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New Products for industry & crafts

Fine knit gloves Ergo Flex Dotty | nitrile-PU coating
Fine Knit Gloves Ergo Flex Dotty, nitrile-PU coating by Hygostar The Ergo Flex Dotty fine knit gloves are made of a flexible nylon fine knit with a knit cuff. They have a good fit and are comfortable for the wearer. Thanks to a 1/4 nitrile PU coating and nitrile nubs on the palm, an excellent grip is ensured. The Ergo Flex Dotty is abrasion resistant as well as durable and is ideal for medium risks in mechanical and industrial work with high demands to secure grip. Thus, the fine knit gloves are used in the warehouse, assembly or packaging work. Properties of the Ergo Flex Dotty fine knit gloves at a glance: durable nylon fine knit nitrile PU coating on fingertips and palm nitrile nubs for excellent wet and dry grip optimum comfort as well as good tactile sensitivity ideal for medium risk as well as high grip safety requirements for mechanical and industrial work 
Cut protection gloves Cut Safe | PU coating
Cut protection gloves Cut Safe with PU coating from Hygostar Cut Safe cut-resistant gloves are among Franz Mensch's most popular work gloves. The combination of cut protection, abrasion resistance and a high degree of sensitivity is ideal for various activities in the metal and glass industries, automotive manufacturing or handling electronic equipment. They are particularly versatile all-round gloves that offer solid, reliable quality and are comfortable to wear every day. The Cut Safe cut protection gloves are approved as PPE, bear the CE mark and are cut-proof according to the EN 388 standard. The carrier material consists of a nylon fine knit, which is very dense and high quality. Nylon is air-permeable and elastic, which is why the work gloves follow all hand movements - perfect when precision and concentration are required. Incorporated glass fibers make the gloves cut-resistant and ensure your safety during work. For the necessary grip and more durability, the palm and fingertips are coated with PU. This is also referred to as a 1/4 coating. The PU reinforces the cut protection gloves and makes them particularly robust against mechanical stress. The features of Cut Safe cut resistant gloves cut resistant according to EN 388 (cut protection level D) made of nylon fine knit and glass fibers dense knitting robust PU coating on palm and fingertips very abrasion resistant safe dry handle very good fit for precise work air permeable back of the hand popular, versatile protective glove for medium risks in mechanical and industrial work with sharp objects tested for heat protection, light protection Standards info: Cut protection according to EN 388 Whether a glove offers protection against injuries is determined on the basis of EN 388. The standard provides for various tests on cut resistance, abrasion resistance, etc. New materials and high-performance fibers made it necessary to adapt the cut protection test a few years ago. In addition to the previous Coupe test, which is used especially for gloves made of high-tech fibers, there is now another test: the TDM cut resistance test according to EN ISO 13997, or ISO test for short. The ISO test applies primarily to cut-resistant gloves containing steel or glass fibers. The Coupe test uses a circular blade that rotates several times over the test glove. The result is a cut protection level from 1 to 5, where 5 corresponds to the best grade. The ISO test, on the other hand, is performed with a sharp blade. It is pressed once on the test glove to measure how much force cuts through the glove. The result is given in grades A to F. F has the best protective effect.
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Cold protection gloves Thermo Grip | latex coating
Cold Protection Gloves Thermo Grip, Latex Coating by Hygostar The Thermo Grip cold protection gloves are made of a moisture-repellent cotton medium knit (10 gauge) and a 1/4 latex coating on the fingertips and hand. This gives the glove a high level of grip as well as slip resistance. The Thermo Grip is flexible, has a good fit as well as a warming inner lining. It is ideal for medium risks in mechanical and industrial work, especially in cold and wet working conditions. Thus it can be used for industry, craft, construction industry, waste management and recycling, agriculture and forestry, horticulture, warehouse, logistics. The properties of the cold protection glove "Thermo Grip" in the overview: moisture repellent grip and very non-slip 10 gauge, crinkled warm inner lining, comfortable to wear for medium risks in mechanical and industrial work, especially under cold and wet conditions
Multipurpose glasses "Fit"
Multipurpose goggles "Fit" | Hygostar The multipurpose googles with a large field of view : These all-purpose safety goggles "Fit" are lightweight and, thanks to their optimal fit, are still comfortable even after prolonged wear. lightweight safety goggles with large field of vision scratch very good and comfortable fit Strap adjustable in length for many areas such as drilling, milling, assembling, grinding, laboratory extra cheap thanks to direct import
Respirators FFP2 NR, vertically foldable | PP
Respirators FFP2 NR, vertical foldable made of PP FFP2 NR respirators are made of high quality breathable PP fleece. They meet the FFP2 performance level and thus protect against solid and liquid harmful dusts, smoke and aerosols. The FFP2 masks are versatile and reduce the absorption and transmission of infectious agents. The protective masks are particularly suitable for employees in medicine, laboratory, nursing, hospital as protective equipment, industry, food industry and hygiene-sensitive areas. The FFP2 protective masks are folded vertically, providing a large breathing surface for easier inhalation and exhalation. At the same time, folded respirators are a cheaper alternative to preformed cups because they are easier to manufacture. Thanks to the moldable nose clip, the disposable masks seal well and fit tightly to the face. The elastic, latex-free headgear does not pinch behind the ears and is very comfortable over a long period of time. Advantages of the respirators FFP2 NR, vertical foldable at a glance: vertically folded, large breathing surface latex-free headband, no pressure behind the ears very comfortable even when worn for long periods breathable, high quality PP fleece malleable nose clip for tight fit and good seal reliable filter performance of level FFP2 protection against solid and liquid harmful dusts, smoke and aerosols individually packed in a hygienic bag pharmacy central number (PZN) 1 piece: 17162089 pharmacy central number (PZN) 10 pieces: 17161279 What you should know about respirators When it comes to respirators, all guideline values and minimum requirements are defined in EN149:2001 + A1:2009. The filter classes FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 are also precisely defined there. Read the most important facts about the so-called filtering half masks here. Respirators (also called fine dust masks) that comply with EN 149 are suitable for use with liquid and solid aerosols and protect the wearer from these health hazards. They are part of the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and are required by law in many industrial work areas. Respirators are divided into three protection classes: FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3. The protection classes are based on the so-called MAK value: The value corresponds to the concentration at the workplace to which an employee can be exposed without suffering an adverse health effect. FFP1 = small particle quantities; FFP2 = medium particle quantities; FFP3 = large particle quantities. The abbreviation FFP stands for Filtering Face Piece. In accordance with legal requirements, the protective masks are tested with sodium chloride (solid aerosols) and with kerosene oil (liquid aerosols). Depending on the filter class, respirators protect against many times the MAK limit value (VdGW). Filter class FFP1 up to 4 times MAK, application: protection against coarse, health-endangering dry particles and aerosols; e.g. wood grinding dust, quartz dust, coarser allergens, pollen, etc. Filter class FFP2 up to 10 times MAK, application: protection against dry particles and aerosols hazardous to health; e.g. metal dusts, mineral fiber dusts, polishing dusts, construction site dusts, etc. Filter class FFP3 up to 30 times MAK, application: protection against very fine, health hazardous dry particles and aerosols e.g. chemical industry, bacteria, viruses, simple radioactive dusts etc. Why respirators with valve? FFP masks are also available as a variant with an exhalation valve. This makes breathing noticeably easier and more pleasant. A valve improves ventilation in the mask, lowers the temperature and ensures that less moisture forms in the mask. Protective masks with a valve are therefore more comfortable and more kind to the skin. However, they can only be used for self-protection (PPE), because possible germs of the wearer can be released to the outside world via valve. This means that if the focus is on protection against infection, respirators without a valve should be used. FFP masks without a valve offer both external protection and self-protection. What does the "NR" mean for protective masks? NR stands for "Not reusable" and states that it is a disposable mask, which is intended for single use.
