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Cleaning kits

Coordinated cleaning kits make the work much easier. With complete sweeping sets, window cleaning sets or professional cleaning trolleys, all utensils are ready for immediate use. Discover all cleaning sets in this category.

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Vermop TopLock, window cleaning set
Window cleaning set TopLock from Vermop The Vermop window cleaning set TopLock contains eight practical helpers for dry and wet cleaning of windows, glass panes and smooth surfaces. It guarantees professional cleaning without leaving streaks or residues. With the telescopic pole it is possible to work quickly and thus fatigue-free. The set also includes a safety scraper to remove stickers or paint residue. The features of the window cleaning set TopLock at a glance: set with 8 components cleaning without residues or streaks safety scraper removes stickers and paint residues thanks to the telescopic pole, work can be done quickly without getting tired
Vermop wet mop trolley Aquva 2 x 17 l
Wet mop trolley Aquva 2 x 17 l by Vermop The Aquva wet mop trolley is made mostly of plastic and is equipped with a stainless steel bar that allows comfortable pushing in an upright posture. It is particularly characterized by its two functional buckets, each with a capacity of 17 liters, and also has stable presses. The cleaning trolley can be stored in a space-saving way and is therefore always ready to hand. Thus it is ideal for daily wet cleaning of heavily soiled surfaces. Features of the wet mop trolley Aquva at a glance: made of plastic with stainless steel bar for easy pushing with two buckets of 17 liters capacity and stable presses ideal for daily cleaning of heavily soiled surfaces always ready to hand, thanks to space-saving storage
Vermop Equipe Sprint, cleaning trolley
Cleaning trolley Equipe Sprint by Vermop The cleaning trolley Equipe Sprint is made of high-quality recycled plastic. Thanks to the ideal configuration concept, it has a high loading capacity and offers a lot of space for disposal, supply and dosing. The easily and quickly adjustable functions enable extremely ergonomic and effective work. In addition, the Equip Sprint can be combined with all Vermop floor cleaning systems. Thanks to its innovative design, it can be used in many sectors. Features of the cleaning trolley Equipe Sprint at a glance: Material made from recycled plastic high loading capacity and a lot of space enables ergonomic work easy and fast adjustable functions can be combined with all Vermop floor cleaning systems
Vermop sweeping set complete
Sweeping set complete from Vermop The Vermop sweeping set complete is made of polypropylene and aluminum handle. The broom is equipped with a movable handle joint to allow ergonomic work for the user. The dirt can be hygienically stored in the closed container of the shovel. In addition, the sweeping set has an adjustable hook for attachment to a cleaning trolley. This makes the Vermop sweeping set completete ideal for floor cleaning and floor care in indoor and protected outdoor areas. The features of the sweeping set complete at a glance: made of PP with aluminum handle ergonomic work possible thanks to movable handle joint on the broom with adjustable hook for attachment to cleaning trolley dirt hygienically stored
Vermop sweeping set Des
Sweeping set Des from Vermop The sweeping set Des is made of polypropylene and has an aluminum handle. To clean hard to reach places, the set is equipped with a movable handle joint. On it there is a rubber lip, which can be hygienically stored in the closed container of the shovel. Thanks to an adjustable hook, the attachment to a cleaning trolley is variable. Thus, the sweeping set DES can be used for floor cleaning and floor care in all industries. The features of the sweeping set Des at a glance: made of PP with aluminum handle movable handle joint with rubber lip for cleaning hard to reach places rubber lip can be stored hygienically thanks to adjustable hook variable attachment to the cleaning trolley
Vermop AquvaViz Press, cleaning trolley
AquvaViz Press, cleaning trolley by Vermop The AquaViz Press is a compact cleaning trolley and is made of robust plastic. It offers an ideal system solution for waste disposal and maintenance cleaning of small areas and is flexibly maneuverable and extremely agile. Thanks to its size, it is ideally suited for confined spaces. The AquaViz provides a clear overview and quick access to all materials carried. The VK 4 press makes the cleaning trolley particularly suitable for wet cleaning. Features of AquvaViz Press, cleaning trolley at a glance: compact cleaning cart, made of plastic ideal for waste disposal and maintenance cleaning can be used in confined spaces due to high turning and maneuvering ability creates a clear overview and quick access  due to the VK 4 press especially suitable for cleaning wet floors

How cleaning sets increase your efficiency and save time in your day-to-day work

As a hygiene professional, Franz Mensch offers you a wide range of professional cleaning sets that are specially designed for the high demands of the commercial sector. No matter whether you are cleaning in catering, medicine, hospitals or the food industry. The professional cleaning sets offer you everything you need for efficient and thorough cleaning. From complete sweeping sets to window cleaning sets and cleaning trolleys - at Franz Mensch you will find the ideal tools for every cleaning task.


The advantages of ready-made cleaning sets:

  • All utensils are ready to use and quickly to hand, so you don't waste valuable time searching for the right equipment.
  • Our products are also made from high-quality materials that ensure a long service life and durability when used with a wide range of cleaning agents.

The sweeping sets, for example, are made of robust plastic and equipped with an ergonomic handle. The window cleaning sets contain everything you need for streak-free cleanliness - from a squeegee and squeegee to a telescopic pole. The cleaning trolleys enable efficient transport of cleaning agents and utensils directly to the place of use.

Regardless of whether you work in the food industry and have to fulfil the highest hygiene standards, or are responsible for the cleanliness of offices and production facilities as a building cleaner: With high-quality cleaning sets, you and your team are ideally equipped.

Cleaning kits help to save a lot of time and money in everyday working life. Read a summary of the most important points here:

  • Time saving: With a cleaning kit, all the necessary utensils and cleaning agents are immediately to hand. This saves valuable time that would otherwise be spent gathering individual products.
  • Cost savings: Buying a complete set instead of individual products saves costs because a complete set is always cheaper than the sum of the individual parts.
  • Coordinated products: The products contained in a set are optimally matched to each other. This ensures a high level of cleaning effectiveness and prevents damage caused by the wrong combination of cleaning utensils.
  • Easy to use: Cleaning sets are generally designed to be simple and intuitive to use. This saves familiarisation time and enables even inexperienced users to use them effectively.
  • Mobility and transport: Complete cleaning sets, such as the cleaning trolleys from Franz Mensch, are designed so that you can transport them easily. This is a decisive advantage, particularly in large companies and in building cleaning, as mobile use on site is possible.
  • Hygiene: The use of professional cleaning sets helps to maintain a high standard of hygiene, which is particularly essential in the food industry, medicine and catering.

All in all, cleaning kits offer an efficient, cost-effective and user-friendly solution for professional cleaning tasks. Order your new cleaning kits today and experience how easy and efficient commercial cleaning can be. Franz Mensch is your partner for professional cleaning solutions - put your trust in our expertise and many years of experience. We look forward to receiving your order!