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Franz Mensch offers you important disposable products for care & medicine. So your staff works efficiently and your patients feel comfortable. Order wash gloves, couch pads, beak cups, swabs, linens and more here.

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Disposable bed underlay "Dry & Smooth"
Die obere Seite (Liegeseite) der Patientenunterlage besteht aus hautfreundlichem PP, die Unterseite aus wasserdichtem PE. In der Mitte befindet sich ein saugfähiger Kern aus Zellstoff-Flocken. Dieser Kern wird von 2 Tissue-Lagen "festgehalten", damit nichts verrutscht und der Bettschutz jederzeit zuverlässig ist. Dank dieser Materialien bietet die hautfreundliche Unterlage einen hochwertigen Bettschutz und eignet sich für den Kranken- und Pflegebedarf als zuverlässige Inkontinenzversorgung.
Feeding cups | cardboard
Feeding cups made of cardboard from Hygostar This disposable sippy cup is a real problem solver and was developed together with a Munich hospital to improve everyday life in nursing homes and hospitals. With the beak cup made of hard paper and the matching beak lid made of plastic, the result is a hygienic, economical and low-cost drinking aid for seniors and patients. Especially in the medical field, where multi-resistant pathogens such as MRSA can occur, the paper beak cup offers many advantages. On the one hand, you avoid dangerous cross-contamination and increase the quality of care in your hospital. Because every patient is guaranteed to always receive a hygienically fresh cup. Secondly, the disposable sippy cup is made of double-walled, sturdy hard paper and is therefore significantly cheaper than conventional plastic sippy cups. In addition, this paper cup does not need to be rinsed, but can simply be disposed of or recycled after use. In everyday care, this means an enormous time saving, because annoying steps such as rinsing or re-drying after the dishwasher are no longer necessary. This is what the management of the hospital in Dahme says about the beak cups:"Plastic beakers are not really an alternative for us. The cups often come out of the dishwasher still wet and our employees need one cloth per cup to dry them. That's unhygienic and absolutely not economical." Tip: Find here the matching lid for the beak cup (art.-no. 40063) Features of hard paper beak cup at a glance: significantly cheaper than conventional plastic sippy cups extremely hygienic, since disposable made of hard paper, very stable Double-walled with insulating cavity: keeps food warm for longer and the outside cool for better cup handling very light, easy to grip - also for seniors odorless and tasteless dimensionally stable even with hot drinks water-repellent, food-safe PE film for more tightness individually printable with your logo, already from 50.000 pieces - just ask for it Double wall technology: Super insulated and warm longer Double-walled paper cups have very good insulating properties. This means that the contents or the drink is kept warm longer and at the same time the outside does not overheat, so you can easily hold the cup with your hands. The secret lies in the hollow space between the two layers of paper. The air serves as an insulating layer and allows the heat to penetrate noticeably slower than with plastic cups or single-walled paper cups. The product test clearly shows: The temperature of the disposable sippy cup remains very constant over a test period of 10 minutes. The disposable paper cup insulates better than the reusable plastic sippy cup. The contents cool down only very slowly and are thus still pleasantly warm after 10 minutes.
extremely hygienic
Disposable blanket "Hygocare Standard" | 6-ply
6 Tissue-Lagen von einer PP-Vlies Außenhülle umschlossen Maße: ca. 190 x 110 cm, Gewicht: ca. 260 g angenehm weich und körperfreundlich atmungsaktiv wärmespeichern, dank guter Thermoeigenschaften saugfähig einfache Entsorgung sehr hygienisch, einzeln in Beutel verpackt für Krankenhäuser, Ambulanzen, Krankentransporte, Feuerwehr, Katastrophenschutzeinrichtungen
Mouth spatula | Birch wood
BIO Mouth spatula by Naturestar The wooden mouth spatulas are made in splinter-free quality. They also have a smooth surface and are rounded at the edges. The Mundspatel are made of sturdy, splinter-free birch wood and therefore particularly environmentally friendly. Characteristics of the wooden mouth spatula: made of birchwood rounded ends stable, smooth and shatterproof Environmentally friendly food safe
Cellulose swabs - on roll
Cell pads - ready to use. Especially practical: The swabs are pre-punched and on a roll. So they can be torn off quickly and easily. 12 layers of cellulose pre-punched, 500 pieces on a roll dimensionally stable and abrasion resistant very absorbent also suitable for cosmetics
Mattress cover | CPE
Der Matratzen-Spannbezug ist aus blauem, chloriertem Polyethylen (CPE) in der Stärke ca. 4 my gefertigt. Der Matratzen-Spannbezug aus CPE schützt das Bett perfekt vor Schmutz. Außerdem ist dieser Bezug absolut flüssigkeitsdicht und atmungsaktiv. Darüber hinaus ist er auch für Allergiker geeignet. Die Einsatzmöglichkeiten für den CPE- Spannbezug erstrecken sich auf den Kranken-und Pflegebereich.
Disposable bib with opening for head
Das Einweglätzchen LEICHT besteht aus einer Lage Zellstoff, die mit einer Beschichtung aus Polyethylen versehen ist. Das Einweglätzchen ist saugfähig und mit einer großen Auffangtasche versehen. Außerdem hat das Lätzchen LEICHT noch eine vorgestanzte Öffnung für den Kopf, die ein schnelles Umhängen und einen sicheren Halt ermöglicht. Einsatzmöglichkeiten für das Einweglätzchen LEICHT bieten sich vor allem in der Patienten und Altenpflege.

