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Nitrile gloves Safe Light | powder-free
Nitrile gloves Safe Light, powder-free by Hygostar Our best: Safe Light nitrile gloves have proven themselves for almost 20 years and are used millions of times every day. As true all-rounders, Safe Light disposable gloves are versatile for professional use in the kitchen, food industry, industry or medicine. Your big advantage: At Franz Mensch, you buy nitrile gloves directly from the manufacturer and benefit from a very good price-performance ratio.  The Safe Light nitrile gloves are made of lightweight nitrile material. The disposable gloves are non-sterile and powder-free. Thanks to the very good fit, it offers a very good sense of touch and finger splash feeling - even for fine work. The surface is textured and non-slip. The nitrile gloves Safe Light are grease and oil resistant and therefore suitable for working with oily or greasy food. These disposable nitrile gloves also reliably protect your hands when working with chemicals, solvents, viruses, bacteria or fungi.  *Your advantage: The nitrile glove Safe Light in the colour blue has a pharmaceutical central number (PZN): Art.2702 - PZN 17160883, Art. 2700 - PZN 17160908, Art. 2701 - PZN 17160914, Art. 2705 - PZN 17160920, Art. 2706 - PZN 17160937, Art. 2707 - PZN 17160943 Short and simply explained - learn everything you need to know about the nitrile glove Safe Light in our product video: The features of the nitrile gloves Safe Light at a glance: High-quality all-round glove protection against viruses, bacteria and fungi resistant to chemicals and solvents robust, resistant to oil and grease proven for years and versatile Sizes XS to XXL (Help for choosing the right glove size can be found here) available in 12 colours - also suitable for your colour system powder-free, non-sterile, made of lightweight nitrile very good sense of touch thanks to very good fit textured surface for improved grip Intended purpose For third-party protection (protection against germ transmission) in the hospital and care sector Functional range for food and medical purposes
top seller
Nitrile gloves Safe Fit | powder-free
Nitrile gloves Safe Fit, powder-free by Hygonorm The disposable glove Safe Fit is made of a very light, pleasantly soft nitrile, which is powder-free. Due to the fully anatomical fit, the glove fits like a second skin and thus offers the user a high tactile sensitivity for precise work. The disposable glove can be used in many areas, as it is suitable for food processing, gastronomy, laboratory and industry as well as for medical purposes. Thanks to the textured surface, the nitrile glove Safe Fit is particularly grippy and can also be worn ambidextrous. The features of the nitrile gloves Safe Fit at a glance: made of a very light nitrile, with rolled cuff pleasantly soft, ambidextrous fit fit like a second skin thanks to the fully anatomical fit precise work possible due to excellent tactile sensitivity good grip thanks to textured surface
Latex gloves Grip Light | powder-free
Latex gloves Grip Light, powder-free by Hygonorm The disposable gloves Grip Light are the top sellers among latex gloves. If you are looking for a tight-fitting, comfortable disposable glove with plenty of tactility, then the latex glove Grip Light is the right choice for you. As the name "Light" suggests, the disposable gloves are made of a lighter latex material. In simpler terms this means: lighter material, lower price but with the same protective effect and wearing comfort. Thanks to this innovative combination, Grip Light gloves have been among Franz Mensch's most popular disposable gloves for over 15 years. With the powder-free latex gloves Grip Light you buy very reliable hygiene gloves. They are ideal as a barrier against germs and contamination. The disposable gloves are food safe and therefore approved for use in food processing plants without any restrictions. With the textured surface, the Grip Light disposable gloves are very grippy and allow, even with small objects, a safe grip. The disposable gloves are ambidextrous and can be worn on either the left or right hand. The latex gloves Grip Light are versatile and are often used in food processing, gastronomy, laboratory, industry, pharmacy as well as medical purposes. The features of the latex gloves Grip Light at a glance: light latex, favorable prices elastic and tight fit powder-free, no contamination of samples or foods secure grip thanks to textured surface precise working possible very good tactile sensitivity with rolled cuff wearable on the left or right hand non-sterile How skin-friendly are the latex gloves from Franz Mensch? In order to offer you a high quality standard, Franz Mensch pays special attention to keeping the protein content of latex gloves as low as possible. Only high-quality machines are used in production, which thoroughly wash out the latex proteins.  Basically, the proteins in latex gloves can be the trigger for allergic reactions and lead to skin irritations. Therefore, people who are allergic or sensitive to latex should switch to latex-free disposable gloves. Franz Mensch offers a wide range of alternative disposable gloves in these cases - we recommend nitrile gloves or vinyl gloves.
