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Respirators FFP2 NR, 3D | PP

Respirators FFP2 NR, 3D | PP

  • safe premium mask in 3D panel design
  • optimal comfort with long wearing time
  • as light and comfortable as a surgical mask
  • 50% better breathability than the norm
  • top filter performance with over 99%
  • made of PP fleece, horizontally folded
  • malleable nosepiece, with ear loops
  • pharmaceutical central number (PZN) available*

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Respirators FFP2 NR, 3D made of PP

The most comfortable FFP2 mask on the market: noticeably easier breathing, no pressure behind the ears and pleasant ventilation. The FFP2 NR respirators in 3D panel design are a real innovation. The FFP2 masks convince with their high wearing comfort - even during long and frequent wearing. Thanks to the three-part 3D panel design (also called fish shape) and the high-quality, soft PP fleece, the respirators are as pleasantly light to wear as a surgical mask. The extremely low breathing resistance makes it much easier to breathe in and out, and you can breathe through in a relaxed manner - 50% better breathing ability than the standard.

At the same time, the masks meet the high standard of an FFP2 respirator and reliably protect against liquid and solid aerosols. The FFP2 mask in fish shape achieve a top filtering performance of over 99%.

Even more comfort is provided by the soft ear elastics and the low weight of the masks. This reduces the pressure behind the ears and the FFP2 masks are comfortable for a long time. The malleable nosepiece and ergonomic fit allow the mask to fit very close to the face - for high protection and less fogging of glasses.

*Your advantage: The 3D-respirators FFP2 NR have a pharmaceutical central number (PZN): single package - PZN 18018012; box - PZN 18018029

Advantages of the FFP2 NR, 3D | PP respirators at a glance:

  • Premium mask for easier breathing
  • especially breathable and comfortable
  • made of soft, high-quality PP fleece
  • easy to wear, similar to a mouth guard
  • excellent filter performance according to FFP2 standard
  • optimal fit and formable nose clip for a tight fit
  • good visibility due to less fogging of the goggles
  • soft ear loops for less pressure behind the ears
  • hygienic in single pack
  • horizontally folded, fish shape in three-part 3D panel design

Functional range

suitable for industry


Type of inner packaging: plastic
Type of outer packaging: cardboard

Certifications / Standards

CE 2834 PSA VO EU 2016-425
CAT 3 - Personal protective equipment category 3
EN 149:2001 + A1:2009 - Requirements for filtering half masks to protect against particles

Overview all norms of Respirators FFP2 NR, 3D | PP


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Technical data sheet

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Questions & Answers

Here we have summarized the most frequently asked questions and answers about this product. If you still have questions about the product or our online store and its use, please take a look at the FAQ's or contact us directly via e-mail or telephone - we will be happy to advise you!

The abbreviation "NR" on protective masks stands for "Not reusable" and indicates that these are disposable masks intended for single use.
You can find help with the selection here.
What you should know about respirators 
The standards and minimum requirements for respirators are set out in EN149:2001 + A1:2009. This standard also defines the filter classes FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3. Below you will find the key details about these so-called filtering half masks. 
Respirators, which are often also referred to as fine dust masks and comply with EN 149, are suitable for use with liquid and solid aerosols. They protect the wearer from potential health risks that could be caused by these aerosols. As part of personal protective equipment (PPE), they are required by law in many industrial working environments. The masks are categorized according to three protection classes: FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3. The protection classes are based on the so-called MAK value, which indicates the concentration of harmful substances in the workplace to which an employee may be exposed without any adverse health effects. 
FFP1 is used for small particle quantities; FFP2 for medium and FFP3 for large particle quantities. FFP is the abbreviation for Filtering Face Piece.The respirators are tested in accordance with legal requirements, namely with sodium chloride (solid aerosols) and kerosene oil (liquid aerosols). Depending on the filter class, the masks protect against a certain multiple of the MAK limit value
 - Filter class FFP1: This class offers protection up to four times the MAK value and is ideal for protection against coarser, harmful dry particles and aerosols. Typical areas of application include working with wood sanding dust, quartz dust, coarse allergens and pollen.
 - Filter class FFP2: These masks offer protection up to ten times the MAK value and are designed to protect the wearer from harmful dry particles and aerosols. They are often used when working with metal dust, mineral fiber dust, polishing dust and construction site dust. 
 - Filter class FFP3: This offers the highest level of protection, up to 30 times the MAK value, and is intended in particular for protection against very fine dry particles and aerosols that are hazardous to health. They are particularly useful in the chemical industry and when working with bacteria, viruses and simple radioactive dusts.