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Bouffant cap "Bettina Eco" | PP Bouffant cap "Bettina Eco" | PP
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Bouffant cap "Bettina Light" | PP Bouffant cap "Bettina Light" | PP
Bouffant cap "Bettina Strong" | PP Bouffant cap "Bettina Strong" | PP
Bouffant cap "Detect" | Nylon, detectable Bouffant cap "Detect" | Nylon, detectable
Bouffant cap "Honeycomb" | Nylon Bouffant cap "Honeycomb" | Nylon
Bouffant cap "Honeycomb" with peak | Nylon Bouffant cap "Honeycomb" with peak | Nylon
Bouffant cap "Micromesh" | Nylon Bouffant cap "Micromesh" | Nylon
Bouffant cap "Micromesh" with peak | Nylon Bouffant cap "Micromesh" with peak | Nylon
Bouffant cap "Perforiert" | Viscose Bouffant cap "Perforiert" | Viscose
Bouffant cap "Premium" | Nylon Bouffant cap "Premium" | Nylon
Bouffant cap "Standard" | Viscose Bouffant cap "Standard" | Viscose
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Clip cap "Detect" | PP, detectable Clip cap "Detect" | PP, detectable
Clip cap "Eco" | PP Clip cap "Eco" | PP
Clip cap "Light" | PP Clip cap "Light" | PP
Clip cap "Strong" | PP Clip cap "Strong" | PP
Disposable hood | microporous Disposable hood | microporous
Sailors cap "Captain Cook" | PP Sailors cap "Captain Cook" | PP
Snood cap "Eco" | PP Snood cap "Eco" | PP
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Snood cap "Light" | PP Snood cap "Light" | PP
Snood cap "Perforiert" | Viscose Snood cap "Perforiert" | Viscose
Snood cap "Strong" | PP Snood cap "Strong" | PP
Snood cap | PP Snood cap | PP
Snood cap with hair protection "Eco" | PP Snood cap with hair protection "Eco" | PP
Snood cap with long hair protection | PP Snood cap with long hair protection | PP
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Disposable hoods for kitchen and food industry by Franz Mensch

Disposable hoods are a particularly popular head covering for those working in hygiene-sensitive areas. Hoods are often worn in the kitchen, in food production or in community catering. They provide comfortable and hygienic head covers that hold back the hair and allow the scalp to breathe.

All disposable hoods by Franz Mensch of course have latex-free rubber bands. Latex allergy is a common problem and therefore we do without latex in the hoods. In addition, the hoods offer a very high wearing comfort. The rubber bands are very elastic and soft. No pressing, rubbing or sliding. The materials used ensure good ventilation of the scalp, so you do not work up a sweat while working. All hoods come standard in unit sizes that fit any head size. Even long hair can find enough space under it.

Large selection of hygienic disposable hoods

  • Standard hood made of PP fleece, also called Klipschaube, in light or solid quality, different colors available, HACCP compliant and ideal for the food industry
  • Beret hood BETTINA, made of PP fleece, available in light or solid version, particularly dressy and comfortable
  • Hoods in different materials (PP fleece, perforated viscose fleece, Micromesh or Honeycomb), also available as PP cap with or without hair protection
  • Detector hood made of PP fleece with integrated metal strip, detectable clip hood, which is detected by the metal detector, ideal for large-scale food production
  • Astrohauben from SMS or PP fleece, with 3-layer mouthguard, extremely hygienic as the entire head and neck area including mouth and nose is covered, ideal for slaughterhouses, also available as a particularly favorable variant: Astrohaube - light quality
  • Disposable hood made of microporous special fabric, very breathable and comfortable to wear, protects against splashes, dirt and dust, very hygienic, as the head, neck and shoulders are covered
  • sailor cap CAPTIAN COOK, made of double-layered PP fleece, fashionable headgear for the modern kitchen, in chic black, very absorbent, keeps the forehead dry even in sweaty work
  • Disposable headscarf made of non-woven PP with binding tapes, very absorbent material, dressy headgear for kitchen and communal catering

Franz Mensch specializes in hygiene clothing from head to toe and has been offering disposable hoods for many years. We attach great importance to high quality, practicality and compliance with the HACCP standard. For this reason, our product managers, together with our suppliers, are constantly developing innovations that better meet the demands of everyday work.

Here are two products that you can only find at Franz Mensch:

Innovation Astrohaube - super light and practical

Especially for slaughterhouses and the pharmaceutical industry there is the HYGONORM Astrohaube in light quality at Franz Mensch. It is simply pulled over your head like a balaclava. The hood is made of a very breathable PP fleece and covers the head, mouth and nose.

Innovation premium disposable hood - extra soft and comfortable

Disposable hoods made of Micromesh are extra air permeable and hygienically tight. At Franz Mensch, there is a particularly high-quality hood that your employees will love. The nylon hood PREMIUM is equipped with a super soft rubber band that you almost do not feel while wearing. Micromesh is made of nylon and is a textile knitted fabric with the smallest stitches. Hoods made of Micromesh are particularly breathable and can be worn for a long time. The premium hoods are used worldwide as a hygiene protection - especially in the food industry.

In addition to practical new products and innovations, you will also find classic disposable hoods and particularly affordable hoods for small budgets here in the online shop.

Tip: Matching dispenser for hoods

A wall holder makes it even more hygienic. Anyone who keeps disposable hoods in a suitable dispenser always works in a space-saving and clean way. Everything has its place and is always at hand.

  • Covers for hoods and small boats VARIABLE: adjustable wall holder for various outer packaging with hoods or small boats.
  • Hood dispenser STANDARD: made of stainless steel with a convenient dispensing opening, the disposable items are stored directly in the dispenser, without the outer packaging.
  • Multi-dispensers for hoods and other disposable clothing: Whether hoods, protective sleeves or overshoes - in this dispenser your disposable clothing will find great space. Particularly practical: Front made of transparent Plexiglas, so that content and level can be seen at any time.

Even more hygiene with a professional color system

Disposable hoods come in different colors. And with good reason: With different colors, work areas can be optically separated from each other. For example: yellow = visitors, white = production, blue = cleaning, green = kitchen. Quite simple and immediately recognizable for every employee. With a color system you prevent cross-contamination and create clear structures. That's why Franz Mensch has disposable clothing in different colors. These include hoods, gowns, aprons, gloves and overshoes.

Talk to us. We are happy to advise you on this topic. Just call Tel. +49 8241 / 9633-0