The brand Hygoclean stands for highly effective, professional and extremely economical cleaning solutions.
Its products are certifiedand especially suitable for sensitive areas.

Highlight products of the brand Hygoclean

Garbage bags Eco, 30 l | HDPE, roll
Garbage bag Eco 30l made of HDPE on roll from Hygoclean For all light waste: The Eco garbage bags with 30 liters are made of a very light HDPE foil. The film is very stable despite its light material thickness of approx. 6 my. The 30 liter garbage bags are very inexpensive and space-saving on a roll with tear-off perforation. Here in the store you will find a large selection of garbage bags made of HDPE foil in various colors and sizes. Ask for your free product sample and convince yourself of the garbage bags 30 liters made of HDPE foil. Simply inquire at verkauf@franz-mensch.de.  Advantages of the 30 liter HDPE foil garbage bags on roll at a glance made of HDPE foil with light material thickness, approx. 6 my much cheaper than standard garbage bags ideal for light waste on roll, perforated for easy tearing off liquid-tight also available with 5 liters, 18 liters, 20 liters, 60 liters, 65 liters and 120 liters bag dimensions: 500 x 600 mm
Paper towel rolls, 3-ply | cellulose, outside unwinding
Paper towel rolls 3-ply made of cellulose, outside unwinding by Hygoclean The 3-ply paper towel rolls are particularly high quality and absorbent because they are made of 100% cellulose. Cellulose absorbs liquids, as well as oils and greases, very well and traps them. Therefore, you wipe particularly thoroughly and quickly with these paper towel rolls made of pure cellulose. Even a single paper towel dries effectively and reduces consumption compared to cheaper papers. The 3-ply quality is soft, skin-friendly and tear-resistant. The towel rolls with outside unwinding are available in two roll sizes with a length of 110m and are ideal in combination with a matching wall holder. Order hygienic touchless dispensers or Autocut dispensers for paper towels on rolls at the same time. Advantages of the 3-ply cellulose towel rolls from Hygoclean at a glance absorbent and tear-resistant: roll paper towels made of 100% cellulose 3-ply, soft and high quality Thorough drying with only one towel, economical in use embossed surface, bright white Outside unwinding Roll width: 20 cm or 22 cm linear metre: 110 m, not perforated Core diameter: 4 cm roll diameter: 19 cm suitable roll dispenser you will find here: art.-no. 88870: touchless Autocut dispenser art.-no. 88872: Autocut dispenser
Garbage bags with drawstring, 60l | HDPE, roll
Waste bags 60 litres with drawstring, made of HDPE, on roll from Hygoclean The 60 litre waste bags have two decisive advantages: First, they are made of HDPE film and are therefore significantly cheaper than other waste bags made of the standard material LDPE. Since HDPE films can be produced with less thickness, HDPE waste bags are more resource-efficient and simply more economical - with the same tear resistance and stability. Second, the 60 litre waste bags have an integrated black drawstring that allows you to quickly close and transport them. Simply pull out the drawstring and knot it. Buy your 60 litre waste bags on roll here and dispose wastes cleanly and hygienically. Advantages of the HDPE bin liners with drawstring, 60 l at a glance: made of HDPE material, approx. 12 my tight against liquids, very stable and tearproof 60 litres, on roll with perforation for individual tearing off of the bin liners with black drawstring for easy closure on roll, perforated for easy tearing off size of bag: 640 x 710 mm
Hand Protection & Barrier Cream
Handschutz F, fettende Schutz- und Barriercreme - vor und während der Arbeit: fettende und silikonfreie Handschutz- und Barrierecremeideal, wenn Sie häufig mit Einweg-Handschuhen arbeitenbildet Schutzfilm auf der Haut und verringert Hitzestau und Aufweichen der Haut während des Handschuh-Tragenseinfach vor dem Anziehen des Handschuhs auftragen - besonders zwischen den Fingernmit pflegenden Substanzen, die das Verschließen kleiner Wunden fördern (Derma-Test "sehr gut")einfach direkt auf die offenen gewaschenen Hände auftragenEinsatz: vor der Arbeit in Nassbereichen oder vor der Benutzung von Handschuhensehr ergiebig - sparsam im Verbrauch und kostengünstig
Toilet paper, Jumbo, 2-ply | cellulose
