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Nitrile gloves Safe Light | powder-free
Nitrile gloves Safe Light, powder-free by Hygostar Our best: Safe Light nitrile gloves have proven themselves for almost 20 years and are used millions of times every day. As true all-rounders, Safe Light disposable gloves are versatile for professional use in the kitchen, food industry, industry or medicine. Your big advantage: At Franz Mensch, you buy nitrile gloves directly from the manufacturer and benefit from a very good price-performance ratio.  The Safe Light nitrile gloves are made of lightweight nitrile material. The disposable gloves are non-sterile and powder-free. Thanks to the very good fit, it offers a very good sense of touch and finger splash feeling - even for fine work. The surface is textured and non-slip. The nitrile gloves Safe Light are grease and oil resistant and therefore suitable for working with oily or greasy food. These disposable nitrile gloves also reliably protect your hands when working with chemicals, solvents, viruses, bacteria or fungi.  *Your advantage: The nitrile glove Safe Light in the colour blue has a pharmaceutical central number (PZN): Art.2702 - PZN 17160883, Art. 2700 - PZN 17160908, Art. 2701 - PZN 17160914, Art. 2705 - PZN 17160920, Art. 2706 - PZN 17160937, Art. 2707 - PZN 17160943 Info: You can find product videos of our nitrile gloves here. The features of the nitrile gloves Safe Light at a glance: High-quality all-round glove protection against viruses, bacteria and fungi resistant to chemicals and solvents robust, resistant to oil and grease proven for years and versatile Sizes XS to XXL (Help for choosing the right glove size can be found here) available in 9 colours - also suitable for your colour system powder-free, non-sterile, made of lightweight nitrile very good sense of touch thanks to very good fit textured surface for improved grip
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Cotton gloves Blanc
Cotton gloves Blanc from Hygostar With their bright white colour, precise fit and high quality, the Blanc cotton gloves have been impressing our customers from a wide range of industries for several years. The medium-weight cotton gloves have a particularly fine and high-quality finish. The layered fingers and the inserted thumb ensure an anatomically exact fit, which is why the gloves fit perfectly and adapt very well to your hand movements. The Blanc cotton gloves are made from a blend of cotton and polyester. This combination combines the advantages of both materials: soft, durable cotton together with stretchy polyester. The Blanc fabric gloves are among Franz Mensch's top sellers. The features of the cotton gloves Blanc at a glance: made of cotton blend, medium weight version high quality and fine precise fit with layered fingers and inserted thumb very good tactile sensitivity extra white, bleached versatile ideal for low risk light mechanical work in dry and clean areas Even more from the Blanc range Cotton gloves Blanc Extra Long: extra long cotton gloves, 35 cm long Cotton gloves Blanc Doubled: robust cotton gloves with reinforced fingers and palm Cotton gloves Blanc | packed in pairs Cotton gloves Cotton Detect | detectable: for the food industry Cotton gloves Blanc Light: seamless, extra thin - ideal for underwear What exactly are Schichtel? Schichtel are the side inserts on the fingers and give the glove a high accuracy of fit. The aim is to precisely match the anatomical shape of the hand so that the glove fits very well at all times. Only very high quality crafted gloves have layered fingers. The thumb of the gloves is inserted separately and also supports the anatomical fit.
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Forage hats Service | paper
Forage hats Service made of paper by Hygonorm Forage hats are a traditional headgear for bakers. They are worn both in the bakery and behind the sales counter. The paper forage hats from Hygonorm is one of the top sellers among the baker's shuttles and is particularly versatile in all food areas. Shuttle caps are hygienic and ideal for bakeries, canteen kitchens, communal catering, the food industry, canteens or food outlets. The disposable hats service is made of smooth, dimensionally stable paper and offers a visually clean appearance. Compared to traditional baker's hats made of cotton, the forage hats have a great hygiene advantage. There is no need to wash the hats and they can be changed quickly and easily as needed. You always have a hygienically fresh forage hat at hand. The perforated insert at the top ensures good ventilation and makes the shuttles comfortable to wear. Paper hats are therefore a hygienic, comfortable and economical headgear for food areas. Matching dispenser for forage hats made of paper: art.-no. 88949: Stainless steel wall holder Advantages of the forage hats at a glance: dimensionally stable, smooth paper top perforated, air-permeable insert for high wearing comfort individually adjustable to head size sustainable and recyclable, as made of paper very hygienic, as they are for single use only in a dispenser box for easy removal can be individually printed with your logo
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Lemon serving cloths Lemon Wrap | cotton
Lemon Serving Cloths Lemon Wrap by Hygostar Use Lemon Wrap towel so that your guests can enjoy their food without any annoying pips. The small wrappers are ideal for all dishes that are rounded off with lemon juice. The lemon half is simply wrapped in the lemon wrap and tied with a ribbon. In this way, lemon pips or pulp remain in the cloth and do not fall into the food. Only the lemon juice passes through the fine lattice structure of the lemon wraps. Lemon wraps are extremely hygienic. The cloth prevents the lemon juice from splashing uncontrollably in all directions. In addition, the lemons do not have to be handled with the bare hands. This keeps your guests' hands pleasantly clean. This is how it works: Place lemon halves or lemon wedges in the centre of the cloth. fold all ends of the cloth upwards so that the whole lemon is covered. then simply tie it with the ribbon provided. Tip: It is especially decorative if you tie a bow.. The Lemon Wraps are made of food-safe cotton gauze. This loose, air-permeable fabric is also known as mull. Thanks to its specific, lattice-like structure, gauze is ideal for retaining lemon pips like a filter and letting only the lemon juice through. With the colourful lemon wraps, lemon halves look particularly decorative and give your dishes a stylish eye-catcher. By the way, it also works with limes. Properties of the Lemon Wrap at a glance: for wrapping and tying up lemon halves or lemon wedges prevents lemon pips from falling into the food the citrus juice is distributed on the food without splashing very hygienic, as your guests' hands stay clean food-safe not edible ideal for restaurants, upscale kitchens and hotels for serving tea or oysters, for example different colours available bulk pack for professional kitchens with 10 x 100 pieces Tip for those who want to save time: The Lemon Wrap is also available with an elastic band instead of a tie. Simply place the lemon half in the cloth and save tying: art.-no. 319600: Lemon Wrap "Lemon Stretch Wrap"
Eat seed-free
Paper drinking straw "Jumbo" unicolored | FSC®-certified
Paper drinking straw Jumbo unicolored | FSC®-certified from Naturestar The paper drinking straws Jumbo have measure an above average width, with 8 mm in diameter. Jumbo is made of FSC®-certified material and can be used in combination with cocktails and lemonades, for example. The features of the paper drinking straw Jumbo unicolored extra wide 8 mm diameter FSC®-certified  natural materials, free from PFAS for example for cocktails and lemonades

