Latex gloves

Disposable latex gloves are extremely elastic and fit your hands exactly - like a second skin. Ideal for precise work that requires dexterity. Latex is a natural raw material obtained from rubber trees. Discover the latex gloves here powder-free or powdered as well as in sizes XS to XL. 

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Latex gloves Grip | powder-free
Latex gloves Grip, powder-free by Hygostar The powder-free latex glove Grip is made of a strong latex and extra grippy thanks to its textured surface. The durable latex glove keeps the hands of its wearer safe from solvents and chemicals. The Grip glove is designed with a great fit and therefore convinces with its great tactile sensitivity. In addition, the disposable glove has a rolled cuff that catches run-off drops when the hands are raised. The features of the latex gloves Grip at a glance: strong latex, powder-free, non-sterile especially good grip thanks to textured surface resistant to solvents and chemicals elastic, good fit for good tactile sensation with rolled cuff ambidextrous fit
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Latex gloves Grip Light | powder-free
Latex gloves Grip Light, powder-free by Hygonorm The disposable gloves Grip Light are the top sellers among latex gloves. If you are looking for a tight-fitting, comfortable disposable glove with plenty of tactility, then the latex glove Grip Light is the right choice for you. As the name "Light" suggests, the disposable gloves are made of a lighter latex material. In simpler terms this means: lighter material, lower price but with the same protective effect and wearing comfort. Thanks to this innovative combination, Grip Light gloves have been among Franz Mensch's most popular disposable gloves for over 15 years. With the powder-free latex gloves Grip Light you buy very reliable hygiene gloves. They are ideal as a barrier against germs and contamination. The disposable gloves are food safe and therefore approved for use in food processing plants without any restrictions. With the textured surface, the Grip Light disposable gloves are very grippy and allow, even with small objects, a safe grip. The disposable gloves are ambidextrous and can be worn on either the left or right hand. The latex gloves Grip Light are versatile and are often used in food processing, gastronomy, laboratory, industry, pharmacy as well as medical purposes. The features of the latex gloves Grip Light at a glance: light latex, favorable prices elastic and tight fit powder-free, no contamination of samples or foods secure grip thanks to textured surface precise working possible very good tactile sensitivity with rolled cuff wearable on the left or right hand non-sterile How skin-friendly are the latex gloves from Franz Mensch? In order to offer you a high quality standard, Franz Mensch pays special attention to keeping the protein content of latex gloves as low as possible. Only high-quality machines are used in production, which thoroughly wash out the latex proteins.  Basically, the proteins in latex gloves can be the trigger for allergic reactions and lead to skin irritations. Therefore, people who are allergic or sensitive to latex should switch to latex-free disposable gloves. Franz Mensch offers a wide range of alternative disposable gloves in these cases - we recommend nitrile gloves or vinyl gloves.
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Latex gloves Diablo | powder-free
Latex gloves Diablo, powder-free by Hygostar Diablo black latex gloves are among the best-selling disposable gloves in the industries of catering, events, catering, street food, as well as in hair salons and tattoo studios. Hygiene combined with a cool look. The special feature: Unlike other gloves, the latex gloves Diablo are really black. Therefore, they look very classy and fit perfectly with a modern style - ideal in combination with other black hygiene clothing such as aprons or headgear. Black disposable latex gloves stand out better against light backgrounds and work materials than white gloves. Especially in hygiene areas, working environments are usually very bright. With colored or black disposable gloves, the contrasts are much more pleasing to the eye. Your advantage: you work more comfortably, more relaxed and more efficiently - especially for fine work that requires a lot of concentration. Diablo gloves are powder-free and made of heavy, high-quality latex. As latex gloves, they are very elastic, fit snugly and provide the wearer with optimal sensitivity. Thanks to the textured surface, the black latex gloves have a good grip and are suitable for fine work. In addition, they have a rolled edge that intercepts run-off drops when the hands are raised. The features of the latex gloves Diablo at a glance: strong, high quality latex, powder-free, non-sterile in modern black pleasant contrast for the eyes for concentrated work grippy due to textured surface precise fit and elastic, like a second skin very sensitive, first-class tactile sensitivity can be worn with both hands Completely Black: Gloves, chef hats, aprons and more For a particularly elegant and modern appearance: Equip your employees with black hygiene clothing. At Franz Mensch, you'll find black disposable gloves made of latex or nitrile, black chef's hats, aprons and more.
intense black
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Latex gloves Skin | powdered
