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Vinyl gloves by Franz Mensch

Vinyl (polyvinyl chloride, short PVC) is a solid plastic. Biggest advantage of vinyl gloves: they are very cheap. Disadvantage: Vinyl gloves contains plasticizer (phthalates) for shaping them and are less elastic and puncture resistant than latex or nitrile

The advantages of vinyl:

  • very cheap
  • have a smooth, pleasant surface
  • Free of latex proteins and therefore very skin-friendly

The disadvantages of vinyl:

Vinyl gloves contain plasticizers to give the material the necessary stretch, softness and flexibility. These softeners easily dissolve out of the glove and can thereby for example contaminate foods. Therefore, vinyl gloves in the food industry are recommended only for non-greasy foods.

Franz Mensch Vinyl gloves are:

  • made of high quality vinyl,
  • have a soft consistency, high tactile sensitivity,
  • qualified as medical devices acc. 93/42 / EEC: EN 455, AQL 1.5,
  • food safe for non-greasy foods acc. 90/128 / EEC and ISEGA tested,
  • free from hazardous plasticizers such as DOP (dioctyl phthalate) and DEHP (diethylhexyl phthalate),
  • can only be used for areas with a low risk factor.