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Protective clothing

The large selection of disposable clothing also meets your requirements. Discover a full range of clothing from head to toe here: bonnets, chef's hats, face masks, respirators, aprons, disposable gowns, coveralls, sleeve protectors, overshoes and safety shoes - especially for hygiene and risk areas.

Our topseller in the range of protective clothing

Bouffant caps Bettina Light | PP
Bouffant caps Bettina Light made of PP from Hygonorm Bouffant caps are very hygienic disposable head coverings that are worn in many ways in sensitive hygiene areas. These include kitchens, food production, industry, operating theatres, hospitals and nursing homes. Bettina Light bouffant caps have been on the market for over 20 years, have proven themselves a million times over and are among the most popular PP caps. The PP bouffant caps are the ideal combination of an attractive manufacturer's price and reliable material quality. They are made of an air-permeable, lightweight PP fleece and are comfortable to wear. Lightweight PP bouffant caps are hardly noticeable when worn and are therefore comfortable even during longer periods of use. The latex-free elastic band is extremely elastic, so that even long hair or a ponytail can easily fit underneath. The bouffant caps are suitable for both staff and visitors in hygiene areas and are ideal for high demand or when bonnets need to be changed frequently. Bouffant caps made of lightweight non-woven material are particularly recommended in hospital and care areas (protection against foreign bodies) as well as in kitchens and the food industry. In addition, the bouffant caps are approved for contact with food of all kinds and prevent contamination. They reliably cover the head and thus retain dander and hair for hygienic working. Large selection: Colours, diameters, packaging The Bettina bouffant caps made of PP are available in 5 colours and three different diameters for different head sizes. The bouffant caps are packed either in a dispenser box or in a hygienic PE bag. This way you will find exactly the bouffant cap that fits your needs. Matching dispensers and wall holders for disposable beret caps: art.-no. 8893: Stainless steel dispenser for bonnets art.-no. 8895: Acrylic multidispenser art.-no. 88939: Stainless steel multidispenser with viewing window Advantages of the Bettina Light bouffant cap at a glance: Top seller: most popular beret caps at Franz Mensch attractive price, because of light PP-materiald air-permeable fleece with high wearing comfort latex-free elastic band suitable for contact with food protection against minor superficial mechanical risks for external protection to prevent contamination in the care area wide choice: different diameters, colours, dispenser box or bag universally applicable for all hygiene areas for staff as well as visitors Hygiene with colour system: 1 colour = 1 area Coloured disposable clothing and work utensils are ideal for identifying different hygiene areas. Establish a hygiene colour system in your business and easily avoid cross-contamination. Here's how: Define a colour for each hygiene area, e.g. red = visitor, blue = employee, yellow = cleaner. Equip your establishment with coloured disposable clothing so that different areas are immediately and visually clearly recognisable. For the identification of cleaning utensils (e.g. wipes), the DGfdB suggests the following colours: Red = WC bowls, urinals and tiles in the directly adjacent area Yellow = remaining sanitary area and sanitary facilities Blue = remaining equipment and furnishings Green = use in the kitchen area. TIP: Use fresh disposables each time to reduce the risk of germ transmission within an area.     At Franz Mensch you will find a complete range for your hygiene ink system. PE-disposable aprons on roll (art.-no. 23170) Nitrile gloves Safe Light (art.-no. 27059) Oversleeves Light PE (art.-no. 28209) Overshoes CPE (art.-no. 28500)
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Mob caps Light | PP
Mob caps Light made of PP by Hygonorm PP clip-on bonnets are standard when it comes to hygienic disposable clothing. The PP disposable bonnets can be used universally in all hygiene areas. Buy your clip-on bonnets directly from the manufacturer Franz Mensch and benefit from very favourable prices here. Another advantage: Franz Mensch bonnets are solid, practical and have proven themselves on the market for almost 30 years. Nothing presses here, nothing tears here - ideal for professional areas where bonnets are used every day. Clip-on bonnets Light are especially often worn as hygienic headgear in the food industry or in industry. Disposable bonnets made of PP reliably cover the head and hair and thus prevent contamination. The clip-on bonnets are suitable for both employees and visitors in hygiene-sensitive areas. The clip-on bonnets Light are made of air-permeable, lightweight PP fleece. Even when worn for a long time or frequently, the scalp can breathe and the bonnet feels pleasantly light. In the Light version, the bonnets are machine-made and therefore very attractively priced - ideal for a high demand or if the bonnets are changed frequently. Features of the mob caps at a glance: most popular disposable bonnet at Franz Mensch Top seller inexpensive and machine-made made of light PP fleece, air-permeable comfortable to wear food safe latex-free elastic band protection against minor superficial mechanical risks wide range of colours, sizes and types of packaging dispenser box or pouch ideal for staff and visitors in hygienic areas Simply more: clip-on bonnets in many colours, sizes and packagings As a manufacturer with decades of experience, Franz Mensch offers you more than just two or three variants. With the clip-on bonnet Light, you have the choice between 10 colours, 3 different diameters and 2 packaging variants (bag or dispenser box). Blue, white, red, yellow: clip-on bonnets with colour system Coloured clip-on bonnets are ideal for identifying different hygiene areas within a colour system (e.g. red = visitor, blue = staff member, yellow = cleaner). Use coloured disposable clothing specifically to easily avoid cross-contamination. At Franz Mensch you will find a complete range for your hygiene colour system. PE-disposable aprons on roll (art.-no. 23170) Nitrile gloves Safe Light (art.-no. 27059) Oversleeves Light PE (art.-no. 28209) Overshoes CPE (art.-no. 28500)
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Overshoes for Hygomat | CPE
Overshoes for Hygomat made of CPE from Hygostar Thanks to the strong and robust CPE material, these disposable overshoes can withstand mechanical stress very well. CPE is a very durable, waterproof and yet inexpensive material. Overshoes made of CPE are ideal for visitors and employees in industry or large food production facilities. They keep contaminants out and prevent the spread of germs in sensitive hygiene areas. The CPE overshoes are particularly time-saving and efficient when used together with the Hygomat overshoe dispenser. The Hygomat makes putting on the overshoes 4x faster, more comfortable and more hygienic, because the overshoes do not have to be touched with the hands. The right Hygomat overshoe dispensers art.-no. 88810: Hygomat Classic - small dispenser for 110 overshoes art.-no. 88811: Hygomat Comfort - with handle and capacity of 220 overshoes art.-no. 88813: Hygomat Cleanroom - with handle and extra hygienic stainless steel housing Advantages of the overshoes for Hygomat made of CPE at a glance: very durable, high quality and food safe from cast polyethylene water repellent, protect against prolonged contact with water protect against weakly aggressive cleaning agents Original Hygomat overshoes: suitable for all Hygomat overshoe machines
Respirators FFP2 NR, vertically foldable, ear loops | PP
Respirators FFP2 NR with ear loops The respirators are made of high-quality PP fleece and are folded vertically. The wearing method with the ear loops is particularly practical if the mask is frequently put on and taken off in everyday life. In addition, folding masks with ear loops are cheaper than overhead straps or pre-formed protective masks. The FFP2 NR respirators come with an S-hook that allows an alternative way of wearing them. Simply close the loops at the back of the head with the hook. This relieves the strain on your ears and makes the mask noticeably more comfortable even when worn for long periods. The FFP2 masks are ideal for medicine, laboratory, nursing, hospital as protective equipment, industry, food industry and hygiene-sensitive areas. They reliably protect against solid and liquid harmful dusts, smoke and aerosols. Features of the respirators FFP2 NR with ear loops at a glance:  folding mask, folded vertically practical ear loops, more favourable than headbands high quality PP fleece flexible noseband for a tight fit reduces the absorption and transmission of infectious agents individually packed
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Beard cover | PP
Beard cover made of PP by Hygostar This beard cover is made of high quality, air-permeable PP fleece. The material is pleasantly light and soft. A beard cover is an important addition to the hygiene clothing and is usually worn in combination with a hood. It is elastic and covers even long beards very well. For even more hygiene, the elastic beard cover can also be pulled over the nose. This reliably prevents beard hairs from contaminating your product or food. The fleece beard cover is for single use and therefore very hygienic. At the same time, it offers your employees a high level of wearing comfort, because the latex-free elastic is worn over the head. In this way, nothing presses behind the ears and the beard cover is comfortable to wear for a long time.  A beard cover made of PP fleece is often worn in very hygiene-sensitive areas. These include, for example, food industry, kitchens, industry, chemical or pharmaceutical. Tip: Detectable beard cover Detectable beard covers are available especially for the food industry and production facilities with strict hygiene requirements. This beard cover is made of PP fleece and additionally equipped with a detector strip. It is therefore detectable by the detector machines if it ever gets into the production. Find out more about detectable beard covers here. Matching dispensers for beard cover: Art.-Nr. 8895: Multi-Dispenser made of Acryl Art.-Nr. 88950: Double dispenser for disposable clothing "Double" made of Acryl Art.-Nr. 88939: Multi-Dispenser made of stainless steel Features of the beard cover made of PP at a glance: high-quality PP fleece, air-permeable and lightweight high wearing comfort covers also long beards food safe latex-free elastic bands head elastic, no pressing behind the ears very elastic, can be additionally pulled over the nose protection against minor mechanical risks