Toilet paper Jumbo made of 2-ply cellulose from Hygoclean This toilet paper is particularly high quality, absorbent and stable. It is made of 2-ply cellulose and has an embossed surface. Cellulose is soft, very absorbent and holds liquids in the tissue. As a jumbo roll, the toilet paper is ideal for frequently used toilets, as the large rolls do not need to be changed as often. Jumbo rolls are therefore very economical and time-saving. The high-quality toilet paper is available in two sizes: jumbo roll with 1,000 sheets or extra large roll with 2,115 sheets. Advantages Jumbo 2-ply cellulose toilet paper at a glance: 100 % cellulose pulp, very absorbent 2-ply, wet-strength and soft very economical, fewer replacements necessary bright white colour embossed surface perforated after 18 cm 2 sizes available: running metre 180 m with 1,000 sheets and Ø 20 cm or extra large with running metre 380 m with 2,115 sheets and Ø 26 cm Large roll with cardboard core, core diameter: 8 cm roll width 9 cm matching toilet paper holders for jumbo rolls: stainless steel: art.-no. 88964 plastic: art.-no. 88835, art.-no. 888351
Dish towel semi linen
Das Geschirrtuch Halbleinen wird aus einer Mischung von Leinen und Baumwolle (55% Leinen und 45% Baumwolle) hergestellt. Diese Materialien werden besonders dicht gewebt, wodurch ein hochwertiges Tuch entsteht. Dadurch wird das Geschirrtuch äußerst strapazierfähig und lange haltbar. Es ist außerdem sehr saugstark und waschbar bis 60°C. Verwendung findet das Geschirrtuch aus Halbleinen vor allem in Küchen zur leichten Trocknung des Geschirrs.
Broomstick | Carbon
HACCP articles are ideal for hygiene-sensitive areas in the food industry, in hospitals, old people's homes and in the catering trade. The handle is suitable for all Hygoclean- scrubbing brushes and broom attachments. Material: carbon with hanger very light and pleasant to work with
Paper hand towels, 1-ply | recycled paper, C-fold
Paper hand towel made of recycled paper 1-ply, C-Fold The 1-ply paper hand towels in C-fold are made of 100% recycled paper and are therefore a resource-saving, particularly environmentally friendly option. C-fold paper hand towels generally have a large sheet size (25 x 32 cm) and can also be used when folded. Another advantage of the C-fold is that no tissue remnants stick out and thus all the towels remain complete and clean in the dispenser. Matching folded towel dispensers and wall holders for disposable paper in C-fold are available here in the shop - it's best to order them at the same time. The features of the paper hand towel made of recycled paper at a glance: 100% recycled paper: environmentally friendly and inexpensive 1-ply and available in three colours C-fold, loosely laid on top of each other no tissue remnants sticking out of the dispenser large sheet size with 25 x 32 cm can be used folded or unfolded universal use for all washrooms and sanitary facilities 152 wipes per bundle
Disinfection station | stainless-steel
Disinfection station | stainless-steel by Hygoclean The mobile disinfection station is made of stainless-steel, has a very elegant look and is also easy to clean. It can be perfectly used for supermarkets, shops, waiting rooms and all entrance areas to implement the hygiene measures for visitors, customers and staff. The hygiene station is also space-saving and there is no wall mounting needed. Thanks to its stable base, it can't tipp over and is combinable with the Euro dispensers and disinfectant from Hygoclean! Our hygiene tipp: You can buy the disinfection station togehter with the touchless Euro dispender with sensor technology (Art. 88862) Your advantage: The delivery includes a fastening set for installing disinfection and soap dispensers on the disinfection station. This consists of 4 stainless steel pan head screws M5 x 10 mm + 4 self-locking nuts made of stainless steel M5. Features of the disinfection station made of stainless-steel: can be cleaned easily space-saving approx. 10 kg weight and can't tipp over no wall mounting needed

Your benefits

Especially in the field of industrial hygiene, the effectiveness of the cleaning products has to be reliable. That's why Franz Mensch is focusing on highest efficiency and best quality of its cleaning products. Hygoclean offers you everything you need for professional cleaning. With around 400 products, you will find a comprehensive selection of cleaning solutions at Franz Mensch.

Your big advantage: You only need one supplier for all your needs. Hygiene papers for washing and production rooms, wiping and cleaning cloths, bin liners, brooms, scrubbing brushes and brushes, cleaning agents, hand disinfection and cleaning, dispensers and wall holders.

At Franz Mensch, we are always concerned about the sustainability of our products. Therefore, we also offer environmentally friendly alternatives for waste disposal. In our assortment you will find, among other things, trash bags made of paper or bio-film, which is made from corn starch. The bio garbage bags are biodegradable and still guarantee a high carrying capacity. So even in the area of cleaning can be taken care of the ecological footprint.

Application areas

Hygoclean products offers a wide range of hygiene products, cleaning agents and cleaning accessories for various industries: