Order suitable dispensers and wall holders for gloves, gowns, bonnets, towels, soaps and disinfectants here. This way you have all products immediately at hand and hygienically stored. Tip: Dispensers made of stainless steel are easy to clean and especially recommended for hygiene-sensitive areas. 

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Glove dispenser "Triple" | Stainless steel
Praktischer Wandhalter für Handschuh-Boxen: Griffbereit, hygienisch und platzsparend: In diesem Edelstahlspender haben 3 Handschuhboxen Platz. Passend für alle HYGOSTAR® Verpackungen. rostfrei hygienische Aufbewahrung für Einweg-Handschuhe flexibel montierbar: quer oder längs  
Glove dispenser "Single" | Stainless steel
Der Spenderhalter EINZEL ist aus rostfreiem Edelstahl gefertigt und passt für alle HYGOSTAR® und HYGONORM® Einweg-Handschuhe. Ebenfalls für PE-Handschuhe geeignet.
Multi-Dispenser | stainless steel
Der Multispender für Hauben, Schutzärmel, Überschuhe ist aus rostfreiem Edelstahl mit einer durchsichtigen Front aus Plexiglas. Der Deckel kann zum Befüllen geöffnet werden.
Glove dispenser "Single Long" | Stainless steel
Der Spenderhalter ist aus rostfreiem Edelstahl gefertigt und ist für folgende Chemikalien-Handschuhe geeignet: High RiskSuper High RiskSecuritNeotycoonNeopremdetektierbare Handschuhe
Drip tray for 1,0l euro dispenser | plastic
Plastic Drip tray for 1,0l euro dispenser by Hygoclean The Drip tray is suitable for 1.000ml euro dispensers and consists of a stainless steel holder with a removable drip tray. The drip tray reduces the danger of slipping, because it catches surplus drops and so there is no wet floor. Moreover you just have to hang the stainless steel holder over the euro dispenser, without screws or drilling. Overview of the Drip tray for 1,0l euro dispenser: made of solid plastic compatible for 1.000 ml euro dispensers (art.88843,888432,888431) consits of stainless steel holder and removable drip tray reduces possible danger of slipping
Multi-Dispenser | Acrylic
Acrylic multidispenser from Hygostar This multidispenser is perfect for disposable gloves, hoods, overshoes and also sleeve protectors. You can store versatile all your loose hygiene clothing in this dispenser. This keeps them hygienically stored and always at hand for employees or visitors in your business. The multidispenser is made of transparent, shatterproof acrylic glass, so you can always see the contents and fill level. Acrylic is a plastic that is much lighter and more robust compared to real glass. The dispenser is simply filled from the top via the lid. The lid made of solid PET is particularly stable and specially designed for daily opening and closing. The technology with the internal hinge allows the flap to close tightly and ensures that the contents remain protected from dirt. Features of the acrylic multidispenser at a glance: consists of acrylic glass unbreakable and light transparent for checking the filling level Opening of the lid facilitates the opening of the lid lid made of PET with internal hinge hygienic storage for all loose gloves, hoods, sleeve protectors, overshoes etc.
Hood dispenser "Standard" | Stainless steel
Dieser Spender ist aus rostfreiem Edelstahl angefertigt und mit einem gummierten Entnahmeschlitz versehen. Der Spender STANDARD ist für die Aufbewahrung aller Arten von Standard-, Netz- und Baretthauben geeignet. Größe der Entnahmeöffnung: ca. 26, cm x 4, cm
Towel dispenser "Touchless" | Plastic
Towel dispenser "Touchless" made of plastic from Hygoclean Thank to its sensor system this dispenser works completely touchless: Hygienic handling without hands. The dispenser is ideal for often used sanitary and washing rooms. The length of the paper is individually adjustable. Therefore the towel dispenser is very economical. Suitable paper towels on roll by Hygoclean: Paper hand towel, art. 30445. Important advantages at a glance touchless, with sensor system for paper rolls without perforation manual paper tear-off on the side battery operated (4 x mono LR20) or manual feed lockable, incl. key wall mounting art. 88870, white: roll width 18-23 cm art. B88870, black: roll width 20-21 cm Notice: battery is not included. Fastening material is included.
Dispenser for disposable Aprons | Stainless steel
Dieser Halter ist durch seine verschiebbaren Haken speziell für die Aufbewahrung geblockter Schürzen geeignet.
