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Saving Benefits

Your Cost saving benefits as a Franz Mensch customer

As a Franz Mensch customer, you not only profit from our generally very reasonable prices, but you can -if you want to- also secure great savings advantages:

1. Palett prices - The special price for unmixed pallets!

For the big demand: Order whole pallets from one article.
For a variety of pallets, there is a particularly favorable pallet price. Advantage of gloves: Here you can also mix different sizes of an article.

2. Retrieving orders

Starting with 10 pallets, we offer you a call order for selected products.
Advantages Call order: Short delivery times, price advantage through quantity discount, time savings in purchasing.

3. Container prices

Note: The barely calculated prices are daily prices and heavily dependent on the US dollar and commodity prices.

4. General agreements

Advantages: Delivery security, favorable conditions, low storage costs.

If you have any questions or if you would like advice, contact us at +49 8241 9633-0 or send an email to verkauf@franz-mensch.de.