Coveralls Light with hood | PP

Coveralls Light with hood | PP

  • best-selling disposable coverall at Franz Mensch
  • made of light, air-permeable PP fleece
  • hygiene with colour system: 5 colours
  • up to 5 sizes, also 3XL
  • food safe
  • latex-free elastic bands at arm and leg endings
  • concealed zipper, with hood

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Content: 50 x 1 piece


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Coveralls Light with hood made of PP by Hygonorm

The coveralls Light with hood are a light and inexpensive body protection for food areas, industry and crafts. The disposable coveralls are made of PP fleece and are therefore very air permeable and comfortable to wear.

The disposable coveralls have a hood so that hair, head and shoulders are also hygienically covered. They are food-safe and therefore approved for direct contact with food. Both employees and visitors are very well dressed with these lightweight coveralls and comply with all hygiene requirements. The special feature: You can buy the Overalls Light from Franz Mensch in numerous sizes and colours available. This selection is ideal for colour coding work areas in your facility. Hygiene with a colour system means that different areas are equipped with coloured disposable clothing. This eliminates confusion and cross-contamination is easily avoided.

Hygiene with colour system: PE aprons in blue, yellow, red, black and much more

Blue and white disposable aprons are available everywhere. But at Franz Mensch you can also get green, yellow, black and red disposable aprons.
The many colours are ideal for using a hygiene colour system: 1 area = 1 colour.
With coloured hygiene clothing you visually separate different work areas from each other. The system is simple and effective. Cross-contamination is prevented.


  • PE-disposable aprons on roll (art.-no. 23170)
  • Nitrile gloves Safe Light (art.-no. 27059)
  • Oversleeves Light PE (art.-no. 28209)
  • Overshoes CPE (art.-no. 28500)


Matching dispensers and wall holders for coveralls made of PP:

  • Art.-Nr. 88950: Double dispenser for disposable clothing made of acrylic
  • Art.-Nr. 88938: Dispenser for coats and overalls made of stainless steel

Features of the coveralls Light with hood at a glance:

  • made of light, air-permeable PP fleece
  • with hood for maximum possible coverage of the head
  • sleeves and leg cuffs with elastic for a good fit
  • concealed front zipper
  • for employees or visitors in hygienic areas
  • suitable for contact with food
  • available in 5 colours and up to 5 sizes
  • protection against low superficial mechanical risks
  • favorable manufacturer prices
  • individually and hygienically packed in PE bags

Functional range

food sector, industry, crafts


Type of inner packaging: PE
Type of outer packaging:
material: PP

Certifications / Standards

CE PSA VO (EU) 2016-425
food safe

Overview all norms of Coveralls Light with hood | PP

Questions & Answers

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PP is the abbreviation for polypropylene, the standard material for protective clothing and disposable products. Usually, this synthetic fiber is processed into a soft nonwoven, which is then used to make a textile-like fabric. PP nonwoven is permeable to air, very economical, comfortable, and even provides slight protection against liquids because splashes simply roll off.

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Declaration of conformity for food safety
Declaration of conformity for personal protective equipment
Technical data sheet

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