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Cleaning cloths Premium | PP, roll
Cleaning cloths Premium on roll from Hygoclean These cleaning cloths are premium and have been specially developed for the industry for time-saving cleaning of oils and greases. Whether as a polishing cloth, as a wiping cloth or generally for wet cleaning of surfaces: Hygoclean's Premium cleaning cloths are strong, solvent-resistant and highly absorbent. For you, this means that liquids as well as oily or greasy dirt can be wiped up in no time at all. The secret lies in the special star embossing on the surface of the cleaning cloths. The structure reliably absorbs and removes moisture and dirt. The cleaning cloths are made of PP. These synthetic fibres are wet-resistant, low-linting and silicone-free - for streak-free and really clean results. The wipes are on a roll and have a tear-off perforation for easy removal. Advantages of the cleaning cloths Premium made of PP on a roll at a glance Special cloth for oily and greasy dirt very absorbent thanks to star structure 100 % PP, very hard-wearing and robust heavy meltblown quality, approx. 80 g/m² solvent-resistant and wet-strengthened low linting, reusable, silicone-free 500 cloths on roll, with tear-off perforation for polishing or as a wipe for wet cleaning Cloth size: 32 x 36 cm, linear metre: 180 m also available as medium strength version art.-no. 317960 or low-priced cleaning cloth Light art.-no. 317800
Fine knit gloves Black Ace | PU coating
Fine knit gloves Black Ace with PU coating from Hygostar Black Ace coated fine knit gloves are the best-selling work gloves for crafts, repairs, assembly work, industry, warehouse and horticulture. As reliable CAT2 gloves, they protect against medium risks during mechanical and industrial work. They are tested and approved in accordance with the requirements of the PPE Directive. The PU coating on the palm and palm makes the work gloves particularly abrasion-resistant and resilient. This type of coating is called 1/4-coating, because in terms of surface area, around 1/4 of the upper side is coated. The base material of the Black Ace fine knit gloves is made of nylon. This material is very stretchy and provides a very good fit. The better the work glove fits, the more sensitivity and precision are possible. Nylon fine knit is also permeable to air and allows the skin to breathe. Therefore, these assembly gloves are very comfortable to wear even during longer work. The features of the fine knit gloves Black Ace at a glance: light and comfortable to wear palm and fingertips PU coated abrasion resistant and robust snug fit thanks to stretchy nylon fine knit with soft knitted cuff at the end of the arms air permeable material, allows the skin to breathe Very good drying grip versatile personal protective equipment (PPE) of category "CAT 2", for medium risks More Black Ace The Black Ace fine knit gloves from Hygostar are available in three variants with different types of coating: 3/4 PU coating: Palm and 3/4 of the back of the hand coated, more protection and coverage than with a ¼-coating Black Ace Touch: Palm and fingertips PU-coated (1/4) and additional carbon coating on the fingertips for operating capacitive touchscreens Why PU coated? PU is very durable and yet lightweight. PU coating does not weigh down the glove and allows a secure grip. Especially when working with dry objects on construction sites or in industry, the PU-coated gloves are very suitable.
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Cleaning papers, 2-ply | recycled paper
Cleaning papers, 2-ply made of recycled paper from Hygoclean The cleaning paper rolls made of recycled paper are particularly sustainable and environmentally friendly. No virgin fibers were used for the production, but only recycled paper. The paper rolls are 2-ply and offers good absorbency for fast and thorough cleaning results. The cleaning papers are ideal for wiping up liquids, oils or dirt. Keep both work surfaces and small items clean with these environmentally friendly paper towels. The practical tear-off perforation allows the individual sheets to be torn off cleanly and saves a lot of time. The cleaning papers on a roll have an embossed surface and are stable, absorbent as well as low-linting. They are versatile for wiping or polishing work in the workshop, production, gas station or food processing. You have the choice between different roll sizes and sheet formats: Small roll with 500 tears, large sheet size 38 x 35 cm Small roll with 500 tears, small sheet size 22 x 35 cm   Large roll with 1,000 tears, large sheet size 38 x 35 cm Large roll with 1,000 tears, small sheet size 22 x 35 cm. Features of the cleaning papers made of recycled paper, 2-ply at a glance Recycled cleaning wipes on roll 100 % recycled paper, very environmentally friendly 2-ply and stable also wipes up liquids, oil and dirt reliably low lint, tear resistant outside unwinding perforated after 35 cm, facilitates removal of individual sheets embossed surface for better absorbency core diameter: 7 cm suitable dispensers: art.-no. 88834: metal wall holder art.-no. 88832: metal floor stand
Overshoes for Hygomat | CPE