Paper Hand Towel dispenser "Roll" | Plastic
This dispenser is used to store paper towels with internal unwinding. With this type of unwinding, the paper is wound onto a sleeve, which is pulled out and the paper is then unwound from the inside to the outside. The holder can be locked and is mounted on the wall. Suitable for the following articles: matching towel rolls: Art. 30410 - Towel rolls, 1-ply | cellulose, centerfeed Art. 30411 - Towel rolls, 1-ply | recycled paper, centerfeed Art. 30412 - Towel rolls, 2-ply | cellulose, centerfeed Art. 30414 - Towel rolls, 2-ply | recycled paper, centerfeed
Bulk dispenser Smart | stainless steel
Bulk dispenser Smart made of stainless steel from Hygostar The bulk dispenser Smart is an easy-to-clean housing for fast dispensing of small parts. On the front side is an opening for simple distributing of the contents, which can be e.g. earplugs, clip-on hoods or various other small objects. The features of the bulk dispenser Smart made of stainless steel: easy to clean front opening for removal fillable with e.g. earplugs or clip-on hoods
Dispenser for coats and overalls | stainless steel
Stainless steel dispenser for gowns and coveralls from Hygostar Stainless steel dispensers are ideal for hygienic storage of protective clothing and disposable clothing. This is because stainless steel is rustproof, durable and, thanks to its hardness, resistant to hot cleaning or disinfection. Stainless steel dispensers have a smooth surface and can therefore be thoroughly cleaned at any time. Hygostar gown and coverall dispensers are among the most popular dispensers at Franz Mensch. They store all large items of clothing such as loose visitor gowns, surgical gowns or disposable coveralls. Thanks to the viewing window on the front of the wall holder, you can always see the contents and filling quantity. The stainless steel wall holder is equipped with a large removal opening and can be easily refilled via the top flap. The features of the stainless steel dispenser at a glance hygienic stainless steel, rustproof robust and durable with inspection window to check the filling level quick removal thanks to large opening at the bottom easy refilling via the upper lid suitable for all loose gowns, overalls and large garments Why stainless steel for hygienic areas? Stainless steel has many advantages from a hygiene point of view. For one thing, stainless steel is rust-free and therefore ideal for sensitive manufacturing and hygiene areas. During production, foreign substances such as aluminum or sulfur are removed, resulting in a particularly pure steel. Secondly, stainless steel is extremely robust, stable and hard. It permanently withstands high temperatures and chemicals used in disinfection measures, cleaning or sterilization. Dispensers or work equipment made of stainless steel are a long-term and hygienic solution. This is because stainless steel also has a particularly smooth surface that does not become rough or cracked. This means that germs have no opportunity to settle on the surface.
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Double dispenser for disposable clothing "Double" | Acrylic
Double dispenser for disposable clothing "Double" | Acrylic This model is a real multidispenser. It can be used for bonnets, protective sleeves, gowns but also for overalls. The inclined lid helps to remove the products quickly, as the contents slide forward. Properties of double dispenser for disposable clothing "double" at a glance: Acryl, robust lid made of PET individually divisible by partition wall, 3 positions inclined lid prevents dust deposit quick removal thanks to inclined bottom, content slides to the front
Paper Hand Towel dispenser | Plastic
Dieser Spenderhalter ist speziell für die Verwendung mit ineinander gefalteteten Papierhandtüchern geeignet. Zusammenmit diesen ergibt sich ein sehr wirtschaftliches, platzsparendes und geräuscharmes Hygienesystem. Der Faltpapierspender aus Kunststoff wird an der Wand montiert und ist abschließbar.
Euro dispenser with lever arm 1,0l | Aluminium
Euro dispenser with lever arm 1,0l | Aluminium by Hygoclean The Euro dispenser with lever arm has an aluminum housing and is available in three different types. Article 88843 and 888431 have both a high quality pump made of stainless steel and only differ in the length of the lever arm - article 888431 has a long lever arm and article 88843 has a short lever arm. Article 888432 has a short lever arm and a favourable pump made of plastic. All dispensers are suitable for all one liter "Euro" bottles and offer a hygienic product removal, because the dispenser does not have to be operated by hands. Features of the Euro dispenser with lever arm 1,0l made of aluminum: hygienic product removal available in different types with different lever arms pump made of stainless steel or made of plastic suitable for all 1 liter bottles universally usable, e. g. for for soaps and disinfectants
Disinfectant dispenser with lever arm 0,5l | plastic
Disinfectant dispenser with lever arm 0,5l made of plastic from Hygoclean The disinfectant dispenser with arm lever is suitable for the common 500 ml sizes of disinfectants or soaps. The dispenser is operated with a practical arm lever, which can be set to three different dispensing volumes: 0,8 ml, 1,2 ml or 1,8 ml. The disinfectant dispenser has a durable plastic housing and can be locked. It can stand freely in the room or be mounted on a wall, for example in reception rooms of hospitals, schools or even restaurants. The features of the disinfectant dispenser with arm lever made from plastic for all common 500 ml bottles for disinfectants or soaps with practical arm lever variable output quantities can be locked solid plastic housing freestanding or wall mounting for use in reception rooms of hospitals, administrations or schools
Face Mask dispenser | Stainless steel
Dieser Spenderhalter ist aus rostfreiem Edelstahl gefertigt und ist ein Halter für Mundschutz aus Polypropylen. Passend für folgende Artikel: Mundschutz mit Bindebändern, 3-lagig (Art. 29167, 29166) Mundschutz mit Gummibändern, 3-lagig (Art. 29177, 29176, 2917, 29175, 29178) Mundschutz mit Gummiband über Kopf, 3-lagig (Art. 29197)  
Hood dispenser "Variabel" | Stainless steel
Dieser Spenderhalter ist aus rostfreiem Edelstahl und tiefenverstellbar. Er kann durch zwei Justierschrauben stufenlos zwischen 9 und 15 cm verstellt werden. Dadurch ist der haubenspender "Variabel" bestens für die Aufnahme aller HYGOSTAR® Hauben-Boxen geeignet.
Soap dispenser Simply Eco Touchless | plastic, SiCC cartridge
Soap dispenser Simply Eco Touchless made of plastic for SiCC cartridges The soap dispenser Simply Eco Touchless works without touching thanks to the hygienic sensor system. This is made of an ABS plastic and is therefore fully recyclable. To be able to check the fill level, it has a viewing window. The soap dispenser is very robust and lockable. Thus, the Simply Eco Touchless dispenser is ideal for frequently used washrooms and is particularly economical in combination with the matching foam soap. Visually, this sustainable dispenser matches all other "Simply Eco" dispensers. The features of the soap dispenser Simply Eco Touchless at a glance: with hygienic sensor system for use without touch made of recycled plastic: 100% recyclable lockable, with viewing window for check the fill level sustainable and robust combined with matching foam soap very economical (art. 31572) batteries 6 x LR6 (AA) not included