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Kleen Purgatis glas detergent
Glass detergent from Kleen Purgatis The powerful glass detergent comes with the characteristics to be non-foaming and easily to be rinsed off. The balanced composition of the glass detergent has been specially developed to clean glass and porcelain optimally in glasswashers, with a pH value 14. The glasswashing detergent is also environmentally friendly and gentle on materials. Features of the glass detergent powerful and non-foaming glass detergent easy to rinse off gentle to materials due to balanced composition of ingredients pH value 14 environmentally friendly
Dosing pump DIN 45 | plastic
Dosing pump DIN 45 made of plastic from Hygoclean This dosing pump makes the removal of disinfectants, cleaning agents and other liquids very hygienic and convenient. The plastic pump is ideal for canisters and containers with a thread diameter of 45 mm. This corresponds to the DIN 45 thread standard. The DIN 45 dosing pump is simply screwed on and is immediately ready for use. For small canisters or bottles, shorten the riser tube with scissors. Approx. 20 ml are pumped per stroke. This dosage is very economical and prevents wastage of disinfectants. The withdrawal pump for canisters is universally suitable for all industries.  Features of the dosing pump DIN 45 at a glance: fast and clean withdrawal, no spillage economical and economic dosing, without wastage per pump stroke approx. 20 ml fits on all threads with 45 mm diameter too long riser tube simply shorten with scissors
Revitalizing hand care cream
Handpflege Creme, Nachhaltig pflegen - Hautpflege nach der Arbeit: revitalisierende Pflegecremeberuhigt beanspruchte Hautsehr mild und verträglich (Derma-Test "sehr gut")zieht sehr schnell ein - spart Zeit und kann auch zwischen Arbeitsgängen aufgetragen werdensehr ergiebig und sparsam im Verbrauch - kleinste Mengen reichen aus, einfach auf der gereinigten Haut einreiben
Hand disinfection Lotio Sept Basic | non-alcoholic
Hand disinfection Lotio Sept Basic | non-alcoholic The hand disinfection Lotio Sept Basic is an alcohol-free disinfection. It is used for hygienic disinfection of the hands and can be applied immediately, as the hand disinfection is already ready for use. Thanks to an aloe vera content, the disinfection is well tolerated by the skin. For a moment, the hand disinfection is virucidal, bactericidal and levurocidal. That is why the hand disinfection Lotio Sept Basic is suitable for all areas of human hygiene. Properties of Hand disinfection Lotio Sept Basic | non-alcoholic at a glance: hygienic and ready for use limited virucidal, bactericidal and levurocidal effect dermatologically tested "very good" well tolerated by the skin, contains aloe vera for all areas of human hygiene
Hand brush
Die Handbürste hat einen ergonomischen Griff und weist dadurch einen sicheren Halt in der Hand auf. Die harten Borsten tragen dazu bei, dass grober und haftender Schmutz besser entfernt werden kann. Fasersträke ,5 mmBosten sind vorne breiterergonomischer Griff
Organic paper hand towels, 2-ply | recycled paper, V-fold
Organic paper hand towels made of recycled paper, V-fold from NatureStar. The paper hand towels with V-fold are a particularly convenient and inexpensive alternative to towels made of fresh fibres. The organic disposable hand towels are made exclusively from recycled paper. This means that raw materials have been reused and resources have been effectively conserved. The recycled paper is 2-ply and has an embossed, absorbent surface. For hygienic hand drying and clean storage, you can find suitable wall holders and dispensers for paper hand towels with V-fold at Franz Mensch.  Properties of organic paper hand towels made of recycled paper at a glance:  made from recycled paper, 2-ply V-fold, laid embossed surface for more absorbency very hygienic hand drying ideal for highly frequented washrooms more sustainable than conventional paper made from virgin fibres matching dispensers available: folded towel dispensers made of stainless steel (art.-no. 88965) or plastic (art.-no. 88836).
Paper hand towels, 2-ply | recycled paper, V/ZZ-fold
