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Sponges & scouring pads

Buy sponges and pot cleaners from the hygiene professional Franz Mensch. With these classics, you can get your dishes and work surfaces thoroughly and hygienically clean.

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Stainless steel scouring pad
Der Topfreiniger besteht aus silbernem Edelstahl. Er ist absolut rostfrei und sehr langlebig. Der Topfreiniger reinigt kraftvoll und hygienisch. Er wird nur mit Wasser verwendet und bildet so eine sinnvolle Alternative zu Scheuerpulver.
Pad sponges Classic | foam/hard fleece
Pad sponges Classic made of foam/hard fleece by Hygoclean The cleaning sponge consists of a yellow foam material with a hard fleece. This sponge cleans quickly and thoroughly, even sensitive surfaces made of glass, ceramics, etc. The CLASSIC cleaning sponge contains no abrasives and has a recessed grip. Properties of Pad sponges Classic made of foam/hard fleece at a glance: foam with hard-fleece cleans quickly and thoroughly particularly robust and high scouring power with hand-friendly moulded grip, lies well in the hand does not contain abrasive agents
Scouring pads | metal
Der Topfreiniger besteht aus silbernem, verzinkten Stahl. Er ist sehr langlebig. Der Topfreiniger reinigt kraftvoll und hygienisch. Er wird nur mit Wasser verwendet und bildet so eine sinnvolle Alternative zu Scheuerpulver.
Sponge cloths | cotton/cellulose
Sponge cloths made of cotton/cellulose from Hygoclean The abrasion-resistant sponge cloths are made of a material mix of cotton and cellulose. They are extremely absorbent, hard-wearing and very durable. The sponge cloths are reusable and can easily be washed in the washing machine. Even at hot temperatures, because the cleaning cloths are boil-proof. Thanks to the honeycomb structure, the sponge cloths are strong against stubborn dirt and absorb liquids very quickly. As the cloths are available in four colours, they are ideally suited for cleaning according to a 4-colour system. Each colour is specifically for one work area only. For example, use green for kitchen, blue for sanitary etc. and easily avoid cross-contamination. Advantages sponge cloths made of cotton/cellulose at a glance enormously absorbent removes even heavy soiling thanks to honeycomb structure scrub-resistant and very hard-wearing mixture of cellulose and /cotton lint-free machine washable, boil-proof hygiene with colour system: 4 colours available compact size: 25 x 31 cm
Scouring pad | plastic
Plastic potty cleaners from Hygoclean The potty cleaners are made of plastic and are therefore particularly durable. They have a high cleaning power and can be used simply with water. Plastic pot cleaners are ideal for cleaning pots and other utensils in catering, commercial kitchens, food industry. Plastic pot cleaners are effective and thoroughly remove even stubborn dirt. Features of the plastic potty cleaners at a glance: durable, robust plastic clean results, simply use with water powerful and very hygienic assorted colours
Scouring pads | copper
Scouring pads made of copper from Hygoclean Copper is unbeatable when it comes to removing stubborn dirt. The copper scourers clean particularly thoroughly and are gentle on the surface. Copper pot scourers clean pots, pans, cookers, stainless steel, cutlery and glass surfaces thoroughly and gently. Simply wet and scrub over the surface without detergent. Copper is antibacterial and therefore ideal for hygienic areas. Copper pot washers are particularly recommended in gastronomy. The copper threads do not scratch when they are wet and at the same time they are strong against soiling.   Advantages of the copper scouring pads at a glance: premium quality, very high quality made of copper, antibacterial strong against dirt and gentle on the surface durable and scratch-resistant use with plenty of water without detergent
Sponges for pots | foam/hard fleece
Sponges for pots made of foam/hard fleece from Hygoclean The yellow top cleaners are available in a favourable 10-pack and can be used for many cleaning tasks in kitchens and the food industry. The cleaning sponges are made of foam and have a scouring side made of green hard fleece. Therefore, the pot sponges are strong against stubborn dirt and also remove firmly stuck residues very thoroughly. Please do not use for surfaces that are sensitive to scratches and it is best to test in advance on an inconspicuous area. Advantages of the yellow sponges for pots at a glance: favourable set with 10 yellow pot scrubbers sponges made of foam abrasive side made of hard fleece cleans reliably and thoroughly particularly robust, therefore not suitable for sensitive surfaces
Sponges for pots Colour-set | foam/hard fleece
Sponges for pots Colour-Set made of foam/hard fleece from Hygoclean The pot sponges are made of foam and are particularly favourably priced. They are available in assorted colour packs of 10. Each set contains the colours pink, yellow, blue and green. The pot cleaners are equipped with a robust scouring side made of hard fleece. With this side, you remove stuck dirt quickly and thoroughly. Thanks to the different colours, the cleaning sponges are ideal for a variety of cleaning tasks and for a so-called colour coding system (hygiene with colour system). This allows you to visually separate different cleaning areas with different colours. For example: yellow for dishwashing, green for work surfaces and pink for stainless steel pots. In this way, you ensure clear guidelines in your workplace and prevent cross-contamination. Important: The sponges for pods are not suitable for scratch-sensitive surfaces and we recommend testing the sponges in advance on an inconspicuous area. Advantages of the colour assorted pot cleaners at a glance: favourable pot cleaners made of foam set of 10 with different colours: pink, yellow, blue, green suitable for a hygiene colour system abrasive side made of green hard fleece particularly strong against stubborn dirt cleans reliably and thoroughly not for scratch-sensitive surfaces
Fleece pads | hard fleece
Fleece pads made of hard fleece by Hygoclean The cleaning pads made of hard fleece are an excellent choice when it comes to cleaning stubborn dirt. The roughened surface facilitates the removal of dirt and encrustations and ensures a thorough and effective cleaning result. Another advantage of the cleaning pads made of hard fleece is their durability. They are particularly robust and abrasion-resistant and last a long time even with regular use. In addition, they are easy to rinse and reuse, which is not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective. In summary, cleaning pads made of hard fleece are ideal for all types of cleaning work where thorough and effective cleaning is required, such as in workshops. Their durability and ease of cleaning also make them a practical and sustainable alternative to conventional cleaning products. Properties of fleece pads made of hard fleece at a glance: made from hard fleece roughened structure easy to clean extraordinarily durable long life span
All-purpose sponges Colour-set | foam
All-purpose sponges Colour-set made of foam from Hygoclean With the cleaning sponges Colour-Set made of soft foam, you can clean large surfaces particularly quickly and thoroughly. The soft material is very absorbent and suitable for sensitive surfaces. Unlike other cleaning sponges, the all-purpose sponges Colour-Set have no rough side. They are soft all over and therefore extremely versatile in kitchens, catering areas and the food industry. You can also clean kitchen utensils or sensitive parts in car care reliably and gently with the colourful sponges. The cleaning sponges are available in a coloured set. One pack contains 5 sponges in the colours red, blue and green. Advantages of the all-purpose sponges made of foam at a glance: extra soft and large professional cleaning sponges for effective cleaning of large surfaces made of soft foam, very absorbent soft all over and suitable for scratch-sensitive surfaces set of 5, assorted colours with blue, red and green angular shape
Fleece pads | soft fleece
Fleece pads made of soft fleece by Hygoclean The cleaning pads made of soft fleece are an excellent choice when it comes to cleaning sensitive surfaces. The roughened surface facilitates the removal of dirt and ensures a thorough and effective cleaning result. Another advantage of the soft fleece cleaning pads is their durability. In addition, the pads can be easily rinsed out and reused, which is not only cost-effective but also kind to our environment. In summary, soft fleece cleaning pads are ideal for all types of cleaning jobs where thorough and gentle cleaning is required. Their reusability makes them a sustainable alternative to conventional cleaning products. Properties of the soft fleece pads at a glance: Material: soft fleece rough surface suitable for sensitive surfaces careful cleaning easy rinsing
Copper cloths
Copper cloths from Hygoclean Copper cloths are the number 1 when it comes to thorough cleaning results. The copper threads are particularly strong against incrustations and stubborn dirt. Use the copper cloths with plenty of water and without detergent. This makes cleaning particularly gentle and environmentally friendly. Copper is a soft metal that is soft to the surface when wet. Copper cloths are therefore suitable for many surfaces such as stainless steel, glass or aluminium. Clean cookware, pots, pans, cookers or cutlery with copper cleaning cloths. Copper is antibacterial and makes the cleaning cloths durable and reusable.   Advantages of the copper cleaning cloths at a glance: copper cleaning cloths very powerful against dirt premium quality for brilliant results antibacterial effect durable and scratch-resistant use with water only, without detergent or chemicals gentle on the surface reusable, washable