Latex gloves Skin, powdered by Hygostar The latex glove Skin is made of a strong latex material and is lightly powdered. Thanks to the powder, this allows easier donning even with wet hands. The glove is elastic and has a great fit. This gives the wearer a good tactile sensitivity. With its rolled cuff, it catches run-off drops when the hands are raised. The latex glove is also durable and very tight, making it resistant to biological dangers. Therefore, the Skin glove is particularly suitable for food processing, gastronomy, laboratory, industry and pharmacy. The features of the latex gloves Skin at a glance: strong latex, non-sterile, elastic good sensation thanks to great fit very tight for resistance to biological dangers powdered for faster donning, even with wet hands fit ambidextrous, with rolled cuff
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Latex gloves Skin Light | powdered
Latex gloves Skin Light, powdered by Hygonorm The Skin Light is a very light and powdered latex glove. The powder allows the wearer to put on gloves more easily even with wet hands compared to powder-free gloves. It has a rolled cuff, which catches the run-off drops when the hands are raised. The glove is elastic, which is why it adapts to every movement of the hands. Due to the very good fit, the disposable glove thus offers an excellent tactile sensitivity for precise work. This makes the Skin Light ideal for use in the food processing and gastronomy, in cosmetics and in medical areas. The features of the latex gloves Skin Light at a glance: very light, non-sterile, elastic latex very good tactile sensitivity for precise work excellent fit and smooth surface powdered for easier donning with wet hands fits ambidextrous, with rolled cuff
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Latex gloves Sense | powder-free
Latex gloves Sense, powder-free by Hygostar The powder-free, non-sterile latex glove Sense is made of a particularly strong, double chlorinated latex and proves itself with a low protein content. This makes the Sense particularly low-allergenic and very compatible with the skin. Its textured surface provides an extra secure grip. Likewise, the wearer receives a great tactile sensitivity. Finally, the latex glove Sense also has a rolled cuff, which prevents drops from flowing onto the forearm. The Sense latex glove is especially suitable for nursing and medical purposes. The features of the latex gloves Sense at a glance: extra strong, double chlorinated latex low-allergenic and very skin-friendly due to low protein content  especially good grip due to textured surface good sense of touch with rolled cuff, ambidextrous wearing possible
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Latex gloves Soft Blue | powder-free
Latex gloves Soft Blue, powder-free by Hygostar The latex glove Soft Blue is made of a heavy latex and is non-sterile and powder-free. On the one hand, its textured surface provides grip, but on the other hand, the rolled edge and the extra soft texture of the glove also provides a good sensitivity and adapts very well to the individual hand shape. In addition, it is suitable for both right- and left-handed. The blue colour of the latex glove Soft Blue contrasts with food, which makes it particularly suitable for use in the food industry. The fetaures of the latex gloves Soft Blue at a glance: heavy latex, non-sterile and powder-free blue colour offers contrast to food secure grip thanks to textured surface especially soft, therefore very good fit as well as good sensitivity with rolled edge ambidextrous fit
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Latex gloves Med Grip | powder-free
Latex gloves Med Grip, powder-free by Hygostar The latex Med Grip glove is powder free and made of an extra strong latex material. It serves as a barrier against chemicals and also wards off biological dangers. The surface of the glove is textured and thus particularly grippy. Furthermore, the Med Grip provides its wearer with good tactile sensitivity. The rolled cuff prevents skin contact with rolling drops. As a further extra, a hygienic protective film is incorporated at the opening of the dispenser box. The features of the latex gloves Med Grip at a glance: made of extra stong latex, powder-free, non-sterile barrier against chemicals and biological dangers secure grip thanks to textured surface good tactile sensitivity, ambidextrous fit with rolled cuff to catch run-off drops integrated hygienic protection foil at the opening
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Latex gloves Allfood Skin | powdered
Latex gloves Allfood Skin, powdered by Hygostar The disposable glove Allfood Skin is made of a strong latex and shows elasticity. The great fit of the glove gives the wearer a great tactile sensitivity. It is powdered, making it easier to put on even with wet hands. In addition, it is suitable for all types of food and can therefore be ideally used in the gastronomy and food processing. The Allfood Skin can be worn on both hands and has a rolled cuff. The features of the latex gloves Allfood Skin at a glance: strong, elastic latex, non-sterile easier to put on thanks to powder  good sensitivity due to good fit can be worn on both hands suitable for all kinds of foodstuff
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Latex finger cots | powder-free
Latex finger cots, powder-free by Hygostar The powder-free latex finger cot covers only one finger of the wearer at a time and is therefore ideal for work where the hand does not need to be fully protected. It is made of a light latex and is grippy thanks to the textured fingertips. By covering only the fingers, it also allows maximum mobility. The latex fingerling is very elastic and at the same time offers a excellent tactile sensitivity. The finger cot can also be put on quickly and easily thanks to the rolled ends. The features of the latex finger cots at a glance: light latex, rolled ends cover one finger at a time for activities where not the whole hand needs protection  grippy due to textured fingertips flexible, elastic very good sense of touch