Paper hand towels, 2-ply made of recycled paper from Hygoclean These paper hand towels with ZZ fold are an extremely economical and sustainable solution for drying hands. They are Franz Mensch's best-selling paper hand towels and are also ideal for busy washrooms and toilets. The folded towels are made of 100% environmentally friendly recycled paper. After use, you can simply dispose of the paper with the waste paper and close the material cycle. The towels are made of two layers so that they absorb liquids better. This way, your hands are dried faster and more thoroughly than with 1-ply paper hand towels. The embossed surface supports this effect and ensures good absorbency. The very good drying performance reduces waste and lowers consumption because even a single paper hand towel dries very well. The paper hand towels have a so-called ZZ-fold (also called V-fold) so that each towel can be removed individually. With the ZZ fold, the papers are folded into each other in such a way that when you pull them out, half of the next sheet is automatically ready. Because this type of fold looks like an interlocking "Z" or "V" when viewed from the side, this designation has become established. With folded towels with ZZ fold or V fold, each guest only touches their towel with their hands and the next person always has a hygienically fresh paper towel at their disposal. Together with the matching wall holder, these paper hand towels provide a very space-saving, low-noise and economical hygiene system. Matching dispenser for paper hand towels with ZZ fold: Art. no. 88836: Plastic dispenser for paper hand towels Art. no. 88965: Stainless steel dispenser for paper hand towels Properties of the paper hand towels with ZZ fold at a glance: no. 1 among paper hand towels 100 % recycled paper, 2-ply sustainable and very good drying embossed structure for better results low consumption = less waste and costs ZZ-fold for hygienic individual removal inexpensive with best price-performance ratio economical, space-saving and low-noise 
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Multi-purpose cloths set Tetra Premium | viscose/PP
Multi-purpose cloths set Tetra Premium made of viscose and PP from Hygoclean These multi-purpose cloths are premium quality and available in colour-sorted sets. The sets consist of 5 colours and are ideal for marking different work and hygiene areas. Hygiene with colour system significantly reduces cross-contamination and provides clear guidelines, e.g. yellow = sanitary, blue = production, red = kitchen, etc. Tetra Premium all-purpose wipes are available in white, yellow, pink, blue and green and can be used universally for cleaning in kitchens, hotels, hospital rooms or laboratory areas. Even stainless steel work surfaces and equipment are hygienically clean with the cleaning cloths - without streaks or residues. The Tetra Premium multi-purpose cloths are made of a high-quality fleece in textile quality.  The fleece is made from a mix of viscose (80%) and PP (20%) and, at approx. 145 g/m2, is very stable, hard-wearing and robust. The high viscose content makes the cleaning cloths very absorbent and thorough when it comes to mopping up wetness and dirt. Advantages of the Tetra Premium all-purpose wipe sets at a glance: highly absorbent premium quality All-purpose wipes in coloured sets: white, yellow, pink, blue, green Hygiene with colour system for visual identification of hygiene areas hard-wearing, boil-proof and reusable textile fleece made of 80 % viscose and 20 % PP stable quality with approx. 145 g/m2 very tightly needled, lint-free universally applicable also for streak-free cleaning of stainless steel
Wiping cloths Premium | airlaid, roll
Wiping cloth Premium made of airlaid, on a roll from Hygoclean The wiping cloth Premium made of 100% airlaid are extremely absorbent, food-safe and environmentally friendly. These high quality cloths offer outstanding absorbency, softness and tear resistance. They are ideal for kitchens, food areas and all types of wiping and cleaning. The wipes are biodegradable as well as compostable according to EN 13432 and are therefore a sustainable alternative to conventional wipes made of synthetic fibres. The double-sided embossing of the airlaid wipes ensures fast and high liquid absorption. The high-volume quality makes them extremely soft and grippy and ensures a pleasant and effective cleaning process. The wiping cloths on a roll are very tear-resistant, especially when wet - the perfect choice for anyone who values quality, sustainability and outstanding cleaning results. Advantages of the wiping cloth Premium made of airlaid on a roll at a glance high quality and high absorbency due to 100 % airlaid embossed surface on both sides for high absorbency fast and high liquid absorption food-safe and ideal for hygienic areas in kitchens and food production areas biodegradable and compostable according to EN 13432 soft, high volume quality very stable and tear-resistant even when wet on roll, with tear-off perforation for quick removal universally applicable for wiping and cleaning Small roll with 250 sheets, cloth size: 38 x 27 cm large roll with 500 sheets, cloth size: 40 x 38 cm also available laid (art.-no. 317430) or as a low-priced light version (art.-no. 317420) here in the shop Order now: HACCP-compliant table dispenser for wipes on a roll (art.-no. 88839)

