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Mattress covers & bed covers

Hygienic patient bed: Water-repellent mattress protectors protect against soiling. Transparent bed covers keep the ready-made bed clean - equip your facility with these useful aids.

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Mattress covers | PP
Mattress covers made of PP by Hygostar The PP mattress covers have been developed for hygienic single use. They are made of a soft fleece and are pleasantly breathable. Protective covers made of PP are often used in the medical sector for patient beds. The integrated elastic band at the corners holds the mattress protector in place and prevents it from slipping.   Advantages of mattress covers made of PP at a glance: mattress protector made of PP soft and breathable elasticated corners for a firm hold moisture-repellent, latex-free
Mattress covers | CPE
Mattress covers made of CPE by Hygostar The mattress cover is made of blue chlorinated polyethylene (CPE). CPE is waterproof and very hygienic. The smooth surface can be wiped clean if necessary. The CPE mattress protector reliably protects the bed underneath from moisture, humidity and dirt. Thanks to the all-round elasticated band, it holds very well and stays firmly in place on the mattress. The mattress protector is also suitable for people with latex allergies.   Advantages of mattress covers made of CPE at a glance: reliable mattress cover made of CPE waterproof, protects beds from moisture and dirt washable with all-round elasticated band for a firm fit suitable for latex allergy sufferers
Bed covers, roll | HDPE
Bed covers, roll, made of HDPE by Hygostar The bed covers are rolled up for particularly quick and easy removal. They are ideal as hygienic protective covers for pre-cleaned beds in nursing homes or hospitals. This keeps freshly made beds clean and ready for the next patient. The HDPE covers are water-repellent and leak-proof. They protect the bed from dust, moisture and dirt. In addition, HDPE is a very favourable film and very economical thanks to the material thickness of only approx. 10 my.   Advantages of HDPE bed covers on a roll at a glance: cover for pre-cleaned beds made of HDPE film, approx. 10 my particularly practical and time-saving, as on a roll 200 pieces per roll very economical protects against moisture, dust and dirt
Mattress covers | SMS
Mattress covers made of SMS by Hygostar The protective cover for mattresses is made of so-called SMS material. SMS is 3-layer and consists of two layers of PP with a middle layer of meltblown. SMS is particularly breathable and moisture-proof at the same time. Mattress protectors made from SMS are therefore very comfortable and reliably protect the bed from moisture and dirt. The integrated elastic band stretches the cover tightly onto the mattress and ensures a secure hold. Mattress protectors made from SMS are ideal for use in the medical sector.   Advantages of mattress covers made of SMS at a glance: reliable cover made from SMS protects the mattress from dirt and moisture moisture-proof exceptionally breathable thanks to the micropore structure very pleasant and comfortable latex-free elastic very hygienic as it is wipeable

Mattress covers & bed covers

Franz Mensch, your reliable partner for hygiene products and patient care in the medical sector. Whether incontinence pads, mattress protectors or hygienic bed covers: Franz Mensch supplies you with everything from a single source so that you can bundle your purchases and save money.


Overview: These products keep patient beds hygienically clean

  • Water-repellent mattress protectors offer efficient protection against soiling and liquids. They are ideal for use in medical facilities to ensure hygiene when caring for incontinent patients.
  • Buy practical patient underlay at a favourable price: In addition to our mattress protectors, we also offer special incontinence underpads that provide additional protection. They are particularly absorbent and ensure that moisture is quickly absorbed and safely trapped. This keeps the mattress dry and hygienic.
  • Transparent bed covers for cleanliness: Our bed covers are a simple and efficient solution to protect your freshly made beds from dust and dirt. They are easy to use and help maintain cleanliness in your facility.


Your benefits at a glance:

  • Optimum protection against soiling and liquids
  • Special solutions for the care of incontinent patients
  • Easy handling and high efficiency in everyday life
  • Versatile application options in various sectors
  • Favourable manufacturer prices and cost-effective products

At Franz Mensch, your needs take centre stage. Our mattress protectors and bed covers offer you the safety and hygiene you need for your home.


Materials: what reliable bed protection is made of

Mattress protectors are made from materials such as CPE (chlorinated polyethylene), SMS (spunbond meltblown spunbond) and PP (polypropylene). Each of these materials offers specific advantages:


Mattress protectors made from CPE (Chlorinated Polyethylene):

  • Water-repellent: CPE is water-repellent and reliably protects the mattress from liquids.
  • Hard-wearing: CPE is robust and hard-wearing and can withstand daily wear and tear very well.


Mattress protector made from SMS (Spunbond Meltblown Spunbond):

  • Breathable: SMS is breathable, which increases comfort during use.
  • Soft and comfortable: SMS feels pleasant against the skin, which is important for patients who have to spend long periods of time in bed.


Mattress cover made of PP (polypropylene):

  • Lightweight and air-permeable: Polypropylene is a lightweight material that allows good air circulation and therefore increases comfort.
  • Compatible: PP is skin-friendly and therefore suitable for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

The choice of material depends on the specific requirements of the user, such as the need for a high level of protection against moisture.

Order now and take your facility to a new level of hygiene and cleanliness!