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Face Mask Civil Use | PP (Made in Germany)

Face Mask Civil Use | PP (Made in Germany)

  • 3-layer mouthguard made of polypropylene fleece
  • produced exclusively in Germany
  • white, padded elastic bands
  • integrated nose clip
  • unsterile
  • lint-free
  • not reusable
  • high wearing comfort
  • for private use

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Face Mask Civil Use | PP (Made in Germany) by Hygostar

The face mask "Civil Use" (Made in Germany) is exclusively produced and developed in Germany and consists of a polypropylene fleece. It has three layers and is very skin-friendly and lint-free thanks to this PP material. Optically it has white elastic bands, which are extra soft and padded. In addition, an integrated nose clip ensures an extremely comfortable fit. The face mask "Civil Use" made of PP is non-sterile, which is why it was not made for medical purposes, but for private use. This face mask should not be reused after use to ensure safety.

Properties of the Face Mask Civil Use made of PP (Made in Germany):

  • skin-friendly PP material, lint-free
  • 3-ply
  • made in Germany
  • with white ear loops and integrated nose clip
  • non-sterile: for private use
  • cannot be used again
  • comfortable to wear

Functional range

for private use


material: PP

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