Burn wound care

Good burn care is what makes your first aid kit complete. At Franz Mensch you will find gel compresses, burn sprays and burn gels. They provide first aid for burns, scalds and sunburns. The products for burn wound care cool immediately and relieve pain.

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Instant cold compress
Instant cold compress The instant cold compress can be activated at any time by pressing it firmly. The cold compress develops its cooling effect within seconds and is immediately ready for use in an emergency. This is a disposable cold compress for one-time use. The instant cold compress is small and particularly handy, so it can be flexibly taken anywhere and fits in any pocket. Properties of instant cold compress at a glance: for self-activation uncomplicated use, can be used immediately long cooling instructions on the compress handy format, easy to take along for external use only
Burn kit Burnaid, 23-parts
Burn kit Burnaid, 23-parts The Burnaid burn kit offers a comprehensive 23-piece kit for initial care of burns, scalds and sunburns. The case comes in an easily recognizable red-orange signal colour and can be attached to the wall. The hydrogel products included have a cooling effect, helping to relieve pain quickly. The Burnaid case is thus the ideal solution for an easily accessible first aid kit for burns. The Burn kit Burnaid contains: 4x Burnaid gel compress (1x 20x20 cm, 3x 10x10 cm) 6x Burnaid gel sachets 3.5 g 1x spraybottle (50 ml) 2x elastic fixation bandage (4 m x 6 cm) 20 pcs. of waterproof plasters 4x bandage clamps 1x pouch with 5 pcs. blue fingerbobs 2 pairs of gloves 1x first-aid scissors metal 1x rescue blanket gold/silver  (210x160 cm) The features of the Burn kit Burnaid, 23-parts at a glance: comprehensive, well-coordinated first aid kit for burn wounds in handy plastic case in red-orange signal colour possibility of mounting on the wall quick effect and pain relief
Burn dressing Burnaid, face mask
Burn dressing Burnaid, face mask Burnaid gel compress as a face mask is specially designed for use on the face and can be applied immediately in case of minor burns. The cooling gel immediately relieves the pain and reliably prevents sticking to the wound. The shape of the gel compress is adapted to the parts of the face, especially for eyes and nose, and in addition, the Burnaid gel mask covers ears, chin and neck. The face mask is also sterile and thus prevents wounds from becoming contaminated and thus inflamed.  The Burnaid face mask is particularly suitable for quick treatment of minor burns. It is used for the rapid treatment of burn wounds in environments with an increased risk of burns, such as stabbing flames in the catering industry. The features of the burn dressing Burnaid, face mask at a glance: with hydrogel for cooling and fast pain relief sterile gel compress, avoids contamination non-adherent, thus prevents sticking to the wound adapted to the shape of the face and additionally covers ears, chin and neck water soluble and easy to rinse off
Burn gel Burnaid, sachet, 3,5gr.
Burn gel Burnaid in sachet, 3,5gr. Burnaid burn gel is packaged in convenient sachets and thanks to its compact size is suitable for travel. Burnaid gel is intended for the first external treatment of burns, scalds as well as sunburns. It cools immediately and relieves pain. The practical packaging in a single sachet makes Burnaid burn gel perfect for quick and professional burn wound care. The features of the Burn gel Burnaid, sachet at a glance: for burns, sunburns and scalds immediate cooling effect and pain relief practical portion size in sachet to take along suitable for the first external treatment
Burn dressing Burnaid
Burn dressing Burnaid The Burn dressing Burnaid is soaked in hydrogel and is used for the initial treatment of minor burns. In doing so, it immediately relieves pain by releasing cold. Thanks to its sterile property, the compress helps prevent contamination by keeping wounds clean. Thanks to its optimal size, it is quickly at hand in an emergency. The features of the Burn dressing Burnaid at a glance: cooling effect on burns for pain relief sterile: prevents contamination quickly at hand due to ideal size especially suitable for light and minor burns
Burn gel spray Burnaid, 50ml
Burn gel spray Burnaid, 50ml The burn gel spray Burnaid comes in a convenient 50 ml bottle and contains a hydrogel that can be precisely sprayed on the burns. Due to the easy application, the burn wound is cooled quickly and long-lasting and thus the pain is relieved. The pump spray Burnaid has above all the advantage that it distributes the active ingredient evenly on the skin without having to touch the wound with the hands. Especially for minor burns of the skin, such as sunburns, the burn spray can be ideally used for initial treatment. Features of the burn gel spray Burnaid, 50ml at a glance: gel spray for effective and precise initial treatment fast analgesic and cooling sterile, contact-free application possible due to spray head even distribution of the active ingredient possible ideal for small and light burns (e.g. sunburn)
Plum QuickCool, burn gel
Plum QuickCool, burn gel Pain-relieving gel for first aid in case of smaller burns and scalds. With cooling and pain-relieving effect. Contains tea tree oil. For refilling the QuickSafe Box and for individual application.

Burn wound care - For effective and fast treatment of burn wounds

Burns, scalds as well as burn wounds cause severe pain to those affected, which must be relieved and treated immediately. Especially in everyday work, many employees who have to work with high temperatures or boiling and hot equipment are exposed to such a danger. To prevent deeper damage to the skin and its tissues, rapid initial treatment with effective cooling and pain relief is particularly important.

Franz Mensch offers numerous products that effectively cool burn wounds and relieve pain. At the same time, these counteract scarring.