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Discover vacuum bags from Franz Mensch here to present your food hygienically and attractively. Choose sealed edge bags or tubular bags in different sizes. The vacuum bags fit all standard vacuum chamber machines.

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Tubular bag | PA/PE
Tubular bag made of PA/PE from Hygostar The tubular bag is made of a sturdy PA/PE film and is therefore particularly puncture and tear resistant. Due to the three closed sides, only one weld seam is necessary, which strengthens the stability and makes the entire volume of the bag fully usable. It is particularly cuddly and fits like a second skin to ensure an attractive presentation. The tubular bag is also very hygienic, as the inside of the bag does not need to be touched and at the same time preserves the aroma of the contents. The versatile tubular bag is thus ideal for vacuum packaging fresh foods such as cheese pieces, fresh meat, sausage, fish, snacks or soups, or can be used at the point of sale and in sales counters. It also fits all commercially available vacuum chamber machines. Features of the Tubular bag at a glance: made of sturdy PA/PE film, thus puncture and tear resistant fewer welded seams provide more stability and a space advantage protects the contents from loss of aroma very hygienic, as the inside does not have to be touched suitable for all common vacuum chamber machines like an invisible second skin for an attractive presentation for vacuuming fresh food