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Order suitable dispensers and wall holders for gloves, gowns, bonnets, towels, soaps and disinfectants here. This way you have all products immediately at hand and hygienically stored. Tip: Dispensers made of stainless steel are easy to clean and especially recommended for hygiene-sensitive areas. 

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Tampon and pad dispenser Kompakt | stainless steel with white coating
Tampon and pad dispenser Kompakt made of stainless steel with white coating from HygocleanWith its attractive white appearance, the compact tampon dispenser looks particularly hygienic and is a universal fit for any style of washroom. Its particularly space-saving format makes it ideal for tight and very small spaces. The dispenser is divided into two sections and stores both tampons and sanitary towels neatly. You can load it with approx. 150 tampons (without applicator) and approx. 40 sanitary towels – for all common brands. The wall holder for tampons and sanitary towels is made of durable stainless steel and has a white coating. The two openings on the front are user-friendly and ensure hygienic removal.Advantages of the white tampon and pad dispenser at a glance:compact format, very space-saving2 in 1: wall holder for pads and tamponsmade of stainless steel, coated whitevery durable and hygienicspace for approx. 150 tampons without applicator and 40 sanitary towels (all common brands)2-part with 2 removal openingscan be refilled quickly via the flap at the toplockable 
Tampon and pad dispenser Kompakt | stainless steel
Tampon and pad dispensers Kompakt made of stainless steel from HygocleanThanks to their small size, the compact tampon dispensers also fit into tight toilet spaces. They are divided into two sections and offer space for approx. 150 tampons without applicators and 40 individually wrapped sanitary towels. The space-saving wall holders are made of robust stainless steel and store tampons and sanitary towels hygienically - protected from dust and moisture. Refilling is easy via the flap at the top.Advantages of the compact tampon and pad dispensers at a glance:compact format, ideal for narrow toiletsmade of stainless steel, very hygienic and durable2 compartments: for tampons and sanitary towelscan be filled with approx. 150 tampons and 40 pads (universal and independent of brand)easy to fill via the flap at the topuser-friendly, lockable
Glove dispenser Single | stainless steel
Glove dispenser Single made of stainless steel by Hygostar The stainless steel dispenser is the perfect addition for anyone who works with disposable gloves on a daily basis. It can be mounted on the wall to save space and offers particularly hygienic storage for glove boxes. The Hygostar and Hygonorm dispenser boxes fit exactly into the holder. The removal opening of the box faces the front so that the gloves can be removed quickly and easily. The wall holder is made of stainless steel and is therefore ideal for all hygiene areas in industry, production and food processing.  Advantages of the dispenser for disposable gloves made of stainless steel at a glance: suitable for all standard boxes from Hygostar and Hygonorm stainless steel space for 1 box with disposable gloves easy to fill: Simply slide in flexible mounting: crosswise or lengthwise space-saving and hygienic storage for disposable gloves
Glove dispenser Triple | stainless steel
Glove dispenser Triple made of stainless steel by Hygostar You can store 3 glove boxes hygienically and space-savingly in this wall holder. It is ideal if you need several sizes of gloves for your employees, for example. The boxes are simply placed in the dispenser one after the other from the top. The front of the boxes with the removal opening faces forwards and is therefore easily accessible. The wall holder fits all standard boxes with disposable gloves from Hygostar or Hygonorm. Depending on the space available, you can mount the dispenser either lengthways or crossways on the wall.   Advantages of the dispenser for disposable gloves made of stainless steel at a glance: fits exactly for the standard disposable gloves from Hygostar and Hygonorm made of stainless steel easy to clean and disinfect space for 3 glove boxes, e.g. for different sizes can be mounted crosswise or lengthwise space-saving
Face Mask dispenser | Stainless steel
Dieser Spenderhalter ist aus rostfreiem Edelstahl gefertigt und ist ein Halter für Mundschutz aus Polypropylen. Passend für folgende Artikel: Mundschutz mit Bindebändern, 3-lagig (Art. 29167, 29166) Mundschutz mit Gummibändern, 3-lagig (Art. 29177, 29176, 2917, 29175, 29178) Mundschutz mit Gummiband über Kopf, 3-lagig (Art. 29197)  
Multi-Dispenser | Acrylic
Acrylic multidispenser from Hygostar This multidispenser is perfect for disposable gloves, hoods, overshoes and also sleeve protectors. You can store versatile all your loose hygiene clothing in this dispenser. This keeps them hygienically stored and always at hand for employees or visitors in your business. The multidispenser is made of transparent, shatterproof acrylic glass, so you can always see the contents and fill level. Acrylic is a plastic that is much lighter and more robust compared to real glass. The dispenser is simply filled from the top via the lid. The lid made of solid PET is particularly stable and specially designed for daily opening and closing. The technology with the internal hinge allows the flap to close tightly and ensures that the contents remain protected from dirt. Features of the acrylic multidispenser at a glance: consists of acrylic glass unbreakable and light transparent for checking the filling level Opening of the lid facilitates the opening of the lid lid made of PET with internal hinge hygienic storage for all loose gloves, hoods, sleeve protectors, overshoes etc.
Paper Hand Towel dispenser | Plastic
Dieser Spenderhalter ist speziell für die Verwendung mit ineinander gefalteteten Papierhandtüchern geeignet. Zusammenmit diesen ergibt sich ein sehr wirtschaftliches, platzsparendes und geräuscharmes Hygienesystem. Der Faltpapierspender aus Kunststoff wird an der Wand montiert und ist abschließbar.
Dispenser for disposable Aprons | Stainless steel
Dieser Halter ist durch seine verschiebbaren Haken speziell für die Aufbewahrung geblockter Schürzen geeignet.