Haug Bürsten, dishwashing-brush, oval

Haug Bürsten, dishwashing-brush, oval

  • dishwashing brush made of PP with bristles made of nylon 6.6
  • medium-hard, not flagged fibre ends (Ø 0.40 mm)
  • heat resistant up to 130 °C against hot air
  • colour-coding for hygienic separation

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Content: 10 x 1 piece


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Dishwashing-brush, oval from Haug Bürsten

The oval dishwashing-brush from Haug Bürsten consists of a polypropylene body and nylon 6.6 bristles. The range of use extends from restaurants to kitchens, canteens and catering. The not flagged fibre ends have a medium thickness and are therefore extremely effective in use. Thanks to the heat resistance the dishwashing-brush can also be treated with hot air up to 130 °C.

Your advantage - colour coding: The dishwashing-brush is available in five different colours, so a different colour can be used for each cleaning area. Due to the hygienic separation by colour, cross contamination in your company can be avoided.

The features of the dishwashing-brush, oval at a glance:

  • polypropylene body and nylon 6.6 bristles
  • ideal for gastronomy, kitchens, canteens and catering
  • medium, not flagged fibre ends with Ø 0.40 mm
  • heat-resistant, treatable up to 130 °C with hot air
  • colour-coding for a colourful, hygienic separation


Type of outer packaging: cardboard
material: PP

Certifications / Standards

food safe

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