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Hygienic Protection with the Right Disposable Glove

Disposable gloves are meant to be used only once and then discarded, as the name implies. They can offer protection for the wearer as well as protection for the product or object that is touched. They can actually serve both purposes at the same time, which is often required in medicine and hygiene. As a general rule, disposable gloves are used only once and thrown away after that. There is a multitude of uses for disposable gloves, and many sectors that require special disposable gloves, because when it comes to hygiene and safety, hands are an essential factor. Hands are the most important vector of bacteria and germs. For this reason hand protection is at the top of the list of personal protective measures. Franz Mensch is one of the leading experts when it comes to disposable gloves. Not only do they protect the wearer from the danger of infection, but also from mechanical, physical, and chemical risks. Hand protection in terms of disposable gloves is used in medicine, laboratories, the chemical industry or the food industry, as well as in trade and craft. The Disposable Gloves product line from Franz Mensch comprises examination gloves made of latex, both powdered and powder-free, and examination gloves made of nitrile and vinyl. There are also disposable gloves made of polyethylene foil, as a cheap alternative suitable for handling dirty objects briefly. At the other end of the range, Franz Mensch also offers premium quality disposable gloves. All disposable gloves from Franz Mensch are classified as personal protective equipment (CE labeling) and correspond to European standards and legal requirements. CE Cat. I stands for protection from minimal risks. CE Cat. II denotes protection from medium risks. Disposable gloves that are rated as CE Cat. III will protect you against high risks, such as handling disinfectants or cleaning agents, various chemicals, or cytostatic agents (EN 374).

The most common materials for the production of disposable gloves are nitrile, latex, vinyl, synthetics and polyethylene. A number of different types may be distinguished: sterile and unsterile, as well as powdered and powder-free gloves. Powdered disposable gloves are easy to put on or take off, even with wet or sweaty hands, and are therefore ideal if gloves need to be changed often. Powder-free gloves are an excellent alternative for people whose skin is sensitive to powder, which may cause skin irritation. Another advantage is that the processed products are not at risk of being contaminated by powder. Disposable gloves can be worn on both the right hand and the left hand, thus providing greater value for money. A rolled rim at the glove’s edge will catch drops that roll down when the hands are raised, making sure that skin and clothes do not come into direct contact with the liquids.

Use a colour system for your gloves: You can choose different colours to optically separate different hygienic areas and avoid cross-contamination. The Franz Mensch range comprises disposable gloves in many colours. For example: Blue = production, red = kitchen, green = visitors.

In medicine, special protection is mandatory, protecting the wearer as well as the patient. Many disposable gloves are specifically certified to comply with the Medical Products Law (EN 455, AQL 1,5) and are excellently suited for use in hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, retirement homes and nursing homes.

A high hygienic standard is also required in the commercial production and processing of foodstuffs (directive 90/128 EEC, 10/2011/EU). All disposable gloves from Franz Mensch were tested for food safety according to the standards of the ISEGA institute and are marked as food-safe. Specifically for the food industry there are blue disposable gloves. The reason is that the conspicuous blue colour stands out against all foodstuffs, as there are hardly any blue foods. So blue gloves are easily recognized in case they actually end up in the production line.

When choosing the right disposable glove, an important factor is the fit. If the glove does not fit properly, if it is too tight or not elastic enough, it will exert permanent pressure on the surface of the hand. This is why Franz Mensch offers a number of different sizes and lengths in its product range, to make sure that your disposable gloves fit perfectly.

In the Franz Mensch online shop you are guaranteed to find the right disposable glove for your needs. Franz Mensch also provides various types of dispensers to match. Our space-saving dispensers make sure that your gloves are neatly tidied away and always within easy reach.