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Bags & sacks

Pack your products professionally and cleanly with hygienic bags or sacks. With flat PE bags, items are packed quickly and perfectly. Order flat bags and sacks in various sizes for your shipping needs here.

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Flat bags, perforated | LDPE
Flat bags, perforated made of LDPE They are so versatile and therefore also ideal for your shipping needs. With flat bags, you can pack all kinds of goods hygienically and cleanly. The bags are made of transparent LDPE and are available in many sizes. Whether food, textiles or screws: in a flat bag, your products are well packaged and prepared for shipping in just a few simple steps. The flat bags at Franz Mensch are perforated. Choose between 2 holes or round holes. Advantages of the flat bags, perforated at a glance: flat bag, transparent made of LDPE, rectangular flat shape, without bottom or side pleats 2 holes or round holes for packaging all types of goods various sizes available
Side gusset bag | LDPE
Side gusset bags made of LDPE from HygostarThe gusseted bags from Hygostar are a very hygienic solution for shipping and logistics. They are made of LDPE and are extremely versatile. The gusset bags line crates or pallet cages cleanly or can be used as shipping bags. The gusseted bags are ideal for transporting small parts and loose goods. Thanks to the side gussets, the bags have a large volume of 110 litres. The transparent blue bags are also suitable for lining E2 boxes and reliably protect your products from dust or moisture.Advantages of the side gusset bags at a glance:pleated bags made from LDPEwaterproof and hygieniclarge volume of 110 litres thanks to side gussetsversatile use in shipping and transportas a cover for cardboard boxes, pallet cages or freight cratesas a shipping bag for small parts or bulk goodsalso suitable for laying out E2 cratesside gusset 150 mm, circumference 1600 mm

Bags & sacks

Professional packaging with bags and sacks from Franz Mensch

Find out everything you need to know about flat bags and other plastic bags for hygienic and safe shipping of all kinds of goods. Whether textiles, industrial products or medical devices: With hygienic bags and packaging sacks, you can transport and store your goods in the best possible way.


Why bags and sacks are the perfect choice for your shipping needs

Flat bags and other PE bags are the ideal solution for packaging your products professionally, cleanly and securely. Our flat bags made of PE (polyethylene) offer protection against dirt and moisture as well as a quick and easy packaging option for various products.


Your benefits at a glance:

  • Hygienic and safe: flat bags are ideal for use in hygiene-sensitive areas such as the food industry or the medical sector.
  • Adaptability: Different sizes and shapes of flat bags and sacks ensure that the right packaging solution is available for every need.
  • Robust material: The bags are made of high-quality PE, which makes them tear-resistant and resistant to external influences.
  • Easy handling: The quick and uncomplicated use of the bags and sacks saves you time and effort in your day-to-day work.


Areas of application for flat bags

Whether you work in the catering industry and want to pack food hygienically or in industry and ship a wide variety of goods on a daily basis - Franz Mensch bags and sacks are versatile and always meet the highest standards.

Discover the variety of bags now and order conveniently online. With flat bags from Franz Mensch, you are always on the safe side when it comes to professional and hygienic packaging solutions. Take the opportunity to ensure that your products are optimally packaged - your customers will notice the difference!