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Ansell ActivArmr® 78-110, cold protection gloves
Cold protection gloves ActivArmr® 78-110 from Ansell The ActivArmr® 78-110 cold protection glove provides excellent safeguard against cold, thanks to its thermal insulation and special hollow fibers. ActivArmr® 78-110 has been manufactured without any seams, thus ensuring the best possible wearing comfort. It can come into contact with food without hesitation and additionally protects the wearer from cuts. The breathable cold protection glove can easily be worn on both hands. For hygienic use, the knitted ActivArmr® 78-110 can be machine washed at up to 40 °C. It is ideal for use in the food industry, cold storage and outdoor use in winter. The features of the cold protection gloves ActivArmr® 78-110: thermal insulation of the skin material made of hollow fibers increased comfort without seams can be worn on both sides tolerates wash cycles up to 40 °C suitable for the food industry or for outdoor use at low temperatures
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Ansell AlphaTec® 19-026, chemical protection gloves
Chemical protection gloves AlphaTec® 19-026 from Ansell The AlphaTec® 19-026 chemical protection gloves are made of neoprene and provide double thermal protection against heat and cold. The wearer is also safe from chemical hazards, as the AlphaTec® 19-026 successfully repels cleaning agents and solutions, as well as fending off grease and oil. The material of the chemical protection glove is extremely resistant, flexible and grippy. The AlphaTec® 19-026 chemical protection gloves can be optimally used in the event of unexpected leaks, spills or other releases. The features of the AlphaTec® 19-026 chemical protection gloves resistant neoprene 2-fold thermal protection against heat & cold keeps the wearer safe from chemical & mechnical injuries high flexibility & grip of the material ideal for use in case of leakages, spills, etc.
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Ansell AlphaTec® 37-510, chemical protection gloves
Chemical protection gloves AlphaTec® 37-510 from Ansell The AlphaTec® 37-510 chemical protection gloves, made of nitrile, are characterized by their 0,28 mm wall thickness and the excellent integration of UltraGrip™, the diamond-shaped structure on the palm-area. The AlphaTec® 37-510 is manufactured entirely without latex and provides excellent finger flexibility, even in an environment with lower temperatures. The chemical protective glove is food-safe and protects its wearer from mechanical hazards. The features of the chemical protection gloves AlphaTec® 37-510 from nitrile 0,28 mm wall thickness integrated UltraGrip™ without latex best finger flexibility, even in cold weather food safe protection from mechanical hazards
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Ansell AlphaTec® 37-310, chemical protection gloves
Chemical protection gloves AlphaTec® 37-310 from Ansell AlphaTec® 37-310 chemical protection gloves are mad of nitrile, offer excellent comfort when worn and protect the wearer from weak acids. The chemical protection glove contains no latex or silicone and is food safe. The 0,2 mm thick material wall enables high sensitivity when touching and is at the same time extremely robust and hard-wearing. Oils, fats and liquids are successfully blocked out by the AlphaTec® 37-310. The features of the chemical protection gloves AlphaTec® 37-310 excellent wearing comfort repels weak acids made without latex & silicone food safe wall thickness: 0,2 mm high touch sensitivity robust & hard-wearing protection against oils, greases and liquids
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Ansell AlphaTec® 58-735, chemical protection gloves
Chemical protection gloves AlphaTec® 58-735 from Ansell The AlphaTec® 58-735 chemical protection gloves are the best choice for protection against chemicals and cuts. INTERCEPTTM Cut Resistant Technology provides reliable protection with ISO C-level cut protection without restricting the finger movement. The AlphaTec® 58-735 offers excellent grip on wet, dry and even oily surfaces. The cuff of the chemical protection glove can be turned up to provide protection for the forearms. AlphaTec® 58-735 has a nitrile coating, is certified as food-safe and complies with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100. It is ideal for mixing and loading chemicals or disposing of broken glass. The features of the chemical protection gloves AlphaTec® 58-735 protection against chemicals and cuts secure hold on wet, oily and dry surfaces turnable cuff for more protection nitrile coating food safe complies with Oeko-Tex®- Standard 100  suitable for mixing and loading chemicals or disposal of broken glass
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Ansell AlphaTec® 87-195, chemical protection gloves
Chemical protection gloves AlphaTec® 87-195 from Ansell The AlphaTec® 87-195 latex chemical protection gloves are perfectly suitable for wearers getting allergic reactions to conventional gloves. When worn, the chemical protection glove provides an unadulterated sense of touch, with a wall thickness of 0,35 mm. The inside of the AlphaTec® 87-195 has a pleasant flocked finish and the outer material is robust, making it suitable for light loads. The entire AlphaTec® 87-195 is safe for contact with food. The AlphaTec® 87-195 chemical protection gloves are best used, for example, during cleaning operations or in building management. The features of the chemical protection gloves AlphaTec® 87-195 made of latex suitability for otherwise high tendency to allergic reactions genuine sense of touch 0,35 mm wall thickness flocked interior for more comfort withstands light loads harmless contact with food use for cleaning or building management
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Ansell AlphaTec® Solvex® 37-185, chemical protection gloves
Chemical protection gloves AlphaTec® Solvex® 37-185 from Ansell The superiorly comfortable chemical protection gloves AlphaTec® Solvex® 37-185 is manufactured from nitrile and protects from various chemical hazards. The robust outer material features a strong resistance towards abraison. The chemical protection glove keeps its wearer extremely safe, outfitted with an extra long cuff up to the elbow. The AlphaTec® Solvex® 37-185 is safe for handling food and is best to be used in e.g. the food proccessing, metal fabrication or chemical industry. The features of the chemical protection gloves AlphaTec® Solvex® 37-185 extremely comfortable from nitrile protection from a wide range of chemical hazards minimized abraison of material extra long cuff for safety up to the elbow safe for handling foods excellent for the food proccessing, metal fabrication or chemical industry
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Ansell AlphaTec® Solvex® 37-676, chemical protection gloves
Chemical protection gloves AlphaTec® Solvex® 37-676 from Ansell The chemical protection gloves AlphaTec® Solvex® 37-676 are comfortable and secure reusable gloves made from nitrile. The material is especially erosion-proof, features perfect dexterity and comes in a wall thickness of 0,38 mm. Another small but significant detail about the AlphaTec® Solvex® 37-676 is, that the inner-hand side is covered with a lozenge-shaped texture for best gripping experience. The chemical protection gloves is safe for food and comes with the pratical trait of having an extended sleeve for extra safety. The features of the chemical protection gloves AlphaTec® Solvex® 37-676 pleasent wear-feel nitrile gloves erosion-proof excellent dexterity 0,38 mm wall thickness lozenge-shaped texture for more grip food safe extended sleeve for more safety & protection
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Ansell Edge® 48-128, multipurpose gloves
Multipurpose gloves Edge® 48-128 from Ansell The Edge® 48-128 multipurpose gloves are the perfect companion for light-duty work. They are made of knitted cotton, which lies comfortably on the skin and is coated with a nitrile layer to absorb harder impacts and prevent abrasion. The material feels light, tolerates contact with oil and allows unlimited finger mobility for the wearer. The multi-purpose glove is ideal for general work in the automotive industry or when working with machines and equipment. The features of the multipurpose gloves Edge® 48-128 for light-duty work made of knitted cotton with a nitrile coating absorbs shocks avoids abrasion light wearing comfort tolerates oil unlimited mobility of fingers and hands for general work in the automotive industry

