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Forage hats Service | paper embossed

Forage hats Service | paper embossed

  • embossed paper
  • absorbent, stable
  • perforated, breathable top
  • size individually adjustable
  • as hygienic headwear

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Content: 20 x 25 piece


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Forage hats Service made of embossed paper by Hygostar

The forage hats Service is made of dimensionally stable embossed paper. Embossed paper is more absorbent than smooth paper. Therefore, the forage hats absorb moisture and sweat beads well. The perforated insert at the top also provides good ventilation and a comfortable feel. The forage hats Service is a traditional headwar for bakeries, canteen kitchens, communal catering, food industry, canteens and food distribution. Ask about our printing service: paper forage hats are ideal advertising media - with your logo and message.

Features of the forage hats Service made of embossed paper at a glance:

  • embossed paper, absorbent
  • dimensionally stable and pleasantly light
  • perforated, air-permeable upper part
  • hygienic headgear
  • size individually adjustable

Functional range

bakeries, canteen kitchens, communal catering and food industry, canteens, food distribution


Type of inner packaging: PE
Type of outer packaging: cardboard
material: Paper

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