top seller
Vinyl gloves Ideal Light | powder-free
Vinyl gloves Ideal Light, powder-free by Hygonorm Vinyl gloves Ideal Light are the top seller among disposable vinyl gloves. And for a good reason: the gloves are particularly favorable. Especially in areas where many disposable gloves are needed and are frequently changed, you save a lot of money with the vinyl gloves Ideal Light. Vinyl gloves are significantly cheaper than disposable gloves made of nitrile or latex. So if you are looking for an inexpensive glove and are willing to make small sacrifices in terms of fit and comfort, then the disposable powder-free vinyl glove is the best choice. Our tip: Use the Ideal Light vinyl glove in nursing care! Vinyl gloves are very popular in the field of elderly care and patient care. Thanks to the soft, smooth surface, skin contact with patients always feels pleasant. In addition, the Ideal Light vinyl glove provides good tactile sensitivity, which is important when working with people. Short and simply explained - learn everything you need to know about Ideal Light in our product video: The features of the vinyl gloves Ideal Light at a glance: light vinyl material favorable price, directly from the manufacturer recommended for very high glove consumption soft, smooth surface good tactile sensitivity latex free powder-free, no contamination of food or samples resistant to biological hazards non-sterile wearable left-right with rolled cuff to catch run-off drops
top seller
Nitrile gloves Safe Premium | powder-free
Nitrile gloves Safe Premium, powder-free by Hygostar The nitrile glove Safe Premium is a powder-free, disposable glove that offers the wearer multiple properties. The strong nitrile of the Safe Premium is grease and oil resistant and exhibits durability as well as resistance to chemicals and solvents. Its textured surface ensures a secure grip, and the glove's high tactile sensitivity allows it to be used for precision work. The Safe Premium is available packed in a dispenser box or in a hygienic PE bag. The Safe Premium is generally very comfortable, as it has a rolled cuff and can also be worn ambidextrously. The features of the nitrile gloves Safe Premium at a glance: strong nitrile,free of latex-allergy causing proteins resistant, oil and grease resistant resistant to chemicals and solvents good grip due to textured surface high sense of touch for precise work with rolled cuff, non-sterile, fits both hands
Latex gloves Diablo | powder-free
Latex gloves Diablo, powder-free by Hygostar Diablo black latex gloves are among the best-selling disposable gloves in the industries of catering, events, catering, street food, as well as in hair salons and tattoo studios. Hygiene combined with a cool look. The special feature: Unlike other gloves, the latex gloves Diablo are really black. Therefore, they look very classy and fit perfectly with a modern style - ideal in combination with other black hygiene clothing such as aprons or headgear. Black disposable latex gloves stand out better against light backgrounds and work materials than white gloves. Especially in hygiene areas, working environments are usually very bright. With colored or black disposable gloves, the contrasts are much more pleasing to the eye. Your advantage: you work more comfortably, more relaxed and more efficiently - especially for fine work that requires a lot of concentration. Diablo gloves are powder-free and made of heavy, high-quality latex. As latex gloves, they are very elastic, fit snugly and provide the wearer with optimal sensitivity. Thanks to the textured surface, the black latex gloves have a good grip and are suitable for fine work. In addition, they have a rolled edge that intercepts run-off drops when the hands are raised. The features of the latex gloves Diablo at a glance: strong, high quality latex, powder-free, non-sterile in modern black pleasant contrast for the eyes for concentrated work grippy due to textured surface precise fit and elastic, like a second skin very sensitive, first-class tactile sensitivity can be worn with both hands Completely Black: Gloves, chef hats, aprons and more For a particularly elegant and modern appearance: Equip your employees with black hygiene clothing. At Franz Mensch, you'll find black disposable gloves made of latex or nitrile, black chef's hats, aprons and more.
intense black
Latex gloves Grip | powder-free
Latex gloves Grip, powder-free by Hygostar The powder-free latex glove Grip is made of a strong latex and extra grippy thanks to its textured surface. The durable latex glove keeps the hands of its wearer safe from solvents and chemicals. The Grip glove is designed with a great fit and therefore convinces with its great tactile sensitivity. In addition, the disposable glove has a rolled cuff that catches run-off drops when the hands are raised. The features of the latex gloves Grip at a glance: strong latex, powder-free, non-sterile especially good grip thanks to textured surface resistant to solvents and chemicals elastic, good fit for good tactile sensation with rolled cuff ambidextrous fit
Nitrile gloves Safe Super Stretch | powder-free
Nitrile gloves Safe Super Stretch, powder-free by Hygostar With the disposable gloves Safe Super Stretch you work faster, more precisely and protect the skin of your hands. The disposable gloves are made of a new type of lightweight nitrile that is extremely stretchy. After years of development, Hygostar now offers nitrile gloves that are as elastic as latex. In concrete terms, this means that the Safe Super Stretch nitrile gloves fit like a second skin, follow every movement of your hands and offer you maximum wearing comfort. In addition, the particularly elastic disposable gloves are quicker and easier to put on because the material is so flexible.The disposable gloves Safe Super Stretch are universally applicable and ideal for example for industry, kitchen, laboratory, food industry and medical areas. Another advantage: The nitrile gloves are free of accelerators and therefore particularly compatible for your skin - important when gloves are worn a lot and for a long time. Get a detailed overview of the product videos of our different nitrile gloves. The features of the nitrile gloves Safe Super Stretch at a glance: extremely stretchable, especially flexible material first-class fit and tactile feel very skin-friendly, as free of accelerators quick to put on and take off  high wearing comfort powder-free, latex-free with rolled edge, left-right wearable 
maximum stretch
Nitrile gloves Power Grip | powder-free
Nitrile gloves Power Grip, powder-free by Hygostar With the nitrile gloves Power Grip every grip fits and you always work safely, quickly and accurately. Thanks to the double-sided, non-slip surface, even small or oily objects can be handled safely. At the same time, the disposable nitrile gloves are snug-fitting and elastic. Therefore, with the nitrile gloves Power Grip you have maximum mobility and sensitivity. So even fine work is concentrated and done quickly, no slipping, less effort. The surface: secure grip thanks to fish scale structure The Power Grip nitrile gloves have a special surface. Both the palm and the back of the hand have a special fish scale structure. Thanks to the double-sided structure, the nitrile gloves can be worn on both sides/left-right. Franz Mensch has been working on this type of surface for years. The goal: to bring disposable gloves to the market that offer truly safe gripping - even under difficult conditions such as wetness or oil. The small elevations and depressions in the fish scale structure make this firm grip possible. The higher sections are always in contact with the work object and thus prevent your hands from slipping. The material: delicate and resilient The Power Grip nitrile gloves are premium gloves and made of very high quality, resilient material. The nitrile is tough and withstands mechanical stress well. It is also durable and protects you from biological hazards. At the same time, nitrile is a very elastic material and the Power Grip disposable gloves fit your hands exactly. Thanks to the very good fit, the nitrile gloves offer a high degree of sensitivity - ideal for precision work. In addition, nitrile is free of latex proteins and more skin-friendly than comparable disposable latex gloves. Another advantage: Power Grip nitrile gloves are food-safe and approved for direct contact with food. They are powder-free, making them ideal for product protection and protection against contamination in food areas. Colours: Power Grip disposable nitrile gloves are available in blue, orange, yellow, red, green and black. Tip: Use the orange or yellow Power Grip gloves specifically for work in poorly lit areas. The eye-catching orange signal color is always easy to spot. The blue Power Grip nitrile gloves are ideal for food areas. The blue color contrasts very well with food and work surfaces. This is because there is no such thing as blue food by nature. The black gloves also provide a nice contrast in light environments and are ideal for industrial use. Info: You can find product videos of our nitrile gloves here. The features of the nitrile gloves Power Grip at a glance: particularly strong, high-quality nitrile, powder-free palm and back of the hand: full-surface, grippy fish scale structure firm grip in wet conditions, oil and grease secure wet grip even with small objects for precise work elastic, durable and robust protection against biological hazards resistant against oil and grease with rolled cuff, non-sterile, latex-free, fits both hands   Our tip for even more protection: The nitrile gloves Power Grip Long with a length of 30 cm additionally protect the wrist.
grip safely
Nitrile gloves Safe Long | powder-free
Nitrile gloves Safe Long, powder-free by Hygostar The nitrile glove Safe Long is made of resistant, extra heavy nitrile. It has an extra length of 30cm to provide additional wrist protection. This disposable glove is oil and grease resistant and also offers resistance to chemicals and solvents. Thanks to its textured surface, it provides a good grip. In addition, the nitrile glove gives its wearer a good sensitivity and fits ambidextrously. The Safe Long is versatile and can therefore be used in industry as well as in food areas or for medical purposes. The features of the nitrile gloves Safe Long at a glance: robust, extra strong nitrile, powder-free extra length protects wrists additionally resistant to chemicals, solvents, oil and grease textured surface for good sensation with rolled cuff, fits ambidextrous free of latex-allergy causing proteins
Nitrile gloves Diamond Grip | powder-free
Nitrile gloves Diamond Grip, powder-free from Hygostar With the nitrile gloves Diamond Grip you buy extremely reliable gloves. The special feature is the diamond grip texture on both sides. It makes the gloves extremely grippy - even when wet, oily and greasy. The particularly good grip makes it easier to work with oily and greasy objects and to handle slippery food. The Diamond Grip nitrile gloves are premium disposable gloves and are made of particularly heavy, strong nitrile. They meet high hygiene and protection requirements and are ideal for professional applications in industry, assembly, cleaning, laboratories, catering and food processing. Diamond Grip nitrile gloves protect against liquids as well as biological hazards and chemicals. At the same time they are comfortable and sensitive to the touch - also suitable for precise fine work. Advantages of Diamond Grip nitrile gloves at a glance: excellent grip in wet conditions, oil and grease special Diamond Grip texture on both sides left-right wearable made of extra strong and heavy nitrile very robust and hard-wearing elastic and very precise fit oil and grease resistant with rolled edge, non-sterile latex-free, powder-free food safe

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Waste problem solved: The new Only Paper cups

No plastic, no residue – just paper: The sustainable cups solve the disposal problem that conventional paper cups have. Be one of the first to impress your customers and revolutionise the takeaway business. Only Paper cups are plastic-free and made purely from paper fibres with a water-based sealant. This means that these cups, lids and salad bowls can be disposed of in normal waste paper.

Game changer: Why Only Paper is better
The main problem with conventional paper cups is the plastic coating on the inside. Although this coating ensures that the cups are leak-proof and food-safe, it means that many of them end up in landfill sites or in nature. There they take decades to decompose. Even alternative organic coffee cups with plant-based PLA coatings, which are produced in an environmentally friendly way, encounter similar disposal problems. This is because these cups would have to be sent to special composting plants, which often do not exist in practice.

To counteract this problem, Franz Mensch has developed the environmentally friendly Only Paper range. The Only Paper products are sealed on the inside with a natural water-based protective layer so that they remain leak-proof for a long time. Instead of being incinerated, Only Paper cups can be recycled using waste paper. In this way, they consciously set an example for environmental protection.