Overshoes for Hygomat made of CPE from Hygostar Thanks to the strong and robust CPE material, these disposable overshoes can withstand mechanical stress very well. CPE is a very durable, waterproof and yet inexpensive material. Overshoes made of CPE are ideal for visitors and employees in industry or large food production facilities. They keep contaminants out and prevent the spread of germs in sensitive hygiene areas. The CPE overshoes are particularly time-saving and efficient when used together with the Hygomat overshoe dispenser. The Hygomat makes putting on the overshoes 4x faster, more comfortable and more hygienic, because the overshoes do not have to be touched with the hands. The right Hygomat overshoe dispensers art.-no. 88810: Hygomat Classic - small dispenser for 110 overshoes art.-no. 88811: Hygomat Comfort - with handle and capacity of 220 overshoes art.-no. 88813: Hygomat Cleanroom - with handle and extra hygienic stainless steel housing Advantages of the overshoes for Hygomat made of CPE at a glance: very durable, high quality and food safe from cast polyethylene water repellent, protect against prolonged contact with water protect against weakly aggressive cleaning agents Original Hygomat overshoes: suitable for all Hygomat overshoe machines
Respirators FFP2 NR, vertically foldable, ear loops | PP
Respirators FFP2 NR with ear loops The respirators are made of high-quality PP fleece and are folded vertically. The wearing method with the ear loops is particularly practical if the mask is frequently put on and taken off in everyday life. In addition, folding masks with ear loops are cheaper than overhead straps or pre-formed protective masks. The FFP2 NR respirators come with an S-hook that allows an alternative way of wearing them. Simply close the loops at the back of the head with the hook. This relieves the strain on your ears and makes the mask noticeably more comfortable even when worn for long periods. The FFP2 masks are ideal for medicine, laboratory, nursing, hospital as protective equipment, industry, food industry and hygiene-sensitive areas. They reliably protect against solid and liquid harmful dusts, smoke and aerosols. Features of the respirators FFP2 NR with ear loops at a glance:  folding mask, folded vertically practical ear loops, more favourable than headbands high quality PP fleece flexible noseband for a tight fit reduces the absorption and transmission of infectious agents individually packed
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Overshoes | PP/CPE
Overshoes made of PP with CPE sole by Hygostar Water-repellent sole and air-permeable upper: These overshoes provide lightweight protection from liquids while allowing feet to breathe. They are made of PP fleece, making them lightweight and comfortable to wear. The sole is made of CPE - durable and water- repellent. The overshoes keep dirt and contaminants out of sensitive hygiene areas. They are therefore ideal for care, industry and food areas. Features of the overshoes with CPE sole at a glance: made of soft PP fleece air-permeable upper for more wearing comfort water-repellent, robust sole made of CPE suitable for contact with food protection against low superficial mechanical risks
Overshoes | CPE
Overshoes from CPE from Hygostar Wearing overshoes is one of the most important measures against contamination in sensitive manufacturing and medical areas. With hygienic disposable overshoes, loose dust, dirt, germs and infections stay outside and cannot spread further. Hygostar's CPE overshoes are among the most popular in the Franz Mensch range. The overshoes are made of durable CPE material (cast polyethylene) and withstand mechanical stress very well. The material is dense like PE, slightly cheaper and has a hammered structure. In addition, overshoes made of CPE are water repellent and protect your shoes from liquid splashes and moisture. The disposable overshoes fit universally and are simply worn over street or professional shoes. They are suitable for both visitors and your staff and ideal for hygiene areas in care, industry or food production. Hygiene with color system: overshoes in blue, white, yellow and much more   Buy your overshoes directly from the manufacturer Franz Mensch and benefit from a really wide range of variants, sizes and colors. The CPE overshoes are available in 5 colors and can be used as part of a hygiene color system. Because with colored disposable clothing you separate different work areas and avoid cross contamination: 1 color = area.   PE-disposable aprons on roll (art.-no. 23170) Nitrile gloves Safe Light (art.-no. 27059) Oversleeves Light PE (art.-no. 28209)     Matching dispensers and wall holders for overshoes: art.-no. 8895: Acrylic multidispenser, transparent art.-no. 88939: Stainless steel multidispenser with viewing window art.-no. 88950: Acrylic double dispenser, transparent Advantages of the overshoes made of CPE at a glance: strong cast polyethylene (CPE) Very durable food safe One size fits all thanks to elastic waistband protects against minor superficial mechanical risks in 5 colors: ideal when using a hygiene color system for visual identification of different work areas favorable manufacturer prices Overshoes put on 4x faster: Overshoe machines for professionals Admittedly: Putting on overshoes can be a nuisance. But with a suitable overshoe machine you save yourself a lot of time and it's more hygienic too. You can find the whole range of overshoe machines and the matching overshoes here.
