Organic stirrers Cocktail | wood, FSC® 100%

Organic stirrers Cocktail | wood, FSC® 100%

  • wooden sticks with small head end
  • for stirring cocktails and other drinks
  • FSC®-certified birch wood
  • stable, smooth and tasteless
  • sustainable from natural material

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Content: 10 x 100 piece


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Organic stirrers Cocktail made of wood, FSC® 100% from NatureStar

The Cocktail stirrers are made of sturdy, FSC®-certified birch wood and are ideal for use in bars, restaurants or takeaways. Thanks to the small head at the end, cocktails and other drinks are easy to stir. The cocktail stirrers also score visually with their natural grain and elegant shape. The wooden stirrers from NatureStar are made from renewable raw materials and are a sustainable alternative to plastic. They are food-safe and have a particularly smooth surface for a pleasant mouthfeel.

Advantages of the cocktail stirrers made of wood at a glance:

  • stirring sticks made of birch wood
  • sustainable, FSC®-certified material
  • with small head end for easier stirring
  • stable, smooth and tasteless
  • also a visual highlight for cocktails and other drinks

Functional range

ideal for cocktails, bars, restaurants, take-away


material: Birkenholz, wood

Certifications / Standards

food safe
FSC® C146085

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