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Table products

Score points with your guests both with visual highlights and with your hygienic way of working. Order hygienic table products such as refreshment towels, napkins, table linen, cake holders and cutlery bags here.

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Organic napkins Nature | recycled paper, FSC®-recycled
Organic napkins nature made of recycled paper, FSC®-Recycled Organic napkins Nature are made entirely of FSC® recycled paper and are 2-ply. The napkins are available in two different folds: 1/8 fold and 1/4 fold. The organic napkins offer an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional napkins. The napkins are particularly suitable in the catering industry, in restaurants, in bars and hotels as well as in the catering sector. Features of the organic napkins Nature at a glance: natural brown color, 100% recycled paper available in 1/8 fold or 1/4 fold, 2-ply environmentally friendly alternative to conventional napkins
Napkins Classic, 33 x 33 cm, 3-ply, 1/8 fold | cellulose, FSC®-mix
Napkins Classic, 33 x 33 cm, 3-ply, 1/8 fold made of cellulose, FSC®-mix by Hygostar The classic paper napkins are the ideal solution for gastronomy, hotel and catering. Made from 100% cellulose and FSC® certified, they are sustainable and environmentally friendly. The 3-ply quality makes the napkins absorbent, soft and very comfortable for your guests. Choose from different, intense colours and decorate individually according to your requirements. Whether festive, elegant or very simple: the standard format of the Classic napkins with 33 x 33 cm in 1/8 fold always fits. Properties of napkins classic, 33 x 33 cm made of cellulose: large selection of colours: paper napkins made of cellulose absorbent, as 3-ply pleasantly smooth, soft to the touch compact in 1/8 fold sustainable and FSC®-certified very good price-performance ratio
Napkins Eleganza, 40 x 40 cm, 3-ply, 1/8 fold | cellulose, FSC®-mix
Napkins Eleganza, 40 x 40 cm, 3-ply, 1/8 fold made of cellulose, FSC®-mix by Hygostar Discover the first-class dinner napkins of the Eleganza product range here. Eleganza napkins are made of pure cellulose - in 3 layers. They are therefore particularly soft, pleasant and absorbent. In addition, cellulose napkins are cheaper than comparable products made of airlaid or fabric and offer you optimum value for money. The paper napkins have a large format of 40 cm x 40 cm and are ideal for dinners or multi-course menus. But these large, colourful napkins are also ideal for catering and events. Cellulose is a plant-based material and therefore environmentally friendly. The Eleganza napkins are also FSC® certified and come from guaranteed responsible, sustainable sources. Properties of napkins, 40 x 40 cm eleganza made of cellulose: intense and colourful: paper napkins made of cellulose large 40 x 40 cm napkins, ideal for dinners and multi-course menus high quality made of pure cellulose absorbent and soft thanks to 3 layers 1/8 fold environmentally friendly material, FSC® certified very good price-performance ratio
Bio napkins Nature, 1-ply | recycled paper, FSC®-Recycled
Organic napkins Nature, 1-ply | recycled paper, FSC®-Recycled from NatureStar The organic napkins made from 100% recycled paper are environmentally friendly and ideal for restaurants, catering and all takeaway areas. The natural brown colour shows your guests at first glance that these are sustainable organic napkins. The single-ply recycled paper comes from responsible sources. The FSC® Recycled label indicates that the forest-based materials used in these napkins are recycled, thus ensuring the sustainable use of the world's forests. The organic napkins are available in different sizes and fold types. Choose between a 1/4 fold or a compact 1/8 fold. Advantages of the 1-ply FSC®-Recycled organic napkins at a glance: sustainable, made from 100% recycled paper resource-saving, as 1-ply FSC®-Recycelt-certified natural brown, embossed surface available in the formats 24 x 24 cm or 33 x 33 cm organic napkins in 1/4 fold or 1/8 fold environmentally friendly alternative to conventional napkins
Cutlery Pouches "Classic" | Paper, FSC®-certified
Cutlery Pouches Classic made of paper, FSC®-certified from Hygostar The cutlery pouch Classic is suitable for any occasion thanks to its timeless design. You can choose from different combinations of the differently colored paper pouches and two-layer napkins. The features of the cutlery pouches Classic made of paper, FSC®-certified timeless and always suitable design choice of different color combinations between pouch and napkin two-ply cellulose napkin FSC®-certified paper pouch
Dispenser napkins, 25.5 x 15.5 cm, 2-ply | cellulose
Dispenser napkins made of cellulose, 2-ply Together with the matching dispenser, these napkins make a particularly hygienic system for handing out napkins to your guests. The paper napkins fit perfectly into the dispenser art.-no. 88823, where they are hygienically stored and protected from dust and dirt. At the same time, the paper napkins are immediately at hand and can be removed individually from the dispenser. Thanks to their special folding, when the first napkin is pulled out, the beginning of the next napkin is immediately ready. The napkins are made of 2-ply cellulose. Cellulose is purely vegetable, absorbent and soft. Dispenser napkins are a hygienic service for your guests and ideal for to-go areas, restaurants and events. Advantages of paper napkins for dispensers at a glance paper napkins for dispensers hygienic storage and dispensing of napkins pure cellulose, 2-ply open format: 25.5 x 15.5 cm folded format: 8.5 x 15.5 cm matching napkin dispenser art.-no. 88823
Napkins Eleganza, 40 x 40 cm, 1-ply, 1/4 fold | airlaid, FSC®-mix
Napkins Eleganza in 1/4 fold made of airlaid in FSC®-mix Airlaid napkins feel like cloth napkins. They are particularly high-quality, skin-friendly and soft. Airlaid is based on cellulose and is able to absorb liquids very well thanks to its absorbency. The Eleganza napkins are made from FSC-certified cellulose and are therefore produced sustainably. They are ideal as a valuable table decoration for multi-course menus at brunch, lunch or dinner. Whether Christmas, Easter, christening or confirmation: the napkins can be used for many occasions thanks to the large selection of colours. For example, buy the black napkins here in the shop for a particularly modern, stylish look. Advantages of the Eleganza napkins made of airlaid, FSC® mix at a glance: high quality and absorbent like cloth napkins 1-ply airlaid, soft and absorbent FSC®-certified hard-wearing and stable, textile quality easy to fold, colourfast made in Germany size 40 x 40 cm, 1/4 fold many colours available - also black napkins
Refreshing wet wipes lemon | viscose/PES
Refreshing wet wipes lemon made of viscose/PES in a dispenser box Lemon refreshing wipes offer a quick and hygienic solution to keep your hands clean anytime, anywhere. Made from soft, absorbent viscose-PES blend, these moist refreshing wipes clean your hands thoroughly and also remove sticky or greasy residues. With a refreshing lemon scent, the wipes leave a fresh and pleasant fragrance. Refreshing wipes are ideal when hand washing is not possible, for example during events, when travelling or directly after eating finger food. The refreshing wipes are hygienically packed individually in a sachet to ensure the purity of each wipe. Properties of refreshing wet wipes lemon at a glance with lemon scent made of viscose/PES, high quality and soft refreshing hand cleansing for in-between and on the go also remove sticky or greasy residues  individually packed in sachets 100 sachets in dispenser box