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Paper towel rolls, 2-ply | cellulose, outside unwinding
Paper hand towel rolls, 2-ply made of cellulose from Hygoclean Towel rolls made of 2-ply cellulose are particularly absorbent and therefore economical in use. They dry thoroughly and absorb liquids reliably with just one movement. The bright white cellulose is pleasantly soft and kind to the skin. The paper hand towel rolls can be used both for toilet areas to dry hands and as a wipe or cleaning paper for a quick wipe of surfaces or work equipment. The paper hand towel rolls are 2-ply and have an embossed surface - for even better absorbency even with oils or grease. With the outside unwinding they fit in all common dispensers for towel rolls and offer you an extremely hygienic towel system for your company. The paper towel rolls are available in 130m and 180m lengths. Advantages of Hygoclean cellulose paper hand towel rolls at a glance high quality towel rolls made of pure cellulose very absorbent and thorough economical in consumption 2-ply, embossed surface, bright white outside unwinding suitable roll dispenser can be found here: art.-no. 88834: wall holder for cleaning papers art.-no. 88870: touchless Autocut dispenser art.-no. 88872: Autocut dispenser.
Pen Clip, retractable | plastic, detectable
Detectable pen with Clip from Hygostar Detectable ballpoint pens are ideal for large food production, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry and other sensitive productions. The pens are made of a special fully detectable plastic. This means that metal detectors as well as X-ray detectors can recognize the pen as a foreign object if it accidentally gets into the production. In this way, you protect your machines from damage and save yourself annoying recalls. The detectable ballpoint pens with clip and retractable refill are among the best-selling pens for the food industry at Franz Mensch. The plastic material is both X-ray detectable and metal detectable, making the pens suitable for both systems. Overall, the detectable pens impress with their high quality. They write regardless of ambient temperatures, even in cold and heat. Even dusty or oily work areas are feasible for the pens. The angular shape of the housing prevents them from rolling away, and the fact that the refill is retractable means that it lasts a particularly long time. Advantages of the detectable pen with clip at a glance: high quality plastic, very robust X-ray detectable and metal detectable with clip to attach to inner pocket or clipboard retractable refill for longer life ideal for food production, oily or dusty environments writes even at high or very low temperatures HACCP compliant 4 font colours to choose from: blue, black, red or green 5 body colours: blue, yellow, graphite, green and red A variety of combinations: select font colours and body colours There are 5 different colours for the body and 4 different font colours. So you can choose for example a red ballpoint pen with blue font colour. These are your options: Body Black font Blue font Red font Green font Blue art.no. 85562 art.no. 85563 - - Yellow art.no. 85561  - - - Graphite art.no. 85564 art.no. 85568 art.no. 85569 art.no. 85570 Green  - - - art.no. 85560 Red art.no. 85566 art.no. 85567 art.no. 85565  -   Hygiene with colour system: coloured work equipment and clothing With different colours, you visually separate different work areas from each other and thus effectively avoid cross-contamination: 1 colour = 1 area. Franz Mensch offers you hygienic clothing and area clothing in many colours. You can also buy work equipment such as detectable ballpoint pens or detectable dough scrapers cheaply and conveniently in the store here. Even more detectable office products Franz Mensch is a partner of the food industry and offers you a selection of detectable products that is unique on the market. Reliably detectable, practical in everyday use, convenient and above all hygienically high-quality, so that you also meet all HACCP requirements. Buy detectable products here: detectable office supplies such as clipboards, pens, highlighters, magnets, paper clips detectable work equipment such as dough scrapers, lanyards, brooms, cable ties, earplugs detectable clothing like hoods, beard guards, gloves, aprons detectable plasters and first aid kits detectable safety knives   Tip: Use the Franz Mensch sample service and test the ballpoint pens on your premises. Ask your customer advisor or simply write your request to verkauf@franz-mensch.de.