Glove system Quick&Clean

The glove system Quick&Clean is ideal for use in food stores, bakeries, confectioneries or at the sales counter.
For touching food, it can be quickly put on and just as quickly put back on the holder.
This allows a much more hygienic workflow in areas where food and money quickly alternated.

Thanks to its adapted shape and handling, the Quick&Clean Kit can even be used in confined checkout areas.
In addition, it can be attached to the counter or mobile on the body.

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Detectable products

Hygiene, safety and quality in the food industry

Legal production requirements are extremely high in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries. Work materials or clothing that enter the production chain can lead to serious consequences. This can be effectively prevented by using detectable products. Detectable items have incorporated metal particles that can be detected by metal detectors, providing a safe solution. The detectors uncover foreign bodies and impurities, and the blue colour additionally ensures visual recognition.

Discover the variety of detectable products

  • Detectable pens in various styles, colours, clipboards, tokens and more.

  • Discover everything from card and document holders to key chains and cable ties to detectable brushes, brooms and shovels here.

  • Equip your employees with detectable, injury-proof safety knives.

  • At Franz Mensch, you can get detectable protective clothing from head to toe.

  • Safety first! Mit den detektierbaren Verbandskästen und Pflastern sind Sie auf den Ernstfall vorbereitet.

Office equipment

From dispensers to first aid kits: office equipment for professionals

Discover the world of business equipment in the Franz Mensch online shop - your reliable partner for hygiene products and protective clothing. Our category for business equipment offers you a wide range of high-quality dispensers, wall holders, organisation systems, first aid materials and detectable products.


Overview of the range:

  • Organising systems such as the Bonschine Catchball for the hygienic clamping of notes, receipts, plans and much more
  • First aid equipment for businesses, special first aid kits for the catering and food industry
  • Detectable products: From ballpoint pens to bonnets - Franz Mensch offers you a uniquely large selection of detectable products for the food industry. Find out more here.
  • Wall holders and dispensers for consumables and hygiene products systematically increase the standard of hygiene in your company.
  • Safety knives - hand protection and safety during storage and packaging work.


Work safely, organise wisely: Workplace equipment for winners

Optimise your workplace with our intelligent dispenser solutions. Whether for gloves, bonnets or disinfectants - easy access combined with the highest standards of hygiene is guaranteed. The dispensers are made from durable materials and are very easy to clean.

The wall shelves, hygiene and organisation systems promise organisation at the highest level. With their well thought-out design and easy handling, they ensure a structured working environment. Because hygiene needs organisation.

Safety first - first aid equipment for emergencies is a legal requirement and makes sense. Well equipped and easily accessible, they enable quick and effective action in an emergency.

Benefit from sector-specific solutions for catering, medicine, hospitals, the food industry and industry. With Franz Mensch, you can rely on quality and safety - for smooth and hygienic operations in your business.

Act now and optimise your business equipment with products from Franz Mensch. Discover the variety in our online shop and benefit from fast delivery and first-class products. Rely on a clean and safe working environment - with Franz Mensch.