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Organic lids for soup cups, round | bagasse

Organic lids for soup cups, round | bagasse

  • compostable, lid made of sugar cane
  • for the organic soup cup art.-no. 41142 
  • hygienic transport and keeping your soup warm to-go
  • heat resistant up to 100 °C
  • microwave- and oven-safe
  • stackable, very stable, fat and oil resistant

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Organic lid for soup cup, made from sugar cane by NatureStar

The perfect complement for the soup cups-to-go made of sugar cane: The industrially compostable organic lids are made of natural sugar cane fibres, just like the cups, and are ideal for soup to-go. After all, hot soup in particular must not be spilled on the way. The round organic lids seal very well and keep the soup warm for a long time. In addition, the lids are particularly stable, leak-proof and heat-resistant up to 100 °C. The lids can also be used to heat the soup in the oven or microwave. The round organic lids made of sugar cane are stackable and can thus be stored in a space-saving way. They offer a sustainable solution for all restaurateurs who offer takeaway or delivery options. But the sugar cane lids are also ideal for catering, events or street food and ensure hygienic transport of the dishes.

Advantages of the compostable organic lids for soup cups at a glance:

  • round organic lids made from sugar cane
  • compostable according to EN 13432 and sustainable
  • suitable for the sugar cane bowl art.-no. 41142
  • temperature resistant up to 100 °C, microwaveable
  • very stable, grease and oil resistant
  • stackable, very space-saving

Functional range

for all gastronomic areas, catering, events


Type of inner packaging: PE
Type of outer packaging: cardboard
material: bagasse

Certifications / Standards

food safe
EN 13432

Overview all norms of Organic lids for soup cups, round | bagasse


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Questions & Answers

Here we have summarized the most frequently asked questions and answers about this product. If you still have questions about the product or our online store and its use, please take a look at the FAQ's or contact us directly via e-mail or telephone - we will be happy to advise you!

Bagasse refers to the fibers of sugar cane that remain after sugar production. Sugar cane belongs to the family of sweet grasses and grows very quickly, similar to bamboo. While trees take decades to grow, sugar cane only takes a few months to reach up to 6 meters. This rapid growth rate makes sugar cane an economically efficient and relatively inexpensive organic raw material.

 Sugar cane is the most important raw material for sugar production worldwide. For the sugar extraction process, the sugar cane is rolled and pressed to extract the sugar-containing juice. As a by-product, the fibrous part remains, the bagasse, which produces about 10 tons of sugar and 34 tons of bagasse from 100 tons of sugar cane. Normally the bagasse would be burned as waste, but for the production of organic disposable tableware, these robust fibers are used. This avoids waste and conserves resources. The bagasse fibers are ground with water and natural binders to a uniform pulp, processed and pressed into different shapes. The result is plates, lunch boxes, hamburger boxes or cups that consist entirely of plant components and are therefore completely compostable. Depending on whether the bagasse is bleached or not, the result is a bright white or a naturally brown end product. 
 The advantages of organic packaging made from sugar cane are manifold: 
• They are lightweight yet very stable, even for heavy meals. 
• They are resistant to water, oil and grease and are suitable for both the microwave and the refrigerator. 
• They are heat-resistant up to 100°C
• They are compostable according to EN 13432
• You save space in the warehouse because they are stackable.
Like bamboo, the fast-growing sugar cane comes from the sweet grass family and is the world's most important supplier of raw materials for the production of sugar. The sugar cane is rolled and pressed to extract the sugar juice. 

The fibrous part, bagasse, remains as a by-product. Normally, bagasse is a waste product that is incinerated. For the manufacture of NATUREStar products, however, these particularly tough fibers are ground into a homogeneous pulp with the addition of water and a natural binding agent, processed and pressed into different shapes. 
 The result is new innovative products with double the added value. Not a single tree is felled for this! The sugar cane tableware is white and beautifully shaped, light and yet very sturdy, making it suitable even for heavy dishes. It is also water-resistant, oil and grease-resistant, suitable for the microwave and fridge and heat-resistant up to 90°C. Whether plate, bowl, lunch or hamburger box - NATUREStar's fiber tableware meets all the requirements of the EN 13432 standard for guaranteed compostability. In concrete terms, this means that the fiber tableware is 100% compostable and biodegradable.
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Organic soup cups | bagasse
Biodegradable bowl made from sugar cane by NatureStar The organic soup cups are industrially compostable and consist purely of plant-based sugar cane fibres. The so-called sugar cane bagasse is a residual material that is left over from sugar production and can be processed into compostable disposable tableware. This is also how the shapely soup cups from NatureStar are made. In addition, the organic cups can be stacked to save space and are extremely robust. They are leak-proof, fat-resistant and heat-resistant - ideal for delicious, hot soup to go. Complement the sustainable soup cups with the matching sugar cane lids. Simply order them here in the shop (art.-no. 41141). Advantages of the compostable soup cups made from sugar cane at a glance organic and compostable according to EN 13432 made from plant-based sugar cane, a rapidly renewable raw material filling quantity 425 ml heat resistant up to 100 °C ideal for hot soups and other liquid dishes such as sauces, desserts and more suitable for heating in microwave or oven stackable, very space-saving stable, grease and oil resistant you will find suitable lids for a safe transport of your soup here