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Head protection

Bonnets, chef's hats, bump caps, hearing protection: Franz Mensch offers a large selection of head protection and hygiene headwear. The head protection is certified, skin-friendly and safe. Incorporated elastic bands are latex-free.

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Mob caps Light | PP
Mob caps Light made of PP by Hygonorm PP clip-on bonnets are standard when it comes to hygienic disposable clothing. The PP disposable bonnets can be used universally in all hygiene areas. Buy your clip-on bonnets directly from the manufacturer Franz Mensch and benefit from very favourable prices here. Another advantage: Franz Mensch bonnets are solid, practical and have proven themselves on the market for almost 30 years. Nothing presses here, nothing tears here - ideal for professional areas where bonnets are used every day. Clip-on bonnets Light are especially often worn as hygienic headgear in the food industry or in industry. Disposable bonnets made of PP reliably cover the head and hair and thus prevent contamination. The clip-on bonnets are suitable for both employees and visitors in hygiene-sensitive areas. The clip-on bonnets Light are made of air-permeable, lightweight PP fleece. Even when worn for a long time or frequently, the scalp can breathe and the bonnet feels pleasantly light. In the Light version, the bonnets are machine-made and therefore very attractively priced - ideal for a high demand or if the bonnets are changed frequently. Features of the mob caps at a glance: most popular disposable bonnet at Franz Mensch Top seller inexpensive and machine-made made of light PP fleece, air-permeable comfortable to wear food safe latex-free elastic band protection against minor superficial mechanical risks wide range of colours, sizes and types of packaging dispenser box or pouch ideal for staff and visitors in hygienic areas Simply more: clip-on bonnets in many colours, sizes and packagings As a manufacturer with decades of experience, Franz Mensch offers you more than just two or three variants. With the clip-on bonnet Light, you have the choice between 10 colours, 3 different diameters and 2 packaging variants (bag or dispenser box). Blue, white, red, yellow: clip-on bonnets with colour system Coloured clip-on bonnets are ideal for identifying different hygiene areas within a colour system (e.g. red = visitor, blue = staff member, yellow = cleaner). Use coloured disposable clothing specifically to easily avoid cross-contamination. At Franz Mensch you will find a complete range for your hygiene colour system. PE-disposable aprons on roll (art.-no. 23170) Nitrile gloves Safe Light (art.-no. 27059) Oversleeves Light PE (art.-no. 28209) Overshoes CPE (art.-no. 28500)
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Bouffant caps Bettina Light | PP
Bouffant caps Bettina Light made of PP from Hygonorm Bouffant caps are very hygienic disposable head coverings that are worn in many ways in sensitive hygiene areas. These include kitchens, food production, industry, operating theatres, hospitals and nursing homes. Bettina Light bouffant caps have been on the market for over 20 years, have proven themselves a million times over and are among the most popular PP caps. The PP bouffant caps are the ideal combination of an attractive manufacturer's price and reliable material quality. They are made of an air-permeable, lightweight PP fleece and are comfortable to wear. Lightweight PP bouffant caps are hardly noticeable when worn and are therefore comfortable even during longer periods of use. The latex-free elastic band is extremely elastic, so that even long hair or a ponytail can easily fit underneath. The bouffant caps are suitable for both staff and visitors in hygiene areas and are ideal for high demand or when bonnets need to be changed frequently. Bouffant caps made of lightweight non-woven material are particularly recommended in hospital and care areas (protection against foreign bodies) as well as in kitchens and the food industry. In addition, the bouffant caps are approved for contact with food of all kinds and prevent contamination. They reliably cover the head and thus retain dander and hair for hygienic working. Large selection: Colours, diameters, packaging The Bettina bouffant caps made of PP are available in 5 colours and three different diameters for different head sizes. The bouffant caps are packed either in a dispenser box or in a hygienic PE bag. This way you will find exactly the bouffant cap that fits your needs. Matching dispensers and wall holders for disposable beret caps: art.-no. 8893: Stainless steel dispenser for bonnets art.-no. 8895: Acrylic multidispenser art.