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Toilet brush set

Toilet brush set

  • high quality plastic (PBT)
  • very practical and hygienic
  • easy drain
  • brush can be changed, Art. 764

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Cleaning papers, 3-ply | recycled paper
Cleaning papers, 3-ply made of recycled paper from Hygoclean Fast and thorough: The cleaning paper rolls made of blue recycled paper are among the most popular wiping papers from Franz Mensch. Thanks to the high-quality, 3-ply paper, you can clean work surfaces, equipment or work materials particularly effectively with these paper towels. Dirt, oil or wetness are reliably wiped up with just one movement. The cleaning papers on a roll are environmentally friendly because they are made of pure recycled paper. The 3-ply quality makes the cleaning paper rolls very stable, wet-strength and absorbent. Liquids are reliably absorbed. Thanks to the tear-off perforation, the individual wipes are quickly removed from the roll. These cleaning papers on a roll are versatile for various applications and are ideal when something needs to be wiped and dried at short notice. The cleaning papers are often used in production, in the workshop, in the technical area, for polishing work, at gas stations or even in the food sector. The cleaning paper rolls are available in 4 different sizes: Large roll with 1,000 tears, large sheet size 38 x 35 cm, linear meter: 350 m Large roll with 1,000 tears, small sheet size 22 x 35 cm, linear meter: 350 m   Small roll with 500 tears, large sheet size 38 x 35 cm, linear meter: 175 m Small roll with 500 tears, small sheet size 22 x 35 cm, linear meter: 175 m Advantages of cleaning papers made of recycled paper, 3-ply at a glance: Wiping cloths made of pure recycled paper sustainable and environmentally friendly 3-ply, stable cloth quality wet-stable, low lint, tear-resistant highly absorbent for thorough cleaning results outside unwinding perforated, facilitates tearing off individual sheets embossed surface for better absorption core diameter: 7 cm suitable dispensers: art.-no. 88834: metal wall holder art.-no. 88832: metal floor stand
Dispenser buckets Hygowipe | PP
Dispenser buckets Hygowipe from Hygostar  Hygowipe is a hygiene system for extremely economical surface disinfection or cleaning in hygiene-relevant facilities such as restaurants, canteen kitchens, clinics, laboratories or food processing plants. It consists of several components that can be individually combined as required: high quality plastic dispenser bucket extremely absorbent cleaning wipes made of PET fleece on a roll, which you soak with your own disinfectant solution or cleaning agent coloured lids that can be used as a colour system: 1 colour = 1 area optional: wall bracket for the bucket Whether disinfection or cleaning: The bucket can be individually filled with your own solution and the cloth soaked in it. This gives you full flexibility. The PET wipe absorbs the cleaning or disinfecting agent and is quickly ready for use. Cleaning cloths made of PET are solvent-resistant, absorbent, lint-free, tear-resistant and, above all, they release the solution almost completely and evenly onto the surface during cleaning. This is also referred to as adsorption behavior. The better the liquid is released to the surface, the better the disinfection effect. At the same time, a single Hygowipe wipe in this way creates a higher coverage than comparable wipes and thus significantly reduces the consumption of cleaning agents. Advantages of the Hygowipe cleaning system: individual production of ready-to-use disinfectant wipes according to requirements less consumption of disinfectant fillable with all disinfectants or cleaning agents for a high standard of hygiene with daily cleaning and disinfection protects cloths from drying out service life of the ready-to-use wipes: maximum 4 weeks A transparent lid completes the system and ensures an airtight seal of the bucket. You can use the soaked wipes for approx. 4 weeks - no more daily wetting necessary. Hygiene with colour system: There are 5 colours available for the caps, which can be used for visual identification of different applications. Advantages of the Hygowipe dispenser bucket at a glance: large capacity with 6 liters made of sturdy plastic can be cleaned hot, dishwasher safe refillable and usable in the long term with carrying handle safety label for labeling when and with which solvent you have filled the bucket transparent lid so that the contents and filling level are visible when the lid is closed standard with blue cap, order other cap colours separately also available as a compact bucket in the 1.7 liter size Depending on the desired moisture of the cloth, approx. 2 to 2.5 liters of application solution are required. Suitable disinfection solutions and cleaning agents for the Hygowipe system: art.-no. 31561: Recommendation for food areas: alcohol-based rapid disinfection art.-no. 31566: Recommendation for medical areas: alcohol-free rapid disinfection Matching wall bracket to mount the bucket within easy reach: art.-no. 88955: Matching wall bracket to mount the bucket within easy reach:
3 in 1 solution
Toilet paper, small roll, 2-ply | recycled paper
Toilet paper 2-ply made of recycled paper from Hygoclean The 2-ply toilet paper made of 100% recycled fibres is one of Franz Mensch's best-selling toilet papers. It is an ideal combination of comfort, sustainability and price. The toilet paper is made of environmentally friendly recycled paper and is thus produced in a resource-saving way. The 2-ply quality is comfortable and at the same time significantly cheaper than other multi-ply toilet paper. The recycled toilet paper is universally suitable for all sectors and company sizes - for example, also for administration buildings, surgeries, etc. Advantages of recycled toilet paper 2-ply on small roll at a glance: pure recycled quality, 2-ply environmentally friendly and economical embossed surface for better absorbency natural colour small standard roll with 250 sheets or 400 sheets per roll Core diameter 4 cm also available as large jumbo roll art.-no, 30430 - for very high consumption matching toilet paper holder for small rolls: stainless steel: art.-no. 88960 plastic: art.-no. 88831, art.-no. 888311
Toilet bowl cleaner
WC-Reiniger Gel "Zitrus" von HygoCleanDas WC-Reiniger Gel wirkt kraftvoll gegen Kalkrückstände, Kalkseifen sowie Wasser-, Urin- und Kesselstein. Der auf Zitronensäure basierende, dickflüssige  Reiniger  kann auch  verdünnt für Chrom und Edelstahl eingesetzt werden (nicht für Natursteinböden geeignet). Zudem verteilt er einen angenehm frischen zitronigen Duft.Zusatzinfo: Made in Germany | ph-Wert: 2-3"
Nitrile gloves Safe Light | powder-free
Nitrile gloves Safe Light, powder-free by Hygostar Our best: Safe Light nitrile gloves have proven themselves for almost 20 years and are used millions of times every day. As true all-rounders, Safe Light disposable gloves are versatile for professional use in the kitchen, food industry, industry or medicine. Your big advantage: At Franz Mensch, you buy nitrile gloves directly from the manufacturer and benefit from a very good price-performance ratio.  The Safe Light nitrile gloves are made of lightweight nitrile material. The disposable gloves are non-sterile and powder-free. Thanks to the very good fit, it offers a very good sense of touch and finger splash feeling - even for fine work. The surface is textured and non-slip. The nitrile gloves Safe Light are grease and oil resistant and therefore suitable for working with oily or greasy food. These disposable nitrile gloves also reliably protect your hands when working with chemicals, solvents, viruses, bacteria or fungi.  *Your advantage: The nitrile glove Safe Light in the colour blue has a pharmaceutical central number (PZN): Art.2702 - PZN 17160883, Art. 2700 - PZN 17160908, Art. 2701 - PZN 17160914, Art. 2705 - PZN 17160920, Art. 2706 - PZN 17160937, Art. 2707 - PZN 17160943 Short and simply explained - learn everything you need to know about the nitrile glove Safe Light in our product video: The features of the nitrile gloves Safe Light at a glance: High-quality all-round glove protection against viruses, bacteria and fungi resistant to chemicals and solvents robust, resistant to oil and grease proven for years and versatile Sizes XS to XXL (Help for choosing the right glove size can be found here) available in 12 colours - also suitable for your colour system powder-free, non-sterile, made of lightweight nitrile very good sense of touch thanks to very good fit textured surface for improved grip Intended purpose For third-party protection (protection against germ transmission) in the hospital and care sector Functional range for food and medical purposes
top seller

Die WC-Garnitur mit WC-Bürste und passendem Halter sorgt für mehr Hygiene in allen Toilettenräumen.

  • WC-Bürste kann und sollte regelmäßig gewechselt werden, einfach neue WC-Bürste nachbestellen unter Art. Nr. 764
  • praktisch
  • sehr hygienisch
  • leichtes Abtropfen
  • standardmäßige Ausführung aus weißem Kunststoff


Type of inner packaging: PE
Type of outer packaging: cardboard
material: PP

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Toilet brush
Die WC-Bürste ist eine Standardausführung. mit Aufhänger am Stiel mittel-harte PP-Fasern nicht HACCP-Konform