Hygiene heroes in action: sponges and pan cleaners for the professional kitchen

Cleaning sponges and dishcloths also ensure a hygienic shine in your kitchen.Franz Mensch pot scourers are robust and have a strong scrubbing power.This allows you to clean thoroughly, even without the use of aggressive cleaning agents.


High-quality sponges for immaculate cleanliness

Our sponges are more than just simple cleaning aids. They are the silent support that ensures cleanliness and hygiene in your professional environment. Whether dishwashing sponge or pot cleaner, each product is carefully selected to offer you the best quality and durability. By using high-quality materials, our sponges ensure effective and gentle cleaning.


Stainless steel pot washers

Stainless steel pot cleaners reach every nook and cranny of your pots and pans, leaving nothing but a sparkling shine. Using such a specialised sponge is not only time-saving, but also economical as it is extremely durable. Many pot cleaners are made from stainless steel, providing a durable and resistant structure that is very effective at removing encrustations.


Where should a used dishwashing sponge be disposed of?

A dishwashing sponge is usually made of various plastics and may also contain metal fibres, for example if it is a pot scourer with a metal scouring side. Due to this material composition and the fact that sponges often come into contact with different types of dirt and food residue during use, they are not recyclable. A used dishwashing sponge therefore belongs in the residual waste.


Your partner for professional hygiene

Benefit from the advantages of our sponges and pot washers for your industry. Whether catering or the food industry - with our products you can rely on quality and efficiency. Raise your cleaning standards with Franz Mensch and create an environment in which your customers and employees feel comfortable.

Take advantage now and convince yourself of the superior cleaning performance of our sponges & pot washers. Let your company shine with products from Franz Mensch - because cleanliness and hygiene come first.