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Cleaning papers, 3-ply | recycled paper
Cleaning papers, 3-ply made of recycled paper from Hygoclean Fast and thorough: The cleaning paper rolls made of blue recycled paper are among the most popular wiping papers from Franz Mensch. Thanks to the high-quality, 3-ply paper, you can clean work surfaces, equipment or work materials particularly effectively with these paper towels. Dirt, oil or wetness are reliably wiped up with just one movement. The cleaning papers on a roll are environmentally friendly because they are made of pure recycled paper. The 3-ply quality makes the cleaning paper rolls very stable, wet-strength and absorbent. Liquids are reliably absorbed. Thanks to the tear-off perforation, the individual wipes are quickly removed from the roll. These cleaning papers on a roll are versatile for various applications and are ideal when something needs to be wiped and dried at short notice. The cleaning papers are often used in production, in the workshop, in the technical area, for polishing work, at gas stations or even in the food sector. The cleaning paper rolls are available in 4 different sizes: Large roll with 1,000 tears, large sheet size 38 x 35 cm, linear meter: 350 m Large roll with 1,000 tears, small sheet size 22 x 35 cm, linear meter: 350 m   Small roll with 500 tears, large sheet size 38 x 35 cm, linear meter: 175 m Small roll with 500 tears, small sheet size 22 x 35 cm, linear meter: 175 m Advantages of cleaning papers made of recycled paper, 3-ply at a glance: Wiping cloths made of pure recycled paper sustainable and environmentally friendly 3-ply, stable cloth quality wet-stable, low lint, tear-resistant highly absorbent for thorough cleaning results outside unwinding perforated, facilitates tearing off individual sheets embossed surface for better absorption core diameter: 7 cm suitable dispensers: art.-no. 88834: metal wall holder art.-no. 88832: metal floor stand
Oversleeves Light | PE
Oversleeves Light made of PE from Hygonorm Oversleeves Light are made of medium strength PE and therefore a very cheap alternative to strong protective sleeves. They are water repellent and protect your forearms from moisture and dirt. At the same time, they ensure a high level of hygiene and protect sensitive products from contamination. The disposable sleeves are ideal for preparatory, sorting and rinsing work in hygiene-sensitive areas. The PE sleeves fit very well thanks to the elastic at the top and bottom and can be combined as desired with other hygiene clothing such as aprons or gowns. PE sleeve protectors are worn particularly frequently in the food industry. They specifically cover the forearm and save a lot of time in everyday work. This is because disposable sleeve protectors can be put on and taken off at short notice, and after use only the used sleeves need to be changed and not the entire body protection. Hygiene with colour system: sleeve protectors in blue, yellow, white, green and more   Sleeve protectors in different colours are ideal for color coding in your company. Each colour identifies a hygiene area: 1 area = 1 colour. This way you visually separate different work areas or distinguish employees from visitors. With a hygiene colour system, you effectively avoid cross-contamination.           Advantages of the sleeve protectors Light made of PE at a glance: water repellent polyethylene protects the forearms from moisture and dirt Protection against minor superficial mechanical risks with latex free elastic bands on top and bottom suitable for contact with food in 6 different colors, for visual differentiation of hygiene areas smooth surface favorable manufacturer prices Matching dispensers and wall holders for sleeve protectors: Art.-No. 8895: Acrylic multidispenser, transparent Art.-No. 88939: Stainless steel multidispenser with viewing window Art.-No. 88950: Acrylic double dispenser, transparent
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Face masks type II, 3-ply | PP