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he catering industry is often hectic and yet all food, work equipment and work surfaces must be hygienically impeccable. To meet these requirements, Franz Mensch offers you a wide range of protective & hygiene products - perfectly tailored to the industry and with over 50 years of experience in this field.
Cover now all your needs for fast & clean work in hotel, restaurant, catering & more: high quality protective gloves against heat or cuts, body protection such as aprons, protective sleeves or chef's hats, kitchen supplies as well as hygiene & cleaning products & much more at low manufacturer prices.

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Paper towel rolls, 2-ply | cellulose, outside unwinding
Paper hand towel rolls, 2-ply made of cellulose from Hygoclean Towel rolls made of 2-ply cellulose are particularly absorbent and therefore economical in use. They dry thoroughly and absorb liquids reliably with just one movement. The bright white cellulose is pleasantly soft and kind to the skin. The paper hand towel rolls can be used both for toilet areas to dry hands and as a wipe or cleaning paper for a quick wipe of surfaces or work equipment. The paper hand towel rolls are 2-ply and have an embossed surface - for even better absorbency even with oils or grease. With the outside unwinding they fit in all common dispensers for towel rolls and offer you an extremely hygienic towel system for your company. The paper towel rolls are available in 130m and 180m lengths. Advantages of Hygoclean cellulose paper hand towel rolls at a glance high quality towel rolls made of pure cellulose very absorbent and thorough economical in consumption 2-ply, embossed surface, bright white outside unwinding suitable roll dispenser can be found here: art.-no. 88834: wall holder for cleaning papers art.-no. 88870: touchless Autocut dispenser art.-no. 88872: Autocut dispenser.
Beard cover | PP
Beard cover made of PP by Hygostar This beard cover is made of high quality, air-permeable PP fleece. The material is pleasantly light and soft. A beard cover is an important addition to the hygiene clothing and is usually worn in combination with a hood. It is elastic and covers even long beards very well. For even more hygiene, the elastic beard cover can also be pulled over the nose. This reliably prevents beard hairs from contaminating your product or food. The fleece beard cover is for single use and therefore very hygienic. At the same time, it offers your employees a high level of wearing comfort, because the latex-free elastic is worn over the head. In this way, nothing presses behind the ears and the beard cover is comfortable to wear for a long time.  A beard cover made of PP fleece is often worn in very hygiene-sensitive areas. These include, for example, food industry, kitchens, industry, chemical or pharmaceutical. Tip: Detectable beard cover Detectable beard covers are available especially for the food industry and production facilities with strict hygiene requirements. This beard cover is made of PP fleece and additionally equipped with a detector strip. It is therefore detectable by the detector machines if it ever gets into the production. Find out more about detectable beard covers here. Matching dispensers for beard cover: Art.-Nr. 8895: Multi-Dispenser made of Acryl Art.-Nr. 88950: Double dispenser for disposable clothing "Double" made of Acryl Art.-Nr. 88939: Multi-Dispenser made of stainless steel Features of the beard cover made of PP at a glance: high-quality PP fleece, air-permeable and lightweight high wearing comfort covers also long beards food safe latex-free elastic bands head elastic, no pressing behind the ears very elastic, can be additionally pulled over the nose protection against minor mechanical risks
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Beard cover | nylon, detectable
Beard cover made of nylon, detectable by Hygostar This beard cover is made of nylon net and is detectable. Nylon is very elastic and soft. Therefore, the beard cover is comfortable and light even when worn for long periods. The chin guard can be pulled up over the nose if necessary. The integrated detector strip ensures that the beard cover is recognized by a detector machine. If it ever gets into production, it can be found as a foreign object. The detectable nylon beard cover is therefore particularly recommended for large food production facilities and other hygiene areas. Features of the detectable beard cover made of nylon at a glance: detectable thanks to detector strip on the outside nylon net, very light and air-permeable latex-free, elastic rubber bands on cardboard disc for easy removal protection against low superficial mechanical risks
Organic menu boxes with hinged lid, 2-compartments | bagasse
Organic menu boxes with hinged lid, 2-compartments by NatureStar The organic menu boxes are made of vegetable sugar cane fibres, which are a by-product of sugar production. The boxes are fully and industrially compostable according to EN 13432. They are ideal for all takeaway meals and food of all kinds. Thanks to the hinged lid, the lunch boxes are easy to close so that you can transport your food hygienically. In addition, sugar cane boxes are temperature-resistant up to 100°C and suitable for the oven and microwave. So you can comfortably heat up your food in the box. Organic menu boxes they are food safe, waterproof and grease resistant. The two separate sections are particularly practical if you want to pack a side dish or dessert as well. Advantages of the organic menu boxes with hinged lid: made from environmentally friendly sugar cane fibres industrially compostable and biodegradable water, oil and grease resistant, food safe suitable for the microwave and refrigerator heat resistant up to 100°C stackable and therefore very space-saving 2-sectioned for individual filling with food