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Buy paper towels, toilet paper and garbage bags at low prices from manufacturers

Paper towel rolls, 2-ply | cellulose, centerfeed
Paper hand towel rolls, 2-ply cellulose, perforated from Hygoclean These paper hand towel rolls are the best-selling paper towel rolls at Franz Mensch. They are made of 100% pure cellulose and have a high absorbency thanks to their 2 layers. Drying hands or wiping surfaces is extra fast and effective with these bright white paper towel rolls. With just a flick of the wrist, the paper towels absorb moisture and hold it in the towel. The embossed surface and highly absorbent cellulose provide extra thorough cleaning results. The paper hand towel rolls 2-ply also reliably wipe up oils and greases. The higher the cloth quality, the more economical the paper towel. Therefore, invest in high-quality paper roll towels and reduce your consumption of paper towels.  The towel rolls are perforated, making it easier to tear off the individual towels. The large roll with approx. 450 sheets is ideal as cleaning cloths or wiping cloths for hygienic cleanliness in productions, food industry, in kitchens or also as paper towels in changing rooms and toilet rooms. The towel rolls have internal unwinding and are suitable for all gängen dispensers.  Advantages of the towel rolls, perforated, made of cellulose from Hygoclean at a glance high quality paper hand towels on roll, 2-ply, center-pull feeding 100 % pure cellulose, very absorbent and economical in use perforated for easy tearing off, approx. 450 sheets/roll sheet size: 25 x 20 cm embossed surface for better absorption also absorbs oils and greases roll width: 20 cm, linear meter: 112.5 m with core for wiping or drying hands core diameter 6cm Order the matching dispensers at the same time:  art.-no. 88966: High-quality stainless steel towel roll dispenser art.-no. 888301: inexpensive Eco towel roll dispenser art.-no. 88830: paper towel dispenser for rolls made of plastic
Paper towel rolls, 2-ply | cellulose, outside unwinding
Paper hand towel rolls, 2-ply made of cellulose from Hygoclean Towel rolls made of 2-ply cellulose are particularly absorbent and therefore economical in use. They dry thoroughly and absorb liquids reliably with just one movement. The bright white cellulose is pleasantly soft and kind to the skin. The paper hand towel rolls can be used both for toilet areas to dry hands and as a wipe or cleaning paper for a quick wipe of surfaces or work equipment. The paper hand towel rolls are 2-ply and have an embossed surface - for even better absorbency even with oils or grease. With the outside unwinding they fit in all common dispensers for towel rolls and offer you an extremely hygienic towel system for your company. The paper towel rolls are available in 130m and 180m lengths. Advantages of Hygoclean cellulose paper hand towel rolls at a glance high quality towel rolls made of pure cellulose very absorbent and thorough economical in consumption 2-ply, embossed surface, bright white outside unwinding suitable roll dispenser can be found here: art.-no. 88834: wall holder for cleaning papers art.-no. 88870: touchless Autocut dispenser art.-no. 88872: Autocut dispenser.
Organic toilet paper, small roll, 2-ply | recycled paper, FSC®-Recycled
Organic toilet paper 2-ply on small roll, FSC®-Recycled from NatureStar The environmentally friendly recycled toilet paper is a particularly sustainable alternative to standard paper. The 2-ply toilet paper complies with the "FSC®-Recycled" standard. The forest-based materials in this toilet paper are recycled and thus ensure the sustainable use of the world's forests. The 2-ply quality is absorbent, soft and skin-friendly. The toilet paper comprises 600 sheets per roll and is therefore much more productive than many other small rolls.   Organic toilet paper 2-ply, FSC®-Recycled at a glance: environmentally friendly recycled paper, 2-ply certified according to the FSC®-Recycled standard Sustainable and cheaper than standard papers absorbent, embossed surface natural colour Sheet size: 10 x 12.5 cm, perforated Running metre: 75 m, 600 sheets per roll core diameter 3.5 cm order matching toilet paper holder art.-no. 888311 at the same time
Cleaning papers, 2-ply | recycled paper
Cleaning papers, 2-ply made of recycled paper from Hygoclean The cleaning paper rolls made of recycled paper are particularly sustainable and environmentally friendly. No virgin fibers were used for the production, but only recycled paper. The paper rolls are 2-ply and offers good absorbency for fast and thorough cleaning results. The cleaning papers are ideal for wiping up liquids, oils or dirt. Keep both work surfaces and small items clean with these environmentally friendly paper towels. The practical tear-off perforation allows the individual sheets to be torn off cleanly and saves a lot of time. The cleaning papers on a roll have an embossed surface and are stable, absorbent as well as low-linting. They are versatile for wiping or polishing work in the workshop, production, gas station or food processing. You have the choice between different roll sizes and sheet formats: Small roll with 500 tears, large sheet size 38 x 35 cm Small roll with 500 tears, small sheet size 22 x 35 cm   Large roll with 1,000 tears, large sheet size 38 x 35 cm Large roll with 1,000 tears, small sheet size 22 x 35 cm. Features of the cleaning papers made of recycled paper, 2-ply at a glance Recycled cleaning wipes on roll 100 % recycled paper, very environmentally friendly 2-ply and stable also wipes up liquids, oil and dirt reliably low lint, tear resistant outside unwinding perforated after 35 cm, facilitates removal of individual sheets embossed surface for better absorbency core diameter: 7 cm suitable dispensers: art.-no. 88834: metal wall holder art.-no. 88832: metal floor stand
Paper hand towels, 1-ply | recycled paper, V/ZZ-fold
Paper towels made of recycled paper, 1-ply, V/ZZ fold from Hygoclean These V/ZZ fold paper towels are a sustainable and economical solution for all washrooms and sanitary facilities. They are made of pure recycled paper and are therefore extremely resource-friendly and environmentally friendly. The disposable paper towels are ideal for high consumption and frequently used washrooms, as they are only 1-ply and therefore very economical. The paper towels are ZZ-folded (also called V-fold) and suitable for use with the matching folded towel dispenser. With the ZZ-fold / V-fold, the paper towels are folded in the middle and interleaved in a kind of concertina. The ZZ fold makes it possible that when the first sheet is pulled out, half of the following sheet automatically sticks out. This way, every visitor can easily grab the next paper and pull it out. Properties of the 1-ply paper towels ZZ fold / V fold made of recycled paper at a glance: Paper towels in V-fold / ZZ-fold pure recycled paper, sustainable and environmentally friendly 1-ply and extremely economical embossed surface for good drying results Sheet size: 25 x 23 cm 250 towels per bundle order matching folded towel dispenser at the same time
Toilet paper, small roll, 3-ply | cellulose
Toilet paper 3-ply on small roll made of cellulose from Hygoclean The 3-ply cellulose toilet paper is the top seller among toilet papers. It can be used universally for all sizes of business and fulfils high requirements. The toilet paper is made of absorbent cellulose and is pleasantly soft thanks to its 3 layers. The embossed surface and the high quality of the cellulose ensure good absorbency and stability. As a small roll, the toilet paper is available in 3 different sizes: 150 sheets per roll, 250 sheets per roll or extra economical with 400 sheets per roll. The more sheets there are on the toilet roll, the less often it needs to be replaced. Large rolls with 400 sheets are therefore very practical and time-saving.  Advantages Toilet paper 3-ply made of 100% cellulose at a glance: 3-ply and high quality Toilet paper made from 100% cellulose very absorbent, stable and soft available in 3 sizes: 150, 250 or 400 sheets per roll Sheet size for the 150 and 250 rolls: 9.5 x 11.5 cm, perforated Sheet size for the 400 maxi roll: 10 x 12.5 cm, perforated Fits in all standard toilet roll holders for small rolls - also available here in the shop, Art. 88831, 888311, 88960
Cleaning papers Allfood, 2-ply | cellulose mix
Cleaning papers Food, 2-ply made of cellulose mix from Hygoclean The Allfood cleaning papers are ideal for anyone who works with food. The paper towels are made of food-safe cellulose mix, 2-ply, and are approved for direct contact with food of all kinds. Whether for wiping down work surfaces or for quick cleaning of work equipment: The Allfood cleaning papers are versatile and can be used in professional kitchens and the food industry. The food-safe paper wipes are available as a small roll with 500 tears or as a large jumbo roll with 1,000 tears. Cellulose mix is a very stable and absorbent material. With cleaning papers made of cellulose mix, you can thoroughly wipe up liquids as well as oils and greases - for hygienic cleanliness in your company. Thanks to the tear-off perforation, the wipes can be easily torn off the roll. The cleaning papers on a roll have an embossed surface and stand out very well against food and light-coloured surfaces thanks to the blue colour. Advantages of the cleaning papers Food made of cellulose mix, 2-ply at a glance food-safe cleaning cloths on a roll suitable for all food areas and kitchens 2-ply cellulose mix very stable and absorbent also wipes up fats and oils effectively outside unwinding perforated after 35 cm for easy tearing off of the sheets embossed surface for better absorbency sheet size: 22 x 35 roll width: 22 cm core diameter: 7,1 cm always ready to hand in matching roll holder: art.-no. 88834: metal wall holder art.-no. 88832: metal floor stand

Sanitary papers – large selection at a small price

Thanks to new logistic expansion and the decreasing prices on the world market, you will find the best portfolio of paper towels and toilet papers we have ever had. New sizes, new material qualities, even more colors and matching dispensers are available here.

Save yourself a lot of effort and buy all consumables from one source gladly also in large quantities or as a framework agreement with even more favorable conditions.

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