Face masks type II, 3-ply made of PP from Hygostar This medical mask meets the "Type II" standard. This means it is suitable for medical use and approved for use as third-party protection in hospital and nursing - also as a surgical mask. The Type II mouthguard has been proven to protect against droplet infections. The mask is 3-layered and achieves an excellent filtering performance of 98% BFE thanks to the integrated filter layer. The disposable masks have ear loops and an adjustable nose clip. Important: Press the nose clip firmly when tightening so that the mask sits as close to the face as possible and can thus develop its full filtering capacity. Hygiene with colour system: surgical mask and mouthguard also in black or pink At Franz Mensch you buy mouth masks equal in 6 colours. The wide range of colours is ideal for medical practices, dentists, hospital and nursing, but also for large food production to visually distinguish work areas. Coloured mouthguards or coloured surgical masks can be used as colour coding and area clothing: 1 colour = 1 area. With this simple hygiene colour system, you avoid cross-contamination and ensure clear specifications. Advantages of the face masks type II, 3-ply at a glance: 3-layer, soft PP fleece filter performance of 98 % BFE can be worn behind the ear with elastic bands, latex-free integrated nose clip, anatomically formable for a good fit for single use for external protection (protection against droplet infection) in the hospital and care sector pharmacy Central Number (PZN) for Art. 29176: PZN 17160819 (50 pieces) Suitable wall holder for mouthguard boxes: art.-no. 88934: Stainless steel mouth guard dispenser Materialinfo: What is PP? PP is the abbreviation for polypropylene, the standard material for protective clothing and disposable products. Mostly, this synthetic fiber is processed into a soft nonwoven, which is then used to make a textile-like fabric. PP nonwoven is permeable to air, very economical, comfortable and even offers slight protection against liquids because splashes simply roll off. What is a medical face mask type II? Only 3-layer masks tested according to EN 14683 are considered medical face masks and protect against infections as foreign body protection. These face masks have an integrated filter layer made of meltblown material, which is particularly fine and can filter the smallest particles from the air. In this way, medical masks provide a high level of protection because they also filter pathogens and prevent their spread or transmission. Medical mouthguards are classified into the following 3 categories based on their bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE): Type IIR - highest protection: excellent filter performance of > 98% (according to BFE) and resistant to liquid splashes or contaminated body fluids. Type II: excellent filter performance of > 98% (according to BFE), reliably protects against contaminated aerosols transmitted via the air. Type I: good filter performance of > 95% (BFE), cheaper variant with less filter performance than Type II.
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Specialties for industry & crafts

Industrial cleaning cloths & cleaning papers

Especially when working in the field of industry and crafts, there are many activities with which dirt is associated. Be it in car repair shops, handicraft businesses such as carpentry or in the construction industry. In order to roughly clean the dirt from tools, equipment, machines and surfaces, it is advisable to use industrial wipes or cleaning papers. Both are highly absorbent cleaning materials that quickly wipe away oil, dust or even lubricants. Franz Mensch offers a range of industrial cloths  and cleaning papers produced precisely for such purposes.
The wipes differ in their properties, intended uses and materials. Learn here which material is the right one for your application.

Disposable Overshoes

In manufacturing industries, a certain level of hygiene is very important so that the products are not contaminated. Often, however, there is a lot of throughput of employees or even visitors, which means that dirt finds its way into the production halls by itself. To prevent dirt from outside from getting inside, it is advisable to put on disposable overshoes in the production areas.

The overshoes can be easily worn over normal street shoes and are quick to put on and take off. Some overshoes have slip-resistant soles for areas with slippery floors. For protection that extends over the ankles, we also offer overboots. For easier donning of overshoes, there are also overshoe dispenser. Some of these are easy to operate manually or electronically and make putting on disposable overshoes much easier.

Your glove plan for industry & crafts

Grip, fit & cut-resistant: With the Franz Mensch glove advisor, you can find gloves that
are specially tailored to all the requirements of industry and the skilled trades.

                Glove advisor industry & crafts (PDF)


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