Pastry tubes Cool | LDPE
Pastry bags Cool, 3-ply, made of LDPE by Hygostar The disposable pastry bag for all cold fillings: The pastry bag Cool is made of a 3-layer, very tear-resistant LDPE special film and is one of the best-selling pastry bags at Franz Mensch. The sealing of the material is particularly stable, making the pastry bag very suitable for heavy masses and fillings. Thanks to the non-slip exterior, you have the pastry bag firmly and securely in your hand at all times. In this way, you work more precisely and simply faster, because every handle fits. Fine decorating or lettering is also easier and faster with an easy-grip pastry bag. Your big advantage: The pastry bag Cool is a disposable pastry bag that does not need to be washed. So time-consuming cleaning or residues from previous applications are not an issue. Don't compromise on hygiene and work with a new hygienic pastry bag every day. Hygiene guidelines according to HACCP also recommend disposable pastry bags to avoid contamination. The pastry bag Cool from Hygostar can be used with or without a spout. When used without a spout, you are completely free to choose the size of the opening at the top of the bag. You simply cut your desired opening individually. Features of the pastry bag Cool, 3-ply at a glance: made of tear-resistant LDPE special film, 3-ply very hygienic, since it is a disposable pastry bag suitable for cold, whipped fillings also for heavy masses, because of stable sealing non-slip outside for exact working easy filling thanks to smooth inside can be used with or without spout on roll, perforated for easy tearing off, 100 pieces per roll suitable for freezing down to -30 °C, for 48 hours packed in dispenser box ideal for decorating and preparing cakes, macarons, cupcakes, cream puffs, piped pastries, desserts, churros, eclairs and much more Work easier with the right accessories for pastry bags: art.-no. 6582: nozzle set, star tip made of stainless steel art.-no. 6581: nozzle set, round tip made of stainless steel art.-no. 88991: pastry tube holder made of stainless steel art.-no. 88990: pastry tube holder Profi made of stainless steel art.-no. 8885: pastry tube holder made of plastic art.-no. 88957: dispenser for pastry tubes made of rPET Which pastry bags are best? Professionals rely on disposable pastry bags made from films like LDPE - HACCP also recommends them. Because they are single-use, there is no residue from previous applications or detergent residue in the material. With a disposable pastry bag, you are guaranteed to work hygienically and save time-consuming, environmentally damaging washing. Make sure your pastry bag is made of a tear-resistant material with a good grip. With a grippy exterior, the bag will fit firmly in your hand and you'll guide it even more precisely - important for fine work. For heavy masses or doughs, a robust material with sturdy sealing of the seams is important. The Hygostar pastry bags from Franz Mensch offer you this security and have a high-quality finish. The pastry bags "Cool" have a non-slip exterior and the Hygogrip pastry bags almost achieve the haptics of cotton piping bags. How do you fill pastry bags? Professionals use so-called pastry bag stands. The piping bags are simply hooked into this device and thus held open. You now have your hands free and can fill the mass into the pastry bag. Then press the mass down, if necessary with a scraper, and twist the bag tightly closed at the top. Now you can use scissors to cut out the tip to the desired size and get started. If you are working with a spout, the spout must be inserted into the pastry bag before filling. There are special pastry bag stands (art.-no. 88990) for this that have a recess for the spout at the bottom. This makes it easier to fill the spout is placed correctly right away.
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Oversleeves Light | PE
Oversleeves Light made of PE from Hygonorm Oversleeves Light are made of medium strength PE and therefore a very cheap alternative to strong protective sleeves. They are water repellent and protect your forearms from moisture and dirt. At the same time, they ensure a high level of hygiene and protect sensitive products from contamination. The disposable sleeves are ideal for preparatory, sorting and rinsing work in hygiene-sensitive areas. The PE sleeves fit very well thanks to the elastic at the top and bottom and can be combined as desired with other hygiene clothing such as aprons or gowns. PE sleeve protectors are worn particularly frequently in the food industry. They specifically cover the forearm and save a lot of time in everyday work. This is because disposable sleeve protectors can be put on and taken off at short notice, and after use only the used sleeves need to be changed and not the entire body protection. Hygiene with colour system: sleeve protectors in blue, yellow, white, green and more   Sleeve protectors in different colours are ideal for color coding in your company. Each colour identifies a hygiene area: 1 area = 1 colour. This way you visually separate different work areas or distinguish employees from visitors. With a hygiene colour system, you effectively avoid cross-contamination.           Advantages of the sleeve protectors Light made of PE at a glance: water repellent polyethylene protects the forearms from moisture and dirt Protection against minor superficial mechanical risks with latex free elastic bands on top and bottom suitable for contact with food in 6 different colors, for visual differentiation of hygiene areas smooth surface favorable manufacturer prices Matching dispensers and wall holders for sleeve protectors: Art.-No. 8895: Acrylic multidispenser, transparent Art.-No. 88939: Stainless steel multidispenser with viewing window Art.-No. 88950: Acrylic double dispenser, transparent