Effective cleaning chemistry

Unlike cleaning, disinfecting kills pathogens. After disinfection, germs can no longer spread because the germ count is too low. This is also called germ reduction.
However, disinfection is only effective if surfaces or hands are completely wetted.

Disinfecting hands is more skin-friendly than washing. Thus, good hand disinfection does not harm the skin flora, but cares for it.
However, to achieve the ideal germ protection, the intended use, dosage and exposure time must be strictly observed.

Sustainable and innovative

Disposable products and environmental awareness are not contradictory. The NATUREStar brand stands for disposable products made from 100% renewable and compostable raw materials.
Even for areas of application where disposable products are required for hygienic reasons, value can be placed on sustainability.

Convince yourself of the organic cleaning products and request your free sample.
The special hygiene papers are made of recycled material, food safe and cheaper than standard products made of cellulose.

Broschures about cleaning & papers

Cleaning & papers at Franz Mensch


Hygiene and Disinfection

Many health care and industry organizations have their own health rules, but also laws and regulations that must be respected. This is not always easy in the professional life. Good hygiene management is, however, necessary in order to prevent germs and viruses from taking any chances and avoid transfers, thus ensuring personal and company hygiene. Franz Mensch helps you to implement professional and professional hygiene in accordance with HACCP. With fast - acting ready - to - use disinfectants especially for the food industry and the medical sector, as well as the ability to use customized solutions with a modular system, it is possible to cover a wide range of applications from floor to wall and floor surfaces to machines and machines to be cleaned and disinfected. There are ready-to-use high quality disposable paper towels and papers for quick disinfection in between and convenient pre-drained wipers for wiping disinfection and cleaning small surfaces. As a result, they not only avoid long preparatory phases, but also daily dosages of disinfectant concentrates and the use of textile wipers. This saves you time and money and ensures perfect hygiene when used correctly.


Hygiene and cleaning

Highly absorbent and washable tumblers and towels as well as utensils will assist you in your daily cleaning. Scrubbers, brooms and brushes made of plastic are ideal for use in hygiene-sensitive areas, since bacteria can not accumulate here. They withstand high temperatures and become hot after use. cleaned. These sanitary aids are HACCP-compliant and approved for direct contact with food. Safe disposal becomes more important in hygiene management; written. Franz Mensch offers you a wide assortment of polyethylene bags (PE) and sacks. Polyethylene is excellently suited for use as a rubbish bag due to its high temperature stability and ductility as well as its insensitivity to acids, bases, oils and water.


System solutions for skin protection and protection against infection

In terms of occupational hygiene, personal protection of personnel and personal hygiene should not be neglected. Franz Mensch has the solution: Skin protection on schedule. Protect, cleanse and care for your skin with Franz Mensch's certified skin protection program. Matching gloves, hand protection, disinfectants and care creams can be found here in the online shop.

Proper concentration, dosage and application of disinfectant, cleaning and care products are fundamental to the success of hygiene measures. Dispensers such as arm-lever wall dispensers or motion sensors, as well as various dosing units, help to ensure a high level of hygiene and cost-effectiveness and to make it easier for users to implement them.