Vermop sweeping set complete

Vermop sweeping set complete

  • polypropylene sweeping set with aluminum handle
  • broom with movable handle joint for ergonomic working
  • with adjustable hook for variable attachment to the cleaning trolley
  • hygienic storage in the closed container of the shovel
  • for indoor and protected outdoor use

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Content: 1 x 1 piece


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Sweeping set complete from Vermop

The Vermop sweeping set complete is made of polypropylene and aluminum handle. The broom is equipped with a movable handle joint to allow ergonomic work for the user. The dirt can be hygienically stored in the closed container of the shovel. In addition, the sweeping set has an adjustable hook for attachment to a cleaning trolley. This makes the Vermop sweeping set completete ideal for floor cleaning and floor care in indoor and protected outdoor areas.

The features of the sweeping set complete at a glance:

  • made of PP with aluminum handle
  • ergonomic work possible thanks to movable handle joint on the broom
  • with adjustable hook for attachment to cleaning trolley
  • dirt hygienically stored

Functional range

suitable for floor cleaning and maintenance in all industries


material: PP

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