5 good reasons for care & medical needs from Franz Mensch

2 strong brands

Hygostar - highest demands are met by innovative premium products and a good price-performance ratio.
Hygoclean - high-quality products for complete hygiene. The cleaning products are ideally suited for the highly sensitive areas in hospitals, operating theaters and nursing homes.


You need certified goods? At Franz Mensch, all disposable products naturally meet the required norms and standards, such as CE, HACCP, or ISEGA.


At Franz Mensch you buy more than just disposable clothing. Benefit from a unique inclusive service and save yourself a lot of time and effort. From storage to call-off orders and drop shipment to complete logistics: fast, reliable, and convenient for you.

Brochures about care & medical needs

Medical & Care supplies by Franz Mensch


Care supplies, disposables and first aid

A fast response can be vital in emergency situations. With top-quality products at a favourable price from the Franz Mensch First Aid product range you can provide on-site support. With plasters in various sizes, smaller injuries can quickly be taken care of. A First Aid kit is an essential element of the Medical & Care Supplies range. A fire blanket should also be within easy reach at all times, to extinguish burning fat in an emergency. In the case of an eye injury, every second counts. With the ocular rinsing solution available from Franz Mensch you can rinse without delay to minimize the damage to the eye.

Suitable accessories for hospitals, doctor’s surgeries and medical offices, nursing homes and retirement homes are an integral part of the Medical & Care Supplies range from Franz Mensch. We want you to be well-equipped, so you can concentrate on taking care of the medical needs of the people who are entrusted to you and your employees.

A mattress cover is very useful to protect the patient bed or the nursing bed against dirt. Thanks to integrated elastics at the corners, it is easy to put on and non-slip. A freshly made bed with clean bedclothes can be protected by a bed cover. For the nursing care of sick and incontinent patients, patient underlays for partial bed protection are an important part of Medical & Care Supplies. The upper surface made of PP nonwoven fabric is pleasant to the touch, the PE underside is impermeable, and the tissue core provides excellent absorption capacity. Protective underlays help to keep patients and beds clean.

If patients’ beds are changed often, disposable bedlinens for duvets and pillows as well as disposable pillows are very useful. They are air permeable and soft and let your patients sleep well at night.

In addition to impeccable medical equipment, in the professional medical and care sector you need the right Medical & Care Supplies to assist you. Disposable bibs that are put over the head or just stuck onto clothing are very convenient: They help patients and residents to stay clean during meals, they protect the clothes, and they are equipped with a catch pocket for food spills.

The patients‘ personal hygiene is an important factor, too. Pleasantly soft washing gloves assist in professional body care to clean the skin.

Specifically for patient transports there are disposable stretcher sheets which are just put onto the stretcher. They have perfect measurements and are very absorbent, highly tear resistant, waterproof and skin friendly. This is a perfect solution if the stretcher sheets have to be changed frequently and fast. Disposable stretcher sheets are available in different yarn strengths, which account for the material’s stability and tear resistance.

The high-quality patient’s blankets from Franz Mensch store body heat very well and are therefore often used in ambulance cars. For the transport of corpses, Franz Mensch supplies a body bag. It is fully opaque, impermeable to liquids and blood, and fitted with four carrier handles.


Franz Mensch also offers a wide choice of products for doctor’s offices. Viruses and germs are omnipresent. In order to keep the transmission risk as low as possible, it is important to change medical accessories after each patient. These include oral spatulas, cellulose swabs and examination couch covers made of tissue. Specifically for dentists there is an inexpensive patient napkin which is waterproof, thanks to its PE foil coating, and can simply be disposed of after the treatment.

Franz Mensch supplies a wide range of other products to protect you and your employees, so you can concentrate fully on your patients‘ medical care needs. Browse through the online shop now to find suitable disposable gloves, occupational clothing, and shoes.