-no. 88939: Stainless steel multidispenser with viewing window Advantages of the Bettina Light bouffant cap at a glance: Top seller: most popular beret caps at Franz Mensch attractive price, because of light PP-materiald air-permeable fleece with high wearing comfort latex-free elastic band suitable for contact with food protection against minor superficial mechanical risks for external protection to prevent contamination in the care area wide choice: different diameters, colours, dispenser box or bag universally applicable for all hygiene areas for staff as well as visitors Hygiene with colour system: 1 colour = 1 area Coloured disposable clothing and work utensils are ideal for identifying different hygiene areas. Establish a hygiene colour system in your business and easily avoid cross-contamination. Here's how: Define a colour for each hygiene area, e.g. red = visitor, blue = employee, yellow = cleaner. Equip your establishment with coloured disposable clothing so that different areas are immediately and visually clearly recognisable. For the identification of cleaning utensils (e.g. wipes), the DGfdB suggests the following colours: Red = WC bowls, urinals and tiles in the directly adjacent area Yellow = remaining sanitary area and sanitary facilities Blue = remaining equipment and furnishings Green = use in the kitchen area. TIP: Use fresh disposables each time to reduce the risk of germ transmission within an area.     At Franz Mensch you will find a complete range for your hygiene ink system. PE-disposable aprons on roll (art.-no. 23170) Nitrile gloves Safe Light (art.-no. 27059) Oversleeves Light PE (art.-no. 28209) Overshoes CPE (art.-no. 28500)
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Mob caps Eco | PP
Mob caps Eco made of PP by Hygonorm These mob caps are particularly inexpensive as an eco variant. They are machine-made and consist of a light PP material. The PP is made of air-permeable fleece and is comfortable to wear. The integrated elastic band ensures a good fit and is of course latex-free. The Eco mob caps are food-safe and can therefore be used universally for food production and other hygiene areas. Properties of the mob caps Eco at a glance: brethable, lightweight PP fleece pleasant wearing sensation machine-made suitable for contact with food protection against low superficial mechanical risks
Hair nets | nylon
Hair nets made of nylon from Hygostar Almost invisible and barely noticeable on the head: the nylon hairnets are particularly soft and comfortable to wear. The coarse-meshed structure makes the hairnets extra air-permeable and light. Nylon is a synthetic fibre that is very elastic and hard-wearing. Therefore, the nylon hairnets adapt optimally to any head size and have a very good fit - also very suitable for very long hair. For faster and more hygienic individual removal, Franz Mensch offers the hairnets in an innovative dispenser box. The box stores 200 hairnets cleanly and protected from dirt. Instructions: Hygienic individual removal of the hairnets: Open the box and pull out the first net tear off at the perforation The nylon hairnets are welded together so that when they are pulled out, the beginning of the next hairnet is automatically ready and can be grabbed easily Hair nets are disposable head coverings and are mainly worn in hygiene areas such as the food industry or large kitchens. They hold the hair back and prevent it from ending up in the food, production or machines. A special feature at Franz Mensch: all hairnets are of premium quality and made of elastic, high-quality nylon. Hairnets made of nylon are particularly stretchy, gentle on the hair and very skin-friendly. In addition, they have latex-free, soft elastic bands that leave no pressure edge and are comfortable at all times. Your choice: The hairnets are available either in an inexpensive bag, on a cardboard disc or for particularly quick removal in the clever dispenser box. Hygiene tip: A matching transparent acrylic wall holder is available here in the shop for the hairnets in the box. It is equipped with a tear-off edge that makes removal even faster. It also allows you to mount the hairnets on the wall in an extremely hygienic way and within easy reach. Features of the nylon hairnets at a glance: very high quality polyamide/nylon very air permeable latex-free elastic gentle to the hair and very light almost invisible available in three colours: white for light hair, brown and blue for dark hair Tip: hairnets in dispenser for hygienic and quick individual removal
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Bouffant caps Honeycomb | nylon
Bouffant caps Honeycomb made of nylon by Hygostar Nylon caps are particularly comfortable to wear: they are light and very soft. The bouffant caps Honeycomb have an open honeycomb structure. This makes them very breathable. In addition, the bouffant caps fit very well and adapt to any head size due to the elastic material - also highly recommended for long hair. Nylon caps are versatile as hygiene heawear in food industry and hygiene areas. Properties of the bouffant caps Honeycomb at a glance: very light, soft and air-permeable high-quality nylon with honeycomb structure with latex-free rubber band available with extra large circumference for long hair protection against low superficial mechanical risks
Bouffant caps Bettina | PP
