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Company headquarters

Logistics power: Franz Mensch in Buchloe, Allgäu
Thanks to the logistics complex on 14,000 m2 with 16 truck docking stations and a fully automated high-bay warehouse, Franz Mensch delivers more reliably and quickly than almost anyone else in the industry. The high availability of goods of 99 % is a top value and allows our customers maximum planning security.

Außenansicht des Firmengebäudes der Firma Franz Mensch

Gigantic dimensions: The Franz Mensch logistics centre

Take advantage of our state-of-the-art warehouse

Creation of our logistics center

Das Firmengebäude der Franz Mensch GmbH

Construction of the high bay warehouse 2017

In September 2017, Franz Mensch moves to Buchloe. With a height of 25 metres, the high-bay warehouse is visible from afar. Experience here in the video how the ultra-modern company headquarters came into being.

Our high bay warehouse:

  • 44.000 pallet bays
  • Height: 25m
  • Area: 5.600qm²

Promotion and support
We received support from the Free State of Bavaria
and the European Union.

Construction of the 2022 pandemic camp:
Iron reserve of masks and protective clothing

Franz Mensch's pandemic warehouse has been in operation since April 2022. The semi-automatic high-bay warehouse with a height of over 20 meters holds important protective clothing for times of crisis. The aim is to have an immediately available reserve so that bottlenecks do not arise in the first place when the demand for masks and the like explodes due to the crisis.

Whether it's Corona, Ebola, Sars or avian flu, the aim is to avoid an emergency like the one in spring 2020, when masks were completely sold out. Among other things, the pandemic stockpile will hold an iron reserve of about 20 to 30 million mouth masks. In a rolling system, the goods will be sold out regularly and always replenished with current goods.

Our pandemic warehouse:

  • 20.000 pallet spaces
  • Height: 20m
  • Area: 3.100m²
  • Investement of around 7 million euros

Der Firmengebäude der Franz Mensch GmbH

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