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Forage hats Express | special crepe paper Forage hats Express | special crepe paper  
Forage hats Service | paper embossed Forage hats Service | paper embossed  
Forage hats Service | paper Forage hats Service | paper  
Forage hats Service Black | paper embossed Forage hats Service Black | paper embossed  
Forage hats | PP Forage hats | PP  

Forage caps for bakers and gastro-professionals by Franz Mensch

The Forage caps offers a hygienic head protection both in gastronomy and in food processing. It holds the hair back and absorbs drops of sweat. Professionals especially appreciate disposable Forage caps. They are more hygienic than cotton Forage caps and are particularly light and comfortable to wear. The used materials of the HYGOSTAR Forage caps are extra high quality. First-class papers ensure good ventilation of the scalp and reduce sweating. Especially the Forage caps made of special crepe paper are very absorbent and keep the forehead reliably dry.

Another benefit: The Forage caps are adjustable to any head size. This saves you a complicated purchase and a time-consuming storage of several sizes. It could not be easier.

Forage caps are a typical headdress for bakers and pastry chefs. But employees also like to carry small Forage caps in the canteen kitchen, in food processing, in the catering trade and at sales counters. Especially popular is the Forage caps in the classic white color. It stands for cleanliness and immediately shows your customers: Here is hygienic work!

The assortment

  • Forage caps EXPRESS made of special crepe paper, very absorbent and breathable, available in white with red decorative trim, white with blue decorative trim or all in white, also available in a very economical economy pack.
  • Forage caps SERVICE made of embossed or unembellished / smooth paper, available in three color options: classic white, white with red or blue trim.
  • Forage caps SERVICE BLACK made of embossed paper, in trendy black color, with integrated headband against discoloration and sweating.
  • Forage caps PROFI made of PP fleece, wears light and airy, textile quality

Forage caps as your individual advertising medium

Forage caps are ideal advertising media and can be printed super cheap. The HYGOSTAR Forage caps are made of first-class papers, on which your logo or your advertising message is particularly effective. Ask today for your personal print offer. Our consultant team is happy to help you. Just call Tel. +49 8193 / 9393-0 .

Tip: Matching paper Forage caps dispensers

Bring even more order and hygiene into your bakery or kitchen. With the appropriate donors for headgear hoods and Forage caps are always kept hygienic and always ready to hand. No packaging leftovers in production, no searching for the right product. Everything has its place with a professional dispenser system. Franz Mensch has two wall brackets available for paper Forage caps:

  • Dispenser for Forage caps: made of stainless steel, Forage caps are placed directly in the dispenser and can be removed individually.
  • Dispenser for Forage caps and hoods VARIABLE: holder made of stainless steel, can be variably adjusted to different packaging, Forage caps can be taken individually out of the perforation opening of the packaging.