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Detectable products - what is it?

Detectable work materials as well as detectable hygiene and protective clothing are a special topic in the food industry and in sensitive areas of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Because there are 100% hygiene required. Detectable products are garments or work materials that can be detected by a detector machine. This means that detectable products can be found reliably if they ever get into production. These detectors work like sniffer noses in various areas of food or pharmaceutical manufacturing, exposing foreign bodies and contaminants.

There are basically two options: metal detectors or x-ray detectors. Metal detectors, also called X-Ray, detect electromagnetic parts, such as an incorporated metal band in a hood or an aluminum foil in a plaster. An X-ray detector detects special threads that are integrated into a plaster, for example. Both systems work very reliably. The important thing is to equip your employees with the detectable products that are right for your system. At Franz Mensch, all detectable products are marked with a sign. So you can immediately see which items are suitable for metal detectors and which products fit for X-ray detectors. Many articles can be found by both detector systems and therefore have both characters.

Many detectable products have a blue color. And for a good reason. The striking blue color facilitates the visual recognition of the article. As there are no blue foods naturally, blue garments or work utensils provide optimal contrast and can be easily detected if accidentally put into production.

Wide range: Detectable Protective Clothing , Office Supplies and First Aid

At Franz Mensch you will find a wide range of detectable products that perfectly round off your HACCP concept and also make your production safer.

  • Detectable Cotton Glove COTTON DETECT
  • PP Detectable PP Clutches
  • detectable nylon cap
  • detectable PP beard protection or Detectable Micromesh Beard Guard
  • detectable PE protective sleeves
  • detectable hearing protection: detectable hearing protection , detectable earplugs in lamellar form or smooth
  • detectable first aid kit: detectable patch strips , detectable patches on roll , detectable patches wall mount , Detectable Finger Bandage
  • Large range of detectable pens and pens: plastic detectable pens , detectable metal ballpoint pens , detectable film markers , detectable permanent markers , detectable whiteboard markers , detectable highlighters
  • Detectable office supplies: detectable tabular magnets , detectable clipboards , detectable cardholders , detectable lanyard
  • detectable work items: small detectable safety knife , large detectable safety knife, detectable cable ties , detectable lightning binders , detectable scraper , detectable glove tensioner

Detectable items for more quality and safety

In the context of optimal quality management, more and more companies are equipping their employees with detectable products. The IFS also calls for the use of detectors. Finally, manufacturers are required by the IFS standard to avoid contamination of the product by foreign bodies. Detectable items are a simple and reliable solution.

To protect the end user from harm and your business from costly returns and irreparable loss of confidence. Nice side effect: The machines used are also safe from possible damage due to foreign bodies. A double benefit and reason enough to specifically equip employees with detectable articles. Browse through the online shop of Franz Mensch and find detectable articles for your business - top in quality and price.