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Overshoes | PP/CPE
Overshoes made of PP with CPE sole by Hygostar Water-repellent sole and air-permeable upper: These overshoes provide lightweight protection from liquids while allowing feet to breathe. They are made of PP fleece, making them lightweight and comfortable to wear. The sole is made of CPE - durable and water- repellent. The overshoes keep dirt and contaminants out of sensitive hygiene areas. They are therefore ideal for care, industry and food areas. Features of the overshoes with CPE sole at a glance: made of soft PP fleece air-permeable upper for more wearing comfort water-repellent, robust sole made of CPE suitable for contact with food protection against low superficial mechanical risks
Overshoes | CPE
Overshoes from CPE from Hygostar Wearing overshoes is one of the most important measures against contamination in sensitive manufacturing and medical areas. With hygienic disposable overshoes, loose dust, dirt, germs and infections stay outside and cannot spread further. Hygostar's CPE overshoes are among the most popular in the Franz Mensch range. The overshoes are made of durable CPE material (cast polyethylene) and withstand mechanical stress very well. The material is dense like PE, slightly cheaper and has a hammered structure. In addition, overshoes made of CPE are water repellent and protect your shoes from liquid splashes and moisture. The disposable overshoes fit universally and are simply worn over street or professional shoes. They are suitable for both visitors and your staff and ideal for hygiene areas in care, industry or food production. Hygiene with color system: overshoes in blue, white, yellow and much more   Buy your overshoes directly from the manufacturer Franz Mensch and benefit from a really wide range of variants, sizes and colors. The CPE overshoes are available in 5 colors and can be used as part of a hygiene color system. Because with colored disposable clothing you separate different work areas and avoid cross contamination: 1 color = area.   PE-disposable aprons on roll (art.-no. 23170) Nitrile gloves Safe Light (art.-no. 27059) Oversleeves Light PE (art.-no. 28209)     Matching dispensers and wall holders for overshoes: art.-no. 8895: Acrylic multidispenser, transparent art.-no. 88939: Stainless steel multidispenser with viewing window art.-no. 88950: Acrylic double dispenser, transparent Advantages of the overshoes made of CPE at a glance: strong cast polyethylene (CPE) Very durable food safe One size fits all thanks to elastic waistband protects against minor superficial mechanical risks in 5 colors: ideal when using a hygiene color system for visual identification of different work areas favorable manufacturer prices Overshoes put on 4x faster: Overshoe machines for professionals Admittedly: Putting on overshoes can be a nuisance. But with a suitable overshoe machine you save yourself a lot of time and it's more hygienic too. You can find the whole range of overshoe machines and the matching overshoes here.
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Disposable aprons approx. 60 my | LDPE
Disposable aprons approx. 60 my made of LDPE from Hygostar The disposable aprons are made of high quality LDPE with a thickness of about 60 my. The material is strong and makes the PE bib aprons hard-wearing and durable. In addition, these aprons are very comfortable and do not rustle unpleasantly when walking. The surface is hygienically smooth and water repellent. The disposable PE aprons are approved for direct contact with food and are ideal as hygienic clothing in food areas, in industry but also in catering and kitchens. The LDPE aprons are supplied as a block of 25. This means that 25 aprons are always combined as a block and each apron can be torn individually at the perforation. Blocked aprons are thus particularly easy and quick to remove: Tear off and put on. Blocked aprons that hang on the wall are even more hygienic and space-saving. Simply hang them from the perforation at the top of the matching dispenser holder. This way, your employees can remove the aprons with a flick of the wrist. Suitable dispenser for blocked disposable aprons: Stainless steel dispenser for blocked PE aprons (Art. - No. 88936) Advantages of the disposable aprons approx. 60 my made of LDPE at a glance: high quality LDPE with a thickness of approx. 60 my smooth surface, very hygienic water repellent, durable blocked, quickly accessible at any time - best to order matching wall holder in addition to close in the back with tie band easy to put on and take off pleasantly soft, no rustling sound when walking Protection against minor superficial mechanical risks and against prolonged contact with water What are the types of disposable aprons? Disposable aprons are available in different materials, thicknesses and sizes. Read here for an overview of the types of disposable aprons available from Franz Mensch.