Latex gloves from Franz Mensch:

Latex gloves are disposable gloves made of latex. Latex is a natural raw material obtained from tropical rubber trees (Hevea brasiliensis). Latex is #1 when it comes to fit and stretch. No other material fits your hand as perfectly as a latex glove. Thanks to its exceptional elasticity, it follows your every movement and provides maximum tactile sensitivity. Latex gloves are food safe and suitable for working with food. Powder-free latex gloves are particularly recommended here, as no powder could contaminate the food.


Advantages of latex gloves

  • excellent fit, like a second skin
  • particularly good tactile sensitivity
  • soft, supple feel
  • chemical resistant
  • food safe


Black latex gloves: the trend color

The black latex gloves Diablo are among the best-selling latex gloves at Franz Mensch. The deep black color is particularly modern and trendy in the areas of cuisine, street food, bars, restaurants, catering, cosmetics, hairdressers, piercing studios or tattoo studios.


Topic latex allergy: Which gloves are compatible?

Unfortunately, the latex proteins contained in latex gloves can cause allergies or skin irritations. At Franz Mensch, we try to keep this protein content as low as possible. Latex gloves from Franz Mensch are comparatively low in allergens. Regular tests show this. The reason: Only high-quality machines are used in production, which thoroughly wash out the proteins. This so-called chlorination (washing out the latex in chlorine liquid) lowers the protein content and thus improves tolerance. The protein content of latex gloves is therefore an important indicator for latex-sensitive users. Many latex gloves from Franz Mensch are subjected to a double chlorination process. This reduces the protein content to below 50 µg per gram of glove (measured by the modified Lowry/HPLC method). Nevertheless, latex allergy sufferers should switch to alternatives such as nitrile gloves.


When are latex gloves the right choice?

Disposable latex gloves are universally applicable. Provided latex allergies are not an issue, powder-free latex gloves can be used in all hygiene areas:

  • Clinic, hospital and all other medical areas, for example the latex gloves Med Grip
  • Nursing homes, homes for the elderly
  • Food production, processing of all kinds of food
  • Industry, precision mechanics, clean room, high-tech production
  • Gastronomy, Kitchen, Hotel, Catering
  • Laboratories
  • Cleaning work


Nitrile vs. latex: Which disposable gloves are better?

Due to latex allergies, there is a strong tendency towards nitrile gloves. Also, compared to latex, nitrile is more resistant to chemicals and overall more resistant to mechanical stress. Nitrile gloves are also very stretchy and fit well. New developments from Franz Mensch such as the Safe Super Stretch nitrile gloves are even more stretchable than latex.


Hygiene with a system: Working cleanly with wall holders and dispensers

Put your money where your mouth is and get a seamless hygiene concept with the disposable gloves and matching dispensers from Franz Mensch. This way, you store the glove boxes hygienically and ensure order, especially in sensitive production areas. All dispensers for latex gloves and other disposable gloves are available here.