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Cling films

Cling films seal very well and protect food from drying out. This extends the storage time of your food and ensures that aroma, freshness and taste are preserved for a long time. With the right film dispenser, you can tear off your film pieces cleanly. Find all cling films from Franz Mensch here.

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Cling films

Cling films are transparent, very stretchable films that adhere to surfaces - without glue. They are also called adhesive films because of this ability. Cling films are used especially in the catering and food preparation sectors. They keep food fresh, preserve flavour and reliably protect against contamination.


Cling film in the catering industry

In today's fast-paced catering world, proper food storage and preservation is critical. A tried and tested method widely used in professional kitchens is the use of cling film. The flexible stretch film keeps food fresh by sealing it from air, moisture and germs. Like a protective barrier, cling film safely wraps food.


Gastro-Frischhaltefolie: Gastro cling film: your choice here in the shop

  • Cling film on a roll, very classic and ideal for storing in a dispenser or wall holder with tear-off edge, e.g. dispenser for cling film.
  • Cling film in a cutter box: the dispenser box has an integrated tear-off edge so that the film can be removed quickly.
  • Different roll widths: 30 cm, 45 cm, 60 cm - to suit your needs.
  • PE cling film: for all types of food, even greasy or oily products are safely packaged here.
  • PVC cling film: adheres very well and is particularly suitable for fruit, vegetables and cheese.
  • Different film thicknesses with 10 my, 16 my, 21 my: the stronger the film, the more resilient it is and also reliably covers edged containers.
  • Transparent film blanks as ready-made sheets: no need to tear off or cut to size, does not stick, but helps to wrap delicatessen, high-quality ham and sandwiches hygienically.


Why cling film? The most important advantages at a glance

  • Food preservation
    The main function of cling film is to preserve the freshness of food. This means that food can be reused and food waste is avoided.
  • Hygiene standards
    Cling film helps to maintain hygiene standards in the kitchen by protecting food from contamination.
  • Price advantage
    Compared to some traditional storage methods, cling film is an affordable and hygienic option that efficiently supports kitchen operations.
  • Adhesion
    The film's ability to adhere well to surfaces is important for packaging food securely and protecting it from contamination. Thus, the film seals particularly well.
  • Transparency and visibility
    Transparent film makes it easy to identify food without having to open it. This is especially important in hectic kitchens.


Practical accessories for cling film on roll

Buy the matching dispenser for cling film here. Mounted on the wall for easy access and with a precise tear-off edge, the films are available at any time and can be torn off with a flick of the wrist.