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Reusable hats and hoods - Large selection of fabric headgear

Reusable beanies, bonnets or boaters are a potential alternative to disposable headgear. They are often worn as hygienic head protection in commercial kitchens, in bakeries, in the food industry or in community catering. They reliably hold the hair back and are very dressy.

What you should pay special attention to with reusable caps: The products must be washable at a minimum of 60 ° C household wash or 90 ° C industrial wash. Because only then are the headgear after wearing again germ-free, hygienically clean and ready for the next use.

Your selection of reusable headgear at Franz Mensch

  • Club cap made of polycotton: classic headgear for butchers, butchers and food industry, height adjustable by push-button
  • Shield caps: very durable polycotton, with or without air-permeable mesh upper available, version with additional hair protection available for extra hygienic protection
  • Cotton boat: ideal for commercial kitchens, bakeries and community catering
  • mesh hood with screen: polyester fabric with white nylon screen, very breathable and lightweight, super practical for catering and food industry
  • Viscose cap: particularly dressy for ladies, made of polycotton, with elastic band and quilted visor, ideal headgear for communal catering
  • Army Cap made of polycotton: modern, sporty headgear in the classic Army cut, short peak for a wide field of vision, adjustable in size with velcro
  • Baseballcap: soft polycotton cap with vent holes, adjustable in width with velcro
  • Bandana cloth made of polycotton: available in white or black, sporty headgear for the modern kitchen, with tie straps to tie at the back of the head

The reusable headgear at Franz Mensch complies with the recommendations of the HACCP directive and is therefore ideal for hygienic areas where food is prepared.

Material Info Polycotton

Polycotton is an excellent material for headgear and aprons. Polycotton is both cotton and polyester. This makes this blended fabric extra easy-care and almost wrinkle-free. Products made of polycotton are more elastic than pure cotton, very dimensionally stable and comfortable to wear.

Caps and caps as an advertising medium

Franz Mensch offers a carefree all-round service. This includes the individual printing of your caps, hoods or caps. When ordering, ask for the low-priced printing and embroidery service. You receive your personal offer for your headgear with your personal logo. Reusable headgear is the ideal advertising medium. Take advantage of this opportunity and place your advertising message or logo in the very field of vision of your customers.