffing, pleasantly soft contact and very good sweat absorption.
With liner
Made by dipping a knitted or woven textile fabric into the coating material. The backing material "carries" the coating and reinforces the glove.
Without carrier material
Hand forms are dipped directly into the coating material without a carrier material.
Lined gloves have an inner lining of knit or woven material that increases mechanical protection and better regulates perspiration.
Gloves without an inner lining made of a knitted or woven material offer a higher degree of freedom of movement and tactile sensitivity but low mechanical protection.

Gloves from Franz Mensch

Franz Mensch is a glove professional. As a manufacturer and expert for disposable gloves, work gloves and protective gloves, you will find a full range for versatile areas of application here. Whether food production, kitchen, automotive industry, metal processing, high-tech, pharmaceuticals or hospitals, doctors' surgeries and nursing homes: Franz Mensch gloves ensure safe and hygienic work every day.


Disposable gloves, protective gloves and work gloves: 1 supplier for everything

Hands are our most important tool and deserve special protection. There is hardly any activity in which our hands and forearms are not exposed to hazards and stresses at work. It is no wonder that hand injuries top the workplace accident statistics. Every third accident in the workplace results in an injury to the fingers, hand or forearm. Work gloves are regulated in the PPE VO (EU) 2016/425 as well as in the harmonised standard EN ISO 21420

Wearing protective gloves can effectively reduce chemical, mechanical, physical and biological hazards.

Franz Mensch has the right gloves for every application*:

  • Disposable gloves for more hygiene and food work
  • Assembly gloves and work gloves for industry, precision mechanics and trade
  • Coated and nubbed protective gloves for rough work and assembly
  • Cotton gloves and fine industrial gloves for precise work and light protection
  • Cut-resistant gloves and stab-resistant gloves for work with sharp or pointed objects
  • Heat-protective gloves or cold-protective gloves for work in hot or very cold environments
  • Chemical protective gloves for laboratories, industry and cleaning work


Working with food: Hygiene gloves from Franz Mensch

Disposable gloves belong in every hygiene concept. Anyone who wants to work hygienically needs disposable gloves. This is especially true in the commercial production and preparation of food. High hygiene measures are required there (Regulation (EU) 1935/2004, BfR Recommendation XXI. and Regulation (EU) 10/2011). This is mainly due to the division of labour and specialised production processes, the long and multi-stage distribution routes and the large number of people whose health can be threatened if food hygiene fails. Hygienic gloves and consistent hand hygiene are essential. After all, hands are the main carriers of bacteria and germs. Hygienic gloves and disposable gloves are therefore among the most important protective measures. Franz Mensch is one of the leading experts when it comes to disposable gloves. Always look for the glass fork symbol when working with food. Only gloves with this symbol are food-safe and approved for direct contact with food.


Gloves for medical purposes

After hygienic hand disinfection, medical examination gloves are among the most important measures for infection control in clinics, nursing homes and practices. Medical gloves have to fulfil different requirements:

  • Protection against cleaning agents and disinfectants
  • Protection from laboratory chemicals
  • Protection against hazardous substances

In the medical field, gloves reduce the spread of infections. Infection chains caused by blood-borne diseases or smear infections are stopped in this way.

Medical examination gloves by Franz Mensch (Medical Devices Regulation (EU) 2017/745) for example:


Work gloves and assembly gloves for industry

The CE marking shows you that the gloves, as personal protective equipment (PPE), comply with the tested safety requirements and the European standards and legal regulations in terms of their design, material and workmanship. CE Cat. I protective clothing for minimal risks, CE Cat. II protective clothing for medium risks, CE Cat. III protective clothing for high risks. The latter are - when tested according to the specifications of EN 374 - suitable for handling disinfectants and cleaning agents as well as many chemicals.


Innovative and affordable work gloves

Franz Mensch is always developing innovative solutions to offer you high-quality and affordable work gloves. Professional quality at a super price! Find out about the different glove models and browse the Franz Mensch online shop. Search and find your perfect work gloves.


*Please refer to the respective product information for the exact area of application as well as the claim of the gloves.