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Oversleeves Light | PE
Oversleeves Light made of PE from Hygonorm Oversleeves Light are made of medium strength PE and therefore a very cheap alternative to strong protective sleeves. They are water repellent and protect your forearms from moisture and dirt. At the same time, they ensure a high level of hygiene and protect sensitive products from contamination. The disposable sleeves are ideal for preparatory, sorting and rinsing work in hygiene-sensitive areas. The PE sleeves fit very well thanks to the elastic at the top and bottom and can be combined as desired with other hygiene clothing such as aprons or gowns. PE sleeve protectors are worn particularly frequently in the food industry. They specifically cover the forearm and save a lot of time in everyday work. This is because disposable sleeve protectors can be put on and taken off at short notice, and after use only the used sleeves need to be changed and not the entire body protection. Hygiene with colour system: sleeve protectors in blue, yellow, white, green and more   Sleeve protectors in different colours are ideal for color coding in your company. Each colour identifies a hygiene area: 1 area = 1 colour. This way you visually separate different work areas or distinguish employees from visitors. With a hygiene colour system, you effectively avoid cross-contamination.           Advantages of the sleeve protectors Light made of PE at a glance: water repellent polyethylene protects the forearms from moisture and dirt Protection against minor superficial mechanical risks with latex free elastic bands on top and bottom suitable for contact with food in 6 different colors, for visual differentiation of hygiene areas smooth surface favorable manufacturer prices Matching dispensers and wall holders for sleeve protectors: Art.-No. 8895: Acrylic multidispenser, transparent Art.-No. 88939: Stainless steel multidispenser with viewing window Art.-No. 88950: Acrylic double dispenser, transparent
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Face masks type II, 3-ply | PP
Face masks type II, 3-ply made of PP from Hygostar This medical mask meets the "Type II" standard. This means it is suitable for medical use and approved for use as third-party protection in hospital and nursing - also as a surgical mask. The Type II mouthguard has been proven to protect against droplet infections. The mask is 3-layered and achieves an excellent filtering performance of 98% BFE thanks to the integrated filter layer. The disposable masks have ear loops and an adjustable nose clip. Important: Press the nose clip firmly when tightening so that the mask sits as close to the face as possible and can thus develop its full filtering capacity. Hygiene with colour system: surgical mask and mouthguard also in black or pink At Franz Mensch you buy mouth masks equal in 6 colours. The wide range of colours is ideal for medical practices, dentists, hospital and nursing, but also for large food production to visually distinguish work areas. Coloured mouthguards or coloured surgical masks can be used as colour coding and area clothing: 1 colour = 1 area. With this simple hygiene colour system, you avoid cross-contamination and ensure clear specifications. Advantages of the face masks type II, 3-ply at a glance: 3-layer, soft PP fleece filter performance of 98 % BFE can be worn behind the ear with elastic bands, latex-free integrated nose clip, anatomically formable for a good fit for single use for external protection (protection against droplet infection) in the hospital and care sector pharmacy Central Number (PZN) for Art. 29176: PZN 17160819 (50 pieces) Suitable wall holder for mouthguard boxes: art.-no. 88934: Stainless steel mouth guard dispenser Materialinfo: What is PP? PP is the abbreviation for polypropylene, the standard material for protective clothing and disposable products. Mostly, this synthetic fiber is processed into a soft nonwoven, which is then used to make a textile-like fabric. PP nonwoven is permeable to air, very economical, comfortable and even offers slight protection against liquids because splashes simply roll off. What is a medical face mask type II? Only 3-layer masks tested according to EN 14683 are considered medical face masks and protect against infections as foreign body protection. These face masks have an integrated filter layer made of meltblown material, which is particularly fine and can filter the smallest particles from the air. In this way, medical masks provide a high level of protection because they also filter pathogens and prevent their spread or transmission. Medical mouthguards are classified into the following 3 categories based on their bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE): Type IIR - highest protection: excellent filter performance of > 98% (according to BFE) and resistant to liquid splashes or contaminated body fluids. Type II: excellent filter performance of > 98% (according to BFE), reliably protects against contaminated aerosols transmitted via the air. Type I: good filter performance of > 95% (BFE), cheaper variant with less filter performance than Type II.
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Full range of disposable clothing

