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Medical Headgear by Franz Mensch

Disposable hoods for operating theaters and hospitals

Very stringent hygiene regulations apply in hospitals and operating theaters. Because infection protection has the highest priority. Medical headgear such as doctor's caps, Astrohauben or surgical caps are standard equipment in every clinic. Headgear is a very important protective measure to protect patients and hospital staff from infections. Especially in the operating room: Foreign objects must not get into the surgical wound. A medical hood prevents hair or other particles from contaminating the wound. Franz Mensch specializes in hygienic disposable clothing and offers you a high-quality selection of surgical caps, astro hoods, beret hoods and doctor caps for medical applications. The headgear is hygienically tight and ideal for hospital and surgical staff and patients.

All medical hoods have latex-free rubber bands and are very kind to the skin. So you do not have to worry about latex allergies. In addition, the headgear is available in one size fits every head size.

The Plus "disposable"

Disposable hoods are highly recommended in the medical field and have many advantages over fabric headgear. Medical headgear made of disposable materials such as viscose or PP fleece are lighter and more airy than fabric hoods. Thus, you less sweat while working and the absorbent material keeps your forehead dry. The biggest advantage of disposable versus reusable is hygiene. Medical disposable hoods are always hygienically fresh and are simply disposed of after use. No washing, ironing or other treatment. You always have a flawless, clean product at hand.

Your selection of medical headgear here in the online store

  • Doctor caps in blue, green or white available, either made of PP fleece or made of viscose
  • Astrohauben from PP or viscose, with two tie straps to attach, very good fit, optimal fit, different colors, ideal for OP
  • Astrohaube from PP with sweatband - innovative new product from Franz Mensch, Astrohaube with integrated sweatband made of viscose, keeps the forehead reliably dry, very comfortable and ideal for surgical areas
  • Beret hood BETTINA made of PP, available in the colors green, white or blue, universally applicable in all medical areas, soft and latex-free rubber bands, very good grip

Material Info Polypropylene Nonwoven (PP)

PP is a very popular material for hygienic disposable clothing. PP consists of several layers of fiber that are joined into a single layer. The material looks like woven and is particularly permeable to air. PP is a standard material for surgical caps, astro hoods, doctor's caps, but also surgical gowns as well as patient and visitor's gowns. It is used as a basic protective clothing in the medical field. Another advantage: PP offers a slight protection against liquids. Small splashes peel off clothing.

Material Info Viscose

Viscose is a synthetic fiber made of regenerated cellulose. The big plus of viscose is its enormous absorbency. Viscose absorbs moisture, such as sweat, extremely well and gives it controlled to the next layer. Especially as a disposable hood, this results in a very pleasant head climate. No wet accumulation, no unpleasant sweating. Surgical caps and other medical viscose headgear are particularly comfortable and breathable.

Other disposable clothing for hospital staff

In addition to medical headgear, the Franz Mensch range includes other hygiene clothing for hospital employees - from head to toe. Here is an overview:

  • Surgical gowns and examination gowns in different variants of PP or CPE
  • opaque patient's coat made of PP
  • extra soft SMMS clothing consisting of pants and shirt
  • Disposable latex, nitrile or vinyl gloves
  • shoes