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Cosmetic kit Cosmetic kit
Dental kit Dental kit
Laundry bag "Protect" water soluble Laundry bag "Protect" water soluble
Sewing kit Sewing kit
Shaving kit Shaving kit
Shoe polish sponge Shoe polish sponge
Shower cap Shower cap
Shower gel bottle | 25ml Shower gel bottle | 25ml
Slipper "Antislip" Slipper "Antislip"
Slipper "Classic Kids" | for kids Slipper "Classic Kids" | for kids
Slipper "Cotton" | washable Slipper "Cotton" | washable
Slipper Flip Flop Slipper Flip Flop
Slipper made of PE Slipper made of PE
Wellness set: bathrobe & slippers Wellness set: bathrobe & slippers