With around 900 products, you will find a unique selection for disposable clothing at franz Mensch.
Your big advantage: You only need one supplier for all your needs. Should it ever be more than the standard, we quickly turn your special requests into reality.

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Our disposable products meet all required norms and standards. At Franz Mensch you get certified goods like CE, HACCP or ISEGA.

Protective Clothing by Franz Mensch

There are many sectors where functional and reliable protective clothing and hygienic clothing are indispensable. Only if all safety and hygiene requirements are met is it possible to work absolutely safely and hygienically at all times. For industry & trade as well as for gastronomy and catering businesses, the hotel sector, the food industry, the medical sector as well as nursing care, Franz Mensch offers high-quality protective clothing and hygienic clothing at a good price. Our protective clothing and hygienic clothing range covers common professional clothing and work clothes as well as personal protective clothing (PPE) and lets you choose between disposable or reusable versions.

Protective Clothing and PPE

Professional and trade associations require all kinds of occupational protective clothing, depending on the job. First and foremost in industry & trade, but also in the food sector and in the medical sector protective clothing is used. This term refers to special clothing that protects from the risks which are associated with a certain activity (89/686 EEC). There are numerous safety hazards, therefore there is also a multitude of protective clothing: Protective respirator masks, helmets, goggles, ear protectors, special coveralls with CAT 3 certification, safety shoes and a lot more – all to ensure the employees’ safety.

Protective Clothing and Hygiene

A number of different laws comprise hygiene regulations which stipulate that hygienic protective clothing be worn, particularly in food production and in the grocery business, but also in medical and chemical laboratories. In these sectors the demands on personnel hygiene are just as strict as the standards required of the hygiene products themselves. Franz Mensch products conform to the HACCP concept (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), where the safety of all foodstuffs is paramount in order to avoid contamination of the products.

Headwear, head and face protection, body protection, foot protection, product protection and much more are made of top-quality materials and thereby meet the highest standards. Here you can find a wide choice of protective clothing that ranges from certified articles, such as face masks that correspond to the European DIN-EN standard, to cheaper versions for a lower level of protection. To protect against dirt, or for food production, coveralls, oversleeves and overshoes offer a high degree of hygiene and safety. All hygiene products, chef’s hats, caps, hair nets, beard masks, astronaut caps, face masks, oversleeves, coats, coveralls, overshoes are suitable for single use only in order to guarantee an optimum of hygienic safety. After use, these pieces of clothing can simply be disposed of. Overshoe Machines use the product range on offer in our online shop in order to satisfy your protective clothing needs.

Protective Clothing for the Medical Sector

Professional protective clothing and personnel hygiene are extremely important for medical care providers. Occupational clothing for doctors, nurses, and caregivers has to be functional as well as hygienic and safe. Franz Mensch offers a wide variety of disposable protective clothing for professional uses: Coats, aprons, caps, overshoes, disposable surgical clothing, two-piece occupational clothing for hospital staff, patient coats, patient underwear, coats for laboratories and for doctor’s offices.

Protective Clothing and Protection Kits

One of the measures which have proven to be most effective in the fight against viruses and bacteria is to wear a protection kit. Protection kits are always within easy reach and offer optimum protection from head to toe. By wearing a virus protection kit, for example, the user is completely equipped with everything he needs: a protective coverall, hand and foot protection as well as face protection. Protection kits are an essential part of the wearer’s personal protective equipment (PPE) and are used mainly to prevent and protect from infections and epidemics such as MRSA, norovirus, bird flu / avian influenza, and Ebola. Furthermore, visitor kits which are purpose-made to fulfill the requirements on visitors in industry, the food sector and the medical sector are available via the Franz Mensch online shop.

Washable Protective Clothing

There is a vast range of textile products available from Franz Mensch for gastronomy and the food sector, for example bistro aprons in various colours, waist aprons or bib aprons, chef’s hats, caps, forage hats, army caps, caps with visors, net caps, hair nets, baseball caps ... All products are sturdy and easy-care. Depending on the material’s composition and the colour you can wash the protective clothing very hygienically. The products retain their shape beautifully, thanks to high-quality cotton and sturdy blended fabrics.