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Cleaning papers, 3-ply | recycled paper
Cleaning papers, 3-ply made of recycled paper from Hygoclean Fast and thorough: The cleaning paper rolls made of blue recycled paper are among the most popular wiping papers from Franz Mensch. Thanks to the high-quality, 3-ply paper, you can clean work surfaces, equipment or work materials particularly effectively with these paper towels. Dirt, oil or wetness are reliably wiped up with just one movement. The cleaning papers on a roll are environmentally friendly because they are made of pure recycled paper. The 3-ply quality makes the cleaning paper rolls very stable, wet-strength and absorbent. Liquids are reliably absorbed. Thanks to the tear-off perforation, the individual wipes are quickly removed from the roll. These cleaning papers on a roll are versatile for various applications and are ideal when something needs to be wiped and dried at short notice. The cleaning papers are often used in production, in the workshop, in the technical area, for polishing work, at gas stations or even in the food sector. The cleaning paper rolls are available in 4 different sizes: Large roll with 1,000 tears, large sheet size 38 x 35 cm, linear meter: 350 m Large roll with 1,000 tears, small sheet size 22 x 35 cm, linear meter: 350 m   Small roll with 500 tears, large sheet size 38 x 35 cm, linear meter: 175 m Small roll with 500 tears, small sheet size 22 x 35 cm, linear meter: 175 m Advantages of cleaning papers made of recycled paper, 3-ply at a glance: Wiping cloths made of pure recycled paper sustainable and environmentally friendly 3-ply, stable cloth quality wet-stable, low lint, tear-resistant highly absorbent for thorough cleaning results outside unwinding perforated, facilitates tearing off individual sheets embossed surface for better absorption core diameter: 7 cm suitable dispensers: art.-no. 88834: metal wall holder art.-no. 88832: metal floor stand
Paper drinking straw "Classic" unicolored | FSC®-certified
Paper drinking straw Classic unicolored | FSC®-certified The Classic paper drinking straws are made of FSC®-certified material and have not been treated with bleaching agents. The paper straws have an outstanding stability and are excellent for cocktails, lemonades and any soft drinks. The features of the paper drinking straw Classic unicolored made from FSC®-certified paper untreated and natural free of PFAS (PFAS are industrial chemicals that we are happy to do without in our drinking straws). high stablility supplement to cocktails, lemonades and any soft drinks
Organic dressing cup, round | bagasse
Biodegradable dressing bowl, round, made from sugar cane by NatureStar These organic bowls are ideal as a small dip bowl for finger food, as a dressing cup for salads or simply for the ketchup to go with your fries. The sustainable organic bowls are made from sugar cane and are therefore industrially compostable. They are water-resistant, leak-proof and very stable. The organic cups can also withstand hot temperatures of up to 100 °C very well. They are suitable for all types of food and resistant to fats and oils. The sustainable dressing cups are stackable and therefore space-saving in the warehouse. Order the organic dressing cups for your to-go area and serve sauces, dips and co. both sustainably and hygienically. Tip: For safe and hygienic transport of takeaway dishes, there are matching lids for the dressing cups. Order them here: made of sugar cane (art.-no. 41100) or PET (art.-no. 411410). Advantages of the compostable organic dressing bowls at a glance: ideal for small quantities of sauce, dressing or for dips compostable according to EN 13432 purely vegetable from sugar cane fibres stackable and space-saving very stable, water resistant, oil and grease resistant heat resistant up to 100 °C matching sugar cane lids, white (art.-no. 41100) or PET, transparent (art.-no. 411410)

Specialties for the HoReCa area

Bio disposable tableware

Make a statement and use sustainably produced disposable tableware from the Naturestar brand. The range offers disposable tableware made from many different materials such as sugar cane, palm leaf, bamboo and more.

The organic products are food-safe, wet-strength and resistant to oil and grease. In addition, some of our products are FSC® certified because they are made from controlled wood sources or recycled materials.

Bio Paper drinking straws

Our paper straws are a must for every caterer. Our straws are made of environmentally friendly paper and yet very strong and durable. Choose between classic straws with or without bend, thicker jumbo straws or short cocktail straws. Also available are different colors and motifs.

For the most eco-friendly alternative, we recommend the Paper drinking straw Flex . This is FSC® certified, which means that recycled material or resources from controlled origins were used in the manufacture of the product.

Your glove plan for HoReCa area

Grip, heat-resistant & affordable: With Franz Mensch's glove advisor, you can find gloves that
are specially tailored to all requirements in the gastronomy.

                      Glove advisor gastronomy (PDF)


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