Bouffant caps Bettina made of PP by Hygostar Bouffant caps Bettina  are among Hygostar's top sellers. The caps are made of high-quality, pure PP fleece. The material is strong and at the same time soft to the scalp and hair. Bettina bouffant caps have a latex-free rubber band and are therefore always comfortable to wear in daily use. They are universally applicable in many hygiene areas - ideal for example in food industry, industry and cleaning areas. Properties of the bouffant caps Bettina at a glance: high-quality fleece made of polypropylene (PP) air-permeable and comfortable to wear with elastic band for a good hold, latex-free approved for contact with food protection against low superficial mechanical risks
Chef's hats Excellent | viscose
Chef's hats Excellent made of viscose by Hygostar These chef's hats are made of viscose fleece. Viscose is one of the particularly absorbent materials that can absorb moisture very well. Therefore, the chef's hats Excellent made of viscose are ideal for sweaty work, for example, in the hot kitchen. Beads of sweat and wetness are easily absorbed. Your forehead remains pleasantly dry. The Excellent chef's hats also have a very high-quality and elegant look. The classic decorative folds, the oval, closed crown and the white colour ensure a stylish appearance in the gastronomy. Features of the chef's hats Excellent at a glance: viscose material, very absorbent high-quality optics, dimensionally stable beautiful decorative folds, oval crown closed at the top, with air holes approved for food protection against low superficial mechanical risks other Excellent series chef's hats made of paper or special crepe paper available
Astro caps with 2-ply face mask | PP
Astro caps with 2-ply face mask made of PP by Hygostar These astro caps made of PP meet high hygienic requirements and belong to the bestsellers among the hygienic disposable caps. They are particularly popular in the food industry, slaughterhouses and other sensitive areas where the mouth, nose and the entire head must be covered for reasons of hygiene. Their advantage is that the disposable caps have a sewn-on two-layer face mask, which is put on with a comfortable head elastic. The face mask is thus firmly integrated and cannot be forgotten. Thanks to the bendable nose clip, the mask fits very well and seals well to the face. The astro caps have a high quality and are made of air-permeable, soft PP fleece. They are for one-time use, but thanks to the high quality of the material, they are comfortable and skin-friendly even when worn for longer periods of time, as they are 100% latex-free. The PP astro caps have an elastic band at the forehead, which ensures both an optimal fit and a clear field of vision, because nothing slips. Hygiene with colour system: Astro caps in blue, white, red, yellow, green Colored disposable caps are ideal for visually identifying different hygiene areas. With a simple colour system, you can ensure clear rules and a high standard of hygiene without cross-contamination. Example: red = visitor, blue = employee, yellow = cleaning staff. At Franz Mensch you will find a complete range for your hygiene colour system. PE-disposable aprons on roll (art.-no. 23170) Nitrile gloves Safe Light (art.-no. 27059) Oversleeves Light PE (art.-no. 28209) Overshoes CPE (art.-no. 28500) Matching dispensers and wall holders for disposable beret caps: art.-no. 8893: Stainless steel dispenser for bonnets art.-no. 8895: Acrylic multidispenser art.-no. 88939: Stainless steel multidispenser with viewing window Features of the astro caps with 2-ply face mask at a glance: high quality PP fleece, air-permeable and comfortable integrated 2-layer face mask (no medical face mask, no FFP respirator mask) very hygienic reliably covers hair, head, mouth, neck and large parts of the face face mask with formable nose clip latex-free elastic band with forehead rubber for a very good fit protect against minor superficial mechanical risks permanently cheap at Franz Mensch What is PP? PP is the abbreviation for polypropylene, the standard material for protective clothing and disposable products. Usually, this synthetic fiber is processed into a soft nonwoven, which is then used to make a textile-like fabric. PP fleece is air-permeable, very economical, comfortable and even offers slight protection against liquids because splashes simply roll off. Functional range food industry and slaughterhouses, as well as areas where a face mask is required by law
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Peaked bouffant caps | PP
Peaked bouffant caps made of PP by Hygostar These disposable bonnets with peak are a hygienic head covering and versatile for all food areas. The beret bonnets are made of strong, pure PP fleece and are very comfortable to wear. The PP fleece is air-permeable and soft to the scalp and hair. The bonnets reliably cover the head and hair. They thus prevent food contamination and also protect against minor superficial mechanical risks. Barette bonnets are particularly suitable for bakeries, large kitchens, communal catering, canteens and food outlets. Features of the peaked bouffant caps at a glance: strong PP fleece with sewn-on shield very breathable and comfortable to wear latex-free elastic band food safe hygienic head covering, prevents contamination of food by hair protection against minor superficial mechanical risks
Mob caps Detect | PP, detectable
Detectable mob caps Detect made of PP by Hygostar These mop caps are machine-made and therefore very inexpensive. They are made of breathable PP fleece and are comfortable to wear in everyday work. The caps are detectable because they have an integrated metal strip. This metal strip can be detected by the detector machine. Detectors are mainly used in large food and pharmaceutical production facilities. Like sniffer noses, they detect when a foreign object, such as a piece of clothing, is present in the production process. In this way, these machines ensure that, on the one hand, the end consumer receives a hygienically perfect product. On the other hand, the production plant is safe from damage caused by foreign bodies.  Features of the detectable mob caps Detect at a glance: air-permeable fleece made of PP, comfortable to wear detectable thanks to metal strips machine-made latex-free elastic band approved for contact with food protects against low superficial mechanical risks
Shower caps | PE
Shower caps made of PE by Hygostar These shower caps are made of transparent, water-repellent PE. The shower caps are each individually and hygienically packed in the bag. The latex-free elastic band is soft and does not pinch - ideal for patients and guests in hotels, wellness and other hygiene areas. Features of the shower caps at a glance: transparent PE, water-repellent with soft elastic band latex-free hygienic single packs
Peaked bouffant caps Light | PP
Peaked bouffant caps Light made of PP by Hygonorm These peaked bouffant caps are made in Hygonorm quality. This means that the caps are lighter and therefore more favourable than the caps from Hygostar. The Light bouffant caps have a sewn-on peak and are made of air-permeable PP fleece. The material makes them comfortable to wear and ideal for areas where the caps are changed more frequently. The bouffant caps Light are food-safe and therefore especially suitable for work with food. They can be used in many ways in bakeries, canteen kitchens, communal catering, food industry, canteens and food distribution. Features of the peaked bouffant caps Light at a glance: air-permeable PP fleece comfortable to wear sewn-on visor latex-free elastic for a good fit for food areas prevent contamination of food by hair packed in hygienic PE bag
Mob caps | PP
Mob caps made of PP by Hygostar These mob caps are premium. They are made of very high-quality, pure PP fleece. The material is soft and brethable, so that the caps are always comfortable to wear. The mob caps are machine-made and approved for food areas. In addition, they can be used as disposable headwear for hospital, nursing and other hygiene sectors. The latex-free elastic band is soft and provides a good grip.  Features of the mob caps at a glance: high-quality fleece made of PP (polypropylene) air-permeable and very comfortable for everyday work food-safe high-quality packed in dispenser box protection against low superficial mechanical risks
Astro caps with 2-ply face mask | SMS
Astro caps with 2-ply face mask made of SMS from Hygostar These astro caps are made of very high-quality SMS material. The special feature: SMS is slightly water-repellent and comfortable to wear even for long periods. SMS consists of three layers: The outer and inner sides are made of soft, air-permeable PP fleece. In between is a meltblown layer. The astro caps also have a sewn-on 2-layer mouth-nose mask. This makes them a particularly hygienic head covering for food production, abattoirs and all hygiene areas where a mouth-nose cover is required by law. Feautures of Astro caps made of SMS with 2-ply face mask at a glance: air-permeable, slightly water-repellent SMS Sewn-on 2-layer mouth-nose cover, latex-free not a medical face mask, not an FFP respirator mouldable nose clip for a good fit high wearing comfort even when worn for long periods
Astro caps Micromesh | nylon
Astro caps micromesh made of nylon The special feature of these astro caps is the material: micromesh made of nylon is particularly air-permeable, soft and elasticated. The micromesh allows the head and skin to breathe. This means that the astro caps are always comfortable and pleasantly light, even when worn for long periods. In addition, the face cut-out is so flexible that you can wear the astro cap in three different ways: either with just the head covered and the face uncovered or pulled over the mouth or pulled over the mouth and nose at the same time so that only the eye area is uncovered. Micromesh astro caps are therefore ideal for hygienic areas in the food industry and slaughterhouses. Advantages of Micromesh nylon astro caps at a glance: high-quality, soft nylon air-permeable, fine micromesh for high wearing comfort latex-free, very soft and light texture prevents skin irritation and pressure Suitable for contact with food fulfils the highest demands