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Quick&Clean Kit single | plastic

Quick&Clean Kit single | plastic

  • hygienic access to food
  • 2 in 1: carry on the body or mount on the counter
  • up to 50 % cheaper than comparable sets 
  • put on to touch food, take off to checkout
  • glove easy to change
  • 7-piece set: 1x plastic ring(item no. 89022), 1x holder, 5x hygienic glove (item no. 26469)

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Quick&Clean Kit Single made of plastic from Hygostar

Quick&Clean is a hygienic glove system for bakers, ice cream parlors and anyone with a sales counter. Because exactly there, where fresh food and money are touched in quick change, there is a hygiene gap. With the Quick&Clean, Franz Mensch has developed the most efficient and easiest glove system on the market, which on top of that is up to 50% cheaper than comparable sets.

Simple principle with great hygienic effect
Put on glove to touch food. Take off glove to checkout. The new Quick&Clean is a 2-in-1 system and can be used both mobile on the body and at a fixed location at the counter. Handling and shape are adapted so that the system can also be used in very narrow checkout areas.

Quick&Clean consists of a plastic ring, 5 hygienic gloves and a small magnetic tray. The ring is inserted into the glove shaft and tightens the glove with it. The ring is also magnetic so that the glove can be parked on the tray when not in use.

Here's how:

  1. Fix the plastic holder to the counter with the attached adhesive dots or alternatively hang it on the body (waistband, apron or belt).
  2. Squeeze the ring sideways and place it in the glove.
  3. Now you can put on and take off the glove hands-free. The glove remains open and ready to hand at all times.

The features of the Quick&Clean Kit Single at a glance:

  • Glove set with 1 ring, 1 holder, 5 gloves
  • up to 50% cheaper compared to other sets
  • 2 in 1: flexible to attach to waistband or sales counter
  • plastic ring holds glove open for hands-free donning and doffing
  • fast and hygienic: put on to touch food, put down on the holder for checkout
  • space-saving: ideal for checkout areas

Improved hand hygiene at the counter

Hands are the main carriers of contagious diseases and therefore play a major role in hygiene. You have to work quickly, especially at the counter. Washing hands after each work step is simply not an option. Wearing gloves with the Quick&Clean system prevents food contamination. The customer in front of the counter is sure to receive a hygienically perfect product.

Better than pastry tongs or other gloves

The hand is completely covered and provides more hygiene protection than just a pastry tongs. In addition, the goods can be gripped better and safer by hand. Compared to ordinary gloves, Quick&Clean can be used several times. Slipping in and out at will is possible - quickly, without tangling and without sweating.

Suitable hygienic gloves to reorder

  • art.-no. 26469: Hygiene gloves mitten from coex
  • art.-no. 26429: Hygiene gloves 3-finger shape from coex
  • art.-no. 26479: Hygiene gloves mitten LDPE

Functional range

for bakery and pastry shops, grocery and food stalls


Type of inner packaging: cardboard
Type of outer packaging: cardboard
material: Plastic

Certifications / Standards

food safe

Overview all norms of Quick&Clean Kit single | plastic


Download all documents for your product here:

Declaration of conformity for food safety
Technical data sheet

For completed orders you can also download all documents collected in the order overwiev !

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Quick&Clean Ring Kit | plastic
Quick&Clean Ring Kit made of plastic by Hygostar The Quick&Clean Ring Kit from Hygostar shows a plastic ring with a magnetic back. It is attached to the Quick&Clean holder. This can be placed inside the hygienical glove and thus enables the Quick&Clean Kit to be put on and taken off hands-free. The Quick&Clean ring is therefore the ideal accessory for both the single and the double kit. The features of the Quick&Clean Ring Kits at a glance: made of plastic food-safe magnetic: for attachment to the Quick&Clean holder placement in the hygiene glove: freehand donning and doffing possible for single or double kits: art. 89020 and 89040
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