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Hairnet | Nylon Hairnet | Nylon  
€5.55 / 100 STK

Hairnets by Franz Mensch

Extra Lightweight Headgear for Catering and Food Industry

Hairnets are a particularly breathable and comfortable headgear. They are almost invisible and so light that you can hardly feel them while wearing them. A hairnet is either worn for safety reasons, so that the hair can not get caught in a machine or the like, or for hygienic reasons. As a hygienic headgear, a hair net reliably holds the hair back and lets the scalp breathe. No pressure, rubbing or sweating.

The HYOGSTAR hair nets are made of very elastic nylon and could even be washed. They are extra soft and gentle to the hair. Your employees will especially appreciate that the hairnets leave no print margins and always sit perfectly. Another advantage: All hairnets at Franz Mensch have latex-free elastics and are thus also suitable for allergy sufferers.

Your selection of hairnets at Franz Mensch

All Franz Mensch hairnets are made of high quality nylon and are so elastic that even long hair can fit underneath. The hairnets are available in the colors white and brown and therefore suitable for light or dark hair. Another advantage: The hairnets are available in comfortable packaging that enables fast and easy removal in everyday life. You can choose between hairnets on a cardboard disc, individually packed or in a dispenser box. This is exactly how you will find the hairnet version that best suits you, your employees and your area of ​​application.

  • Hair net on cardboard : Hairnets can be pulled down one by one from the cardboard disc.
  • Individually wrapped hairnet : Each hairnet is packed in a small PE bag.
  • World first: hair net in dispenser carton with matching acrylic wall bracket. The hairnets are welded together and can be easily separated and pulled out at the tear-off device of the acrylic holder (special comb). The donor holder for hairnets is very hygienic, since only one hairnet is touched. In addition, it saves space, because it can be easily mounted on the wall.

    Material Info Nylon

    Nylon was manufactured in 1935 as the first pure chemical fiber. First, the material should be used for toothbrushes. But the big breakthrough came with the invention of nylon stockings. Nylon is very soft and extremely elastic. Properties that make it an ideal material for headgear. Because there is a need for comfort and elasticity. For Franz Mensch, nylon is mainly used in hoods and hairnets or as a material for work gloves. Strictly speaking, the term nylon is obsolete and